Friday, 18 October 2013

Rob wants to know Helen’s okay – Fri 18.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 18th October 2013
  • Tom doesn’t rush out to work
  • Middle class problems
  • Two hounds don’t oblige
  • Rob tries to ease his guilt
  • Joe sounds cheery
  • Tom delivers sausages, veg and a staff member
  • Kirsty didn’t say ‘I told you so’

Tom doesn’t rush out to work

Tom can’t believe what he wakes up to. In a good way. It’s Kirsty.

Kirsty also can’t believe her luck.

(I still think she’s wrong on that count, but whatever floats her boat, I suppose)

[Kirsty] “I never thought I’d get a  second chance with you.”

[Tom] “I don’t know what I was thinking … why did it take me so long, eh?”

(um … you were madly in love with Brenda, I think you’ll find)

[Kirsty] “And you had your pigs to worry about. Hard to compete with them.”

Due to lying in bed gazing longingly at Kirsty, Tom’s running later. But, he doesn’t care.

[Tom] “I’m self-employed. Work can wait.”

Did I really hear Tom say that???

If only he’d done that more often with Brenda, they might have actually stayed together.

And we wouldn’t have to suffer a loved-up Tom audibly snogging Kirsty.


Middle class problems

[Jim] “I’m torn between the spice apple chutney and the fiery piccalilli .”

As a good shop keeper, Helen subtly suggests he buy both. Which he does.

However, I don’t think Joe will be particularly interested in either, at their picnic. He strikes me as more of a Branston Pickle type of a chap.

Two hounds don’t oblige

At the hunt. So, Oliver will find them new homes.

I hope that’s not a euphemism.

Rob tries to ease his guilt

Rob pays a visit to Ambridge Organics

[Helen] “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Coming here, to my work?!?”

Seems Rob was worried that Helen wasn’t answering his texts, so he wanted to come in person to check she was okay.

[Helen] “Why, so you can feel less guilty about using me?”

[Rob] “I was not using you.”

[Helen] “I don’t know what you expect of me.”

Rob wants Helen to realise that she means so much to him. But Helen’s not buying it.

[Helen] “I want no part of this, of your games. Leave me alone, Rob.”

And she chucks him out of the shop.

About time!

Joe sounds cheery

Though still irritated that he can’t get around as easily as before, Jim’s plan to cheer Joe up by taking him to the community orchard seems to have done the trick.

[Joe] “This flaming stick, is like an albatross round me neck.”

Jim reminds Joe that they’re in no hurry.

[Joe] “Don’t you worry about me prof, there’s a bit of life left in me yet.”

That’s an improvement on Joe being sure he’d drop dead any moment!

Joe’s delighted to see that the tree he planted over 50 years ago is still standing strong, and producing the apples he’s been harvesting every year since. He gets his Borsestshire Beauty apples from it. And encourages Jim to have a wee bite.

Ah – that was a wee jest from Joe. It’s a sharp, bitter apple – perfect for cider making.

Good to hear Joe getting back to his naughty ways.

Joe is pleased at being out. And even reckons his arm isn’t hurting him too badly.

[Joe] “But it isn’t too good neither.”

Jim suggests that take a wee visit to Wesley Walker’s cider microbrewery next week. Seems Walter (whoever he is) even has Red Normans. Joe’s not so sure about that. Or about even being at Apple Day.

[Jim] “A short jaunt .. .takes thing slowly, see how you go.”

Aye, step by step.

Tom delivers sausages, veg and a staff member

Lucky Helen!

Actually, she’s not that pleased at all. She expected Kirsty in 30 minutes ago. Though Kirsty isn’t late, she’s normally early.

And, she’s also not pleased Tom’s brought more turnips than cabbages and leeks.

AND she snaps at Tom for telling her how to display jam.

(well, that one was fair enough)

Kirsty didn’t say ‘I told you so’

After Tom had gone, Kirsty tried to get Helen to tell her what was wrong. Her family had noticed that she was snapping at Henry, and now she’s snapping at Tom (well, more so than usual).

Helen tries to say it’s Henry keeping her up (and keeping her tired), but Kirsty keeps pressing.

Which works.

Helen starts crying.

[Helen] “Rob broke up with me.”

[Kirsty] “Why didn’t you tell me?”

[Helen] “You warned me, didn’t you? You said I was going to regret it, and here I am.”

Kirsty takes no pleasure out of being right. And is also sorry that she’s been too wrapped up in Tom to look out for Helen.

[Helen] “We’re so right for each other. It hurts so much, I just can’t think about anything else. I wish I’d never seen him, I wish I’d never met him. Oh Kirsty.”

That’s when Helen’s sobbing really starts.

Oh dear.


Hugo said...

I agree Inga, there is something I find utterly unconvincing when Tom Archer is in bed.
It's like a place he should never be!

Ralph Corderoy said...

I wonder if his fixation with sausages is in some way compensation...