Sunday, 31 January 2010

31st Jan 2010

  • Brenda gets the size of the cow right
  • Will and Nic’s brood like pairing socks, but are scared of umbrellas
  • Jobs first, then snacks and DVDs: oooh – such badness!
  • Yikes - that’s going to hurt Joe, Clarrie

Brenda gets the size of the cow right

Hurrah! Now that’s just the sort of thing which will look spectacular on her CV. Thanks goodness she got that degree ...

Will and Nic’s brood like pairing socks, but are scared of umbrella

Ah – to be an age where pairing socks is fun.

But then again, it’s also an age where one can be easily tricked into being scared of everyday objects. Bless.

Jobs first, then snacks and DVDs: oooh – such badness!

Good god – can’t Helen take a hint?

I think if someone doesn’t want to take a full two pieces of toast from you, you should know that they might want you to go away and stop bothering them.

Especially when your idea of being ‘bad’ and indulgent means doing your jobs first, then watching DVDs with a few snacks (maybe the leftover cheese and coleslaw from lunch the other day?).

Hmmm, where do we reckon Annette would rather be right now?

Yikes - that’s going to hurt Joe, Clarrie.

[predication #1]

Will lends Clarrie and Eddie money for a new van, without Eddie knowing.

Will then sounds off to Ed during an argument, to prove that he is the better son.

Ed tells Eddie that Will was the source of his new van.

Ed gets angry with Clarrie, who refuses to cook tea for the next month.

Joe gets no tea.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

29th Jan 2010

  • David and Ruth: a life less lived
  • Oh deary me Clarrie

David and Ruth: a life less lived

I’d love to say something (anything) about David and Ruth’s chat today, but find myself speechless at their lack of substance.

At least we heard Jamie and Josh starting to find their own voices. Let’s hope Josh manages to learn that there is life beyond Brookfield (especially if Pip gets her way and confines herself to the farm, forever and ever)

Oh deary me Clarrie

We all know that family and money don’t mix. Stay firm there Eddie!

Friday, 29 January 2010

28th Jan 2010

  • Susan’s family legacy about to bite her on the bottom?
  • Just spit it out!
  • Whacking them on doesn’t suggest quality, my friend

Susan’s family legacy about to bite her on the bottom?

Just what is Susan getting set-up for?

Jim’s buys the house Susan brother Clive had set fire to, so, naturally, everyone starts talking about him again.

Will this lead to problems for Susan? Criminal record disbarring her from continuing to work at the Village Shop?

Just spit it out

We’re not on tenterhooks anymore Annette – that’s about the 5th time you’ve ‘almost’ told Helen about your shenanigans with Leon.

You’ll give yourself an ulcer if you don’t let it all out. Or, you could just move ...

Whacking them on doesn’t suggest quality, my friend

Nice try Eddie – I do applaud your sales technique, especially turning a ‘no’ into a ‘maybe’ (albeit for another piece of work).

But, the game was up when you mentioned that you’d ‘whack them on straight’.

Ah well. Enjoy the free pint.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

27th Jan 2010

  • Ruth was absolutely steaming???
  • Retail is not a gentle pursuit
  • Audrey nominates Lynda

Ruth was absolutely steaming???

Did I miss a bit? Did Ruth hit the bottle after having words with young Pip?

Retail is not a gentle pursuit

Susan isn’t doing herself any favours, but I’d also be driven to rage if everyone around me was nattering on about a new project which was (probably) about to make me unemployed.

Also surprised that no-one seems to understand that running a shop isn’t just about standing behind a counter. As a receptionist, Lynda should know better.

If there’s one job I’d be loathed to return to, it’d be working in a shop. As well as standing for long hours, it’s a thankless task where you’re more likely to get shouted at than praised.

Maybe they’ve all misunderstood, and are thinking that it’ll be like running a charity shop. Only problem, in a charity shop you accept donations (and some stock sent from head office) – in the Village Shop they’ll be dealing with suppliers, invoices, sell-by dates, the joys of Sunday supplements etc etc etc

Do I detect a complete failure in the offing? Shall Susan start a new career, only to be begged back to her counter?

