Thursday, 17 October 2013

The sheep are worried by dogs – Thurs 17.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering the Archers Thursday 17th October 2013
  • Where’s the tensioning tool?
  • David approves of Kenton marrying
  • Darrell crawls back in …
  • The sheep fall into the river!
  • At least Darrell gets his tools
  • Jill’s on about cakes
  • Rob had to be asked to wipe his boots

Where’s the tensioning tool?

Anyone seen it?

A fence is broken, so David needs it.

David approves of Kenton marrying

[David] “I can’t believe Kenton is finally getting hitched … this time feels right.”

Well, I’m sure that’s a  great comfort to both Jolene and Kenton.

Darrell crawls back in …

[Darrell] “Sorry.”

Darrell’s back at The Stables. He reckon he didn’t call as he’d run out of credit.

[Shula] “So where … how have you been?”

He reckons he did go to his GP, and had a “good chat”. The phone call before he went in (if he went in) was from Anna. So, he went walkabout for a bit (again).

Which was odd. As it necessitated sleeping in parks again.

And he also forgot to collect his tools from his mate.

[Darrell] “It was alright, noting bad happened … I’m back now, that’s all that matters, innit?”

(yes! I’m sure Shula and Alistair are over the moon that Darrell is back to plague ‘em)

As usual, Shula just pampers him. She gives him tea, sandwich and a bath.

[Darrell] “I didn’t mean to let you down.”

Well, he did. But Shula says nowt about it.

So, once again, Darrell is off the hook. And, once again, he promises that he will get himself sorted. Including picking up his tools.

Darrell reckons the doctor gave him a prescription, and that he’s already picked it up.

[Darrell] “Just some pills. Doctor says they’ll help me sleep.”

And what’s more, he has an interview with a job centre adviser next week.


He then refuses to look for jobs online with Shula, saying he’ll do it tomorrow. He always says that.

That chap never want to the doctor, did he? And also unlikely he’s made any arrangements with the job centre.

Silly Darrell. But more fool Shula for dispelling all common sense to believe anything he says.

The sheep fall into the river!

David comes across two dogs chasing his sheep. He calls Ruth to see if she can get to them (she’s closer), before they fall into the river.

But neither made it in time. A few of the poor wee sheep had already, in their terror, fallen in. But lucky for them the river wasn’t flowing too quickly.

[David] “They stayed where they were and some of them managed to scramble up the bank.”

One unlucky ewe got snagged in a fence, but it seemed fine enough:

[Ruth] “No blood, from what I can see.”

[David, ever pessimistic] “It’s what you can’t see that’s the problem … Blasted dogs!”

[Ruth] “It’s their blasted owners.”

(quite right Ruth. There’s no bad dogs, just bad owners)

Ruth heads off to drive around and see if she can spot the dogs and their owners, while David calls the Police.

Ruth gets back home, where Jill calms her and David down.

[Jill] “Very distressing … Sit down David, have a slice of cake.”

Without the owners or the dogs, there’s not much the Police can do.

[David] “Dogs worrying livestock is a criminal offense, they’re taking this very seriously.”

Jill had also seen walkers with two dogs. They’d come into the village shop.

[Jill] “Fairly ordinary looking, quite well heeled … They seemed a touch rude, if I’m frank.”

Seems they weren’t too polite when Jill asked them to leave their dogs outside.

Nae need for that.

At least Darrell gets his tools

Darrell gets a lift from Neil to go and get his tools. He reckons he’ll get part of himself back when he gets them back.

Darrell then gets all philosophical. He reckons all he wants is respect as a family man – which he’s as far from having as he is being picked for the England squad. Though Neil reckons it’s never too late.

(I know what he means, but it is most definitely too late for Darrell to be picked by Roy!)

[Neil] “Welcome to parenting. Welcome to fear, like you’ve never know in your life.”

[Darrell] “I suppose my fear is the girls will hate me … I couldn’t stand it if they gave up on me … [when Anna called] she wanted to know why things couldn’t be like they used to.”

Neil reckons his girls are proud of him. Inside.


Jill’s on about cakes

As Jill tends to do.

She’s made coffee and walnut cake, to test it out as a recipe she’ll give Emma and Lynda for the cookery cook.

And, she’s well underway with Jolene and Kenton’s wedding cake. She just has the marzipan and icing to do.

[Jill] “I hope I can do the big day justice.”

But of course you can Jill.

You is a cake queen.

Rob had to be asked to wipe his boots

By Jill, when he came into the village shop. They were muddy after he’d been on the hunt.

[Jill] “It seems like a bit of an odd thing to do after bereavement .”

Well, if Diana’s boys went shooting the day after, I reckon Rob can go hunting.

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