Pondering The Archers is a blog.

I write it for the sheer joy of it. And to stop driving my partner (and friends, family, business associates etc etc) driven beyond distraction with my ramblings about Ambridge.

I don’t make money from my blog.

One day, I might try to become a full time Archers aficionado.

Who can tell.

But what I can say, here and now, is that it’s not okay for anyone else to be making money from my ponderings.

If you do want to use any part of my blog – for whatever reason – please ask me first.

If you’re going to use it to make money, I’ll probably say no.

The Archers are Real – and The Archers are free to all.

(and also don’t forget that the BBC doesn’t seem to mind me transcribing the recordings they make of Ambridge. Probably because I don’t then use it to make money)