Audrey nominates Lynda

Hurrah to annoying David.

But who is Audrey? So silent that she’s never been heard of before? Do tell …

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

26th Jan 2010

  • Like the fresh pasta thing all over again
  • David moaning and groaning about Lynda
  • Pip hasn’t played fair

Like the fresh pasta thing all over again

The fresh pasta debacle must have passed me by …

Susan isn’t doing herself any favours - methinks she should be trying to engratiate herself with the folks who’ll be major players in deciding whether she’ll still have her job.

Instead of being obstructive and taking it all personally, she should button up and give her *considered* opinion to demonstrate her true worth.

Still, she’s ona bad footing consdiering the shop was making a loss under her management. Maybe that Bingo job is the best option.

David Moaning and Groanign about Lynda

That’s the sum of David – stress dreams about Lynda being chair of the Parish Council.

The man really needs to take himself, and his animal-feed-waering wife, out and about a bit more.

Pip Hasn’t Played Fair

Wait on for just a second – isn’t Pip 17 this year?

Surely old enough to go out later than 11pm and not need to be collected by her parents?

And what a palaver over her returning home with mates, being an hour or so later than she said she’d be, her new style and not answering texts from her mum.

You’d also be forgiven for thinking that she was a teenager.

If Ruth can’t handle a Pip going VERY slightly off kilter on a wee night out with her pals, good lordy knows how she’ll react to Pip discovering sex, booze and proper partying.

Then again, would we expect anything less of Ruth and David than complete overeaction to anything other than the normally drudgery of their lives???

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

25th Jan 2010

  • Burns Night: where was Jazzer?!?
  • At least Helen didn’t lock Annette up in her flat/attic/cupboard/car boot …
  • Commence the farce that will become Jim’s new shelving

Burns Night: where was Jazzer?!?

It’s not obligatory, but after Jazzer’s contribution to the Antony Gormley Ambridge Plinth’s was playing the bagpipes (Ah! – I get it – it’s because he’s Scottish), I expected some sort of haggis/whisky/Burns’ love poetry combo rear attack by Jazzer on Fallon.

Or is that done and dusted, never to be muttered over a pint of Shires again?

If so – what’s Tom going to think and talk about?

At least Helen didn’t lock Annette up in her flat/attic/cupboard/car boot ...

Not sure if there is still time and opportunity for Helen to stop Annette from having an abortion, but they passed the first hurdle without Helen making any murmurings.

Has she stopped thinking about having a baby through Annette? Is she thinking about ways she can have her own? Did she find one (for a very reasonable price) on ebay?

Commence the farce that will become Jim’s new shelving

You gotta love Joe’s loyalty to his son Eddie – but taking on anything with/ for Jim is never a straight forward task.

Prediction: it all goes bottoms up, with Eddie subsequently unable to get to the pub because he’ll be spotted from Jim’s window.

Ah well. There’s always the cider in the shed.

24th Jan 2010

  • Will Matt become a contender?
  • Is Paul a bit fishy?
  • Good question Pip: Do boys get shorts with tights?

Will Matt become a contender?

Bless Matt and his burgeoning green fingers.

Will be see a new Matt, arise from the ashes, as a contender for the best veg categories in the village fair? Not sure if that’d actually be a good thing ...

Is Paul a bit fishy?

Sometimes hard to have an opinion (as you can’t tell the ‘bad uns’ by their shifty eyes), but is Matt right about Paul’s intentions?

I thought he was being a bit hard, but that next phone call from Lilian started me thinking.

Could be being cynical – but isn’t it a bit suspect when the next contact they have, his mum is (of course) doing worse and is in more pain?

And, actually, why couldn’t he have said more over the phone in the first instance, rather than driving all the way down?

Hmmmmmm ...

Good question Pip: Do boys get shorts with tights?

Answers on a postcard to Brookfield Farm.

22nd Jan 2010

  • Phew! It wasn’t the mob …
  • "I know I should be cool"

Phew! It wasn’t the mob ...

On the one hand, thank goodness it wasn’t a heavy mob type fellow trying to get hold of Matt

But what a timely bit of bad luck all round. One lost brother turning up unannounced (tick), to find his brother in prison (tick), mother with cancer (tick), who didn’t want to know Matt when he found her (tick), and a wobbly Lilian stuck between them all.

As if Lilian needed any more bad news as an excuse for spending more time ‘talking’ to Jolene at The Bull …

"I know is should be cool"

It’s okay Helen. We wouldn’t expect that of you.

Friday, 22 January 2010

21st Jan 2010

  • Pip doesn’t stand a chance
  •  Did we just get a whiff of a forthcoming coup?

Pip doesn’t stand a chance

Just when you think David Archer has reached his zenith of banality, he comes out with “you can’t go to an exam looking like that” and “I was so pleased when Pip found someone so sensible”

Rock n’ Roll!

It was always going to be difficult trying to be remotely human coming from the David and Ruth stable, but what's going on with Pip? Can her new look really be such a turn-off to the lads? Is it indeed her new mates? or something else a wee bit more intrinsic as to why Pip is so desperately trying to find herself ...? Is Pip about to take more than just a new style of jeans out of her closet???

Did we just get a whiff of a coup?

Lovely to have Lilian back, and even better than she’s got a bit of fire back in her belly.

I’d forgotten she was on the Parish Council, and even more surprised that she was so vehement against Lynda standing for Chair.

Indeed, “there’s no holding Lynda” (in all senses), and with David tirelessly bleating on about how busy he is, sounds like we might be in for a ‘surprise’ standing for the Chair nomination.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

20th Jan 2010

  • Lynda can spread herself here, there and everywhere
  • Someone should dress up as Daisy the cow

Lynda can spread herself here, there and everywhere ...

... according to Susan

Finally, the Village Shop committee starts, and comes to blows.

Susan’s bang on in saying that Pat (et al) thinks she’s not capable, and that she should be kept ‘in her place’.

Snobbery abounds, spearheaded by Pat.

Which shouldn’t be surprising. Lest we forget that Pat managed to bring Tom’s Sausages and Cheesestraw into this world.

Someone should dress up as Daisy the cow


Please don’t. Leave that sort of thing to Last of the Summer Wine.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

19th Jan 2010

  • The overactive fantastes of Jolene
  •  Isn’t my bed comfortable enough for you?
  • The modern equivalent of a locket
  • The return of that rogue, Leon
  • I’m just sad

The overactive fantastes of Jolene

Yikes! Something a bit disturbing about a daughter saying her mum’s got ‘overative fantasties’ about said daughter’s love life.

Isn’t my bed comfortable enough for you?

Titter ye not!

It was ‘Stop moving. I cannae do your straps up if you’re wriggling about.” on Sunday, then “Isn’t my bed comfortable enough for you?” today.

Jazzer and Fallon: the double-entendre double act for a new decade

The modern equivalent of a locket

Bless Jazzer and his manly ways. The USB stick was a great idea – reminiscent of a lock of hair or a teeny wee photo in a locket – though he did slightly spoil it by calling her a ‘jessie’.

Thank goodness Fallon did spell it out for Jazzer, after Jolene had to spell out that she was (unwittingly) leading him on. This one could’ve gone on for yonks …

The return of that rogue, Leon

Does this man stop so low that he could fit under a table without bending?!?

What a nasty piece of work.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the fault lay with Helen in being too full-on too quickly, but “I never suggested we were an exclusive” is a poor excuse. The trick is to actually say outright that you’re not an exclusive, rather than put the onus onto the other person somehow knowing.

Perhaps he is just a sociopath. Saying “You’re not really in a mood with me?” to Annette was either a calculated play to show Annette that there shouldn’t be any issues between them – or a complete lack of empathy with another human being. I’d go for the latter.

Either way, Mr Leon is a rogue, old-school. He preyed on both Helen and Annette for his own ends, and is obviously stupid enough to sleep with multiple partners without using protection.

Let’s hope someone mangles his man-bits before he does even more damage …

I’m just sad

Yes Helen, that you are.

I don’t get why Helen doesn’t just tell Annette why she so desperately wants her to have a baby, though maybe Helen doesn’t realise it herself.

Considering Helen was a wee bit sane when she was ‘dating’ Leon, perhaps all she does need is a good man (as much as I hate saying that – it’s sometimes the case that some folks need a partner to be happy).

Next step internet dating?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

18th Jan 2010

  • Susan didn’t get the job either
  • Lynda: next step Prime Minister?

Susan didn’t get the job either

"See – there was no need to get upset. Susan didn’t get the job either!" [Vicky to Brenda, in front of Susan]

What do we reckon to Vicky’s faux pas over the office manager job? Was it intentional?

Brenda has been behaving like a spoilt brat anyway (no surprises there then).

She will learn with time, but she is currently entrenched in that post-university attitude of “I have a degree, therefore I’m bigger and better than anyone else”.

The cheek of the lass in putting Susan down right before her interview showed Brenda’s nastier side: and the sheer arrogance of basically saying ‘I didn’t want the job anyway as it’s not what I went to University for’ shows a immature approach to life, which might explain why on earth she puts up with Tom’s Sausages.

Susan was perfectly right to point out that she has many years of experience – but, then again, Brenda also hit on something when she said that being young and educated seems to be a disadvantage. After all, many businesses will choose experience over a freshly educated (and arrogant) youngster anytime!

Still, at least Brenda has her flyers to keep her going.

Lynda: next step Prime Minister?

Was tonight’s episode a precursor to Lynda launching herself onto a political platform bigger than the Parish Council?

Monday, 18 January 2010

17th Jan 2010

  • A bit of a snort episode
  • What does she look like?
  • Yes Helen – it’s true that you don’t know until you try - but ...

A bit of a snort episode

Oh, how I tittered into my tea

“Stop moving. I cannae do your straps up if you’re wriggling about.” [Jazzer to Fallon]

“He’s keen on birds” [on the bloke Kirsty has been seen with]

“I’d better go before they start attacking the ducks” [Nic on her wee horrors]

What does she looks like?

Ah – so Pip is now trying for a ‘Katy Perry’ look.

That still leaves us all confused.

If she has managed to come close to that sort of style – wouldn’t Jazzer approve? Or is Pip too young to even look at like that? Or, has Jazzer only got sideway glances for Fallon now (as opposed to his previous full frontal glare)? Or is she trying but failing???

Poor wee Pip. One would have expected her to be a bit bland (having come from David and Ruth), but I can't work out why she is so repugnant to her fellow peers. It's got to be more than just a bad hair-do.

Yes Helen – it’s true that you don’t know until you try - but ...

Maybe babysitting would be the way to ‘try’ what it might be like to look after a child.

NOT actually having it then trying.

Or is that the plan???

15th Jan 2010

  • Annette’s getting a bit claustrophobic
  •  Brenda wasn’t good enough

Annette’s getting a bit claustrophobic

Oh my – as if we hadn’t guessed – Helen spelt out exactly what this baby could mean for her ...

...a two-way relationship – it would love you too – you would be the centre of its world – you would never need feel lonely again ...

Yikes! That’s a pretty heavy load for a 20 year old to think about. Annette hasn’t even dipped more than her pinkie into the world, yet her ‘friend’ Helen seems hell-bent on ignoring her needs, replacing them her with her own warped sense of what will make her happy.

Helen really, badly, desperately, needs to get out a bit more.

Brenda wasn’t good enough

Most of us will have been there at some point, but it can’t be easy being rejected for an interview when someone you know has been asked along.

Especially if you think that you’re *better* than that other person.

You gotta love Mike’s loyalty and sheer blind belief that ‘having a degree’ equates you as the right person for the job BUT is anyone else thinking that there’s a wee hint of snobbery about this yet again?

Okay – Susan comes from Horrobin stock and has been detained at her Majesty’s pleasure – but why is everyone suddenly treating her like she’s a moron? She hasn’t exactly made the Village Shop an outstanding success but, with many other village shops suffering the same fate, I don’t think that explains why she’s taking such a character kicking from all and every.

Face it Brenda – a degree does not automatically make you the best candidate – and sometimes (just sometimes) experience is valued over youth.

Friday, 15 January 2010

14th Jan 2010

  • As simple as taking a pill?
  • Jazzer’s thinking Scandinavian ...

As simple as taking a pill?

Poor, poor, poor Annette.

She is to blame for sleeping with Leon in the first place – and for being stupid enough to do so without a condom – but you have to pity someone who is being cajoled by Helen.

Tonight, Helen made her offer to ‘be there’ for Annette and the baby, but it sounded like she was offering to be Annette’s wife rather than her friend.

Helen has a few more days to work on Annette, but there’s something intrinsically distasteful in her pressuring Annette because of her own needs and wants. Do you think she’ll stop to consider what would actually be best for Annette?

Jazzer’s thinking Scandinavian ...

And here was me thinking he reformed his ways onto a good Calvinist boy.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

13th Jan 2010

  • Hang out with Helen or sit in a village hall?
  •  Tom and Helen: thank-you for being a friend
  •  Pat comes right in the end

Hang out with Helen or sit in a village hall?

Each to their own Brenda, but you must’ve known that Cheesestraw and a bottle of wine does not often make for a fun evening …

It was obvious that some sort of baby-story was about to happen (Helen babysitting for Nic and Will – you can always tell something is afoot when someone suddenly starts helping/spending time with folks you wouldn’t have thought they were on speaking terms, let alone have each other’s mobile numbers).

My bet was on Helen, but (shock and horrors), of course it’d have to be more twisted than that.

And, not satisfied with a mere ‘will Helen ever find out it was Leon’s?’ – I reckon we’re going to experience the deepest and darkest days of Hellin yet. And that’s surely saying something.

Helen will have to first ‘persuade’ Annette not to have the abortion, then cajole and nag until the baby is handed over. Or will she just grab and run?

Seriously - just how far can that rather neurotic woman be pushed? Mike better stay off the roads, and Leon best keep clear unless he wants to be an unwitting father for the second time (if all else fails).

Tom and Helen: thank-you for being a friend

Maybe it’s just because neither of them have seen much of life outside of Ambridge – but Tom and Helen are simply awful confidantes.

Not sure if they’re trying for a middle-England version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, but every secret or personal titbit from the lives of their ‘mates’ tends to be exposed to someone (anyone!) else the moment they can spill.

Did Pat and Tony skip the lesson about how to keep a secret?

Pat comes right in the end

Odd, but what changed Pat’s mind about Susan being a committee member?

“Your offer to stand would be gratefully accepted.” Since when?

Or is she trying to water down Brian’s influence?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

12th Jan 2010

  • Slow day in Ambridge ... but Vicky comes up with a classic snort moment
  • Susan starts her under-the-counter sabotage campaign

Slow day in Ambridge ... but Vicky comes up with a classic snort moment

At first Vicky seems reasonable, but what do we think about her later phone call to Mike about being stuck in her car?!?

Will she enact her ‘damsel in distress’ every time Mike doesn’t do exactly as she prompts him to?

*Classic snort moment: Vicky’s “What am I going to do with you” after discovering the Mike was taking crisps along as part of his lunch (my goodness!) was a perfect evocation of the “What are we like” Catherine Tate sketch.

Susan starts her under-the-counter sabotage campaign

I honestly thought Kathy might have had her eyes scratched out by Susan at one point (when the poor woman was just trying to buy stamps).

Is Susan going to take a proactive stance against excluded from the committee, or is she just going to be catty to anyone involved in it?

Or – will she actually get that office job over Brenda? That’d settle it without any loss of stamp-buying privileges.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

11th Jan 2010

  • As the ‘bad’ weather finally makes it to Ambridge, Vicky finally blows fierce ...
  •  Butterfly Eggs

As the ‘bad’ weather finally makes it to Ambridge, Vicky finally blows fierce ...

Possibly one of the most disliked new residents of Ambridge, it’s been a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ Vicky showed her less than gentle side.

I personally don’t mind Vicky, and have been willing to think that she’s just a bit overactive and lonely.

Her constant need to be involved (and interrupt) was a symptom of moving into a new rural community – combined with the fact that her husband, Mike, has lived there an age, has 2 grown up children, lost his wife (who was seemingly adored by all and every) and has some fiercely loyal friends. Not an easy set-up to step into.

But, the moment Mike stood up to her to say ‘no’ about something (anything), and kept to his ‘no’, it was inevitable that there’d be argy bargy.

Still, you’d have thought he could have stood up to her over something important (like Brenda’s obvious wish to NOT have Vicky at her graduation), rather than something so mundane (is it really that big a hassle for him to take her along, and stop off for a pub lunch??!).

Question is: has Vicky ever had an ulterior motive for marrying Mike – or will this develop into a cautionary tale of marrying before getting to know where your beloved keeps their warts?

Butterfly Eggs

I would have also liked to have gone and found butterfly eggs for a survey (though possibly not accompanied by Lynda and Vicky). Where on earth do you start???

Monday, 11 January 2010

9th Jan 2010

  • What did we do to deserve Tom?
  • Abortion: rushing into it without thinking properly
  • Jazzer goes all Walter Raleigh

What did we do to deserve Tom?

Tom the Son: First he only buys his mum a bunch of flowers for her birthday – then he admits that they’re just from a supermarket. Hardly appropriate considering Pat is not one to be supportive of en-mass production methods.

Tom the Boyfriend: And he’s hardly supportive of his girlfriend Brenda’s efforts to get her career going. You’d think he’d be a bit more understanding considering he’s also self-employed – and has he forgotten all the help she’s given to Tom’s Sausages?

Tom the Brother: And no offer of more wine to his sister Helen – no offer of Helen joining them on their night out – and a typically snotty reaction to Annette possibly coming along. Considering he was there when Leon showed his true colours, you’d have thought that booze and clubbing would have been on offer to his big sis

Tom the Mate: Seriously, his obsession with Jazzer and Fallon is very, very creepy. Constantly gossiping about it, and what sort of a mate heads along, with his girlfriend, to join his pal on a ‘date’ (as Jazzer sees it)?

What a class act.

Abortion: rushing into it without thinking properly

Hmmm. Good advice from Helen, but maybe a tad ‘bolting the gate after the boar has fled’ …?

Jazzer goes all Walter Raleigh

“There’s a wee draft”

Bless him.

Even if Fallon doesn’t eventually fall for his charms, he’s learning a who new set of pulling skills which will put him in good stead. Lovely to hear him even talking about respect for a woman.

8th Jan 2010

  • Annette’s Abortion
  • Gardner Matt
  • Susan Carter: the Alan Sugar of village shop retail

Annette’s Abortion

And there was me thinking Helen had found a used condom in the bin (which would have been *eugh* and also a bit disturbing considering it is a fair while since Leon seduced Annette).

Annette’s not proving the most popular of new residents, but you do have to feel for the wee lass. The morals of sleeping with one’s landlady/friend/pseudo-mother boyfriend aside, Ambridge is proving to be as destructive to her as it was for her father.

She’s making a tough decision – only question is whether Helen will try and stop her.

We all knew there’d be some sort of pregnancy coming up – but, with Helen’s babysitting efforts for Will & Nic, it seemed like she’d be the one. Could Annette change her mind so that Helen can adopt?

Gardner Matt

Enjoying Matt as a bit more of a laid back chappy (the constant shouting was getting a bit much), but finding it hard to reconcile his new attitude to others (“they never stood a chance”) with the Tiger that we know and love. Does a few weeks in prison really change someone round that much?

Either way – I hope Lillian does get her tomatoes.

Susan Carter: the Alan Sugar of village shop retail

I do think that there is snobbery afoot with Susan not being asked onto the village shop committee, but does Susan also not realise that she’s not entirely the retail mogul that she imagines?

After all, the village shop committee is happening because the shop was making a loss. And who was the manager ….?

Friday, 8 January 2010

7th Jan 2010

The Odd Couples

Jim and Kenton

Confusing – but it sounded like Kenton didn’t want Jim to settle in the village. Not sure if it was just the place that Jim’s thinking of buying (‘utilitarian’ doesn’t sound, to me, like a particularly homely home), but it actually took me a moment to realise that it was Kenton talking rather than Alistair.

I do find the whole set-up between Kenton and Jim rather odd. It was understandable that they bonded over Jim’s search for a sports car, but it hardly fits in with the mid-life crisis Kenton was having pre-Jim (his tattoo). Of course, Kenton might just be in it for Jim’s investment …

Either way, Kenton’s battle for ‘tapas and 5.1 surround sound’ is a worry when there’s already a highly recommended tapas restaurant (even Cheesestraw was happy to eat something there). Bless – it’ll all end up as yet another reason for David to be disparaging about his brother’s ambitions.

Helen and Annette

From tonight’s episode, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Helen hasn’t actually met Annette. On talking to Fallon about Annette, and how she’s been quiet and unsocial, Helen mentioned ‘You know what Annette’s like’.

Yes – I think we do – but quiet and unsocial ain’t Annette!

Snort-worthy was also the idea that she needed space to herself. Are they talking about the same young woman who crashed into Helen’s life, deposited herself in Helen’s flat, then took off with the (hardly shy and retiring) Jazzer?!?

How long do we think this one will rumble on for?

Will Annette confess?

Will Leon return and reveal all (though attempting a reconciliation with Helen by trying on a ‘all friends together’ session)?

Will someone else discover Annette’s secret?

Or, will Annette take herself onto somewhere else, which might be a good idea considering she’s a slip of a lass who doesn’t need to bury herself in a life with a mother-figure who, at 30, seems to be obsessed with staying in and watching DVDs. Not that I’m saying there’s anything wrong with that, but, unless Annette takes more time to find friends of her own age, she’s in for a very dry time …

Jazzer and Fallon

Is this storyline setting up to be the big love of 2010?

Do we think that Jazzer, if he wins Fallon, will actually be happy settling down?

I think what we do need to keep an eye on is Tom’s growing obsession with Jazzer and Fallon – and his rather distasteful need to watch proceedings, and comment on it to all and every. Is this a signal that he may be hankering for his own chase? Do I sense a jilting at the alter???

Thursday, 7 January 2010

6th Jan 2010:

  • Brenda: she's a flyer!
  • Pat's Village Shop Mafia

Brenda: she's a flyer!

Not sure what Brenda's tutors were thinking, but she seems to have graduated thinking that marketing = “flyers and press releases and stuff”

And what sort of those state are those flyers?

Did I miss something, or did she take a graphic design course? She made have done so instead of turning up to the PR section of her course (she secured press coverage for Deck the Halls AFTER it had taken place. No grumbles about that being a good brand building exercise, but methinks the point was to try and get more folks to the event that year, rather than the next). I think we should be told – and graphic designers should be taking a huff over the assumption that any old fool can plonk together a design.

But, after the offer of two projects in one day, I think Brenda might even ponder starting up her own business. I think the Marketing moguls of this world need not be concerned: Tom’s Sausages is joined by Brenda’s Flyers?

Pat's Village Shop Mafia

As has been mentioned in an earlier episode, Pat seems to be only asking Archers, or the partners of Archers, onto the village shop committee (Usha aside - but there simply isn't a lawyer in the clan).

A ploy to make sure that it stays in the family (though Peggy is technically a Woolley)? Or a very small social circle? Or is it sheer snobbery that's making her avoid the likes of Susan Carter ...???