Sunday, 6 October 2013

Darrell fixes a lock – Sun 06.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 6th October 2013
  • The Church is still busier than usual
  • Shula’s already exasperated with Darrell
  • Emma’s stunned at Nic’s ingratitude
  • The word is out about Tom and Kirsty
  • One calf is already for the chop
  • Joe’s missed at The Bull
  • Emma’s against paternity leave
  • Emma’s against Poppy meeting Joe

The Church is still busier than usual

Seems that’s always the case after the harvest ‘special’.

[Alan] “Must be something about giving that make people feel good.”

The trick, Alan, is try to have something every week that will make people feel good. Then the Church would be rammed every week.

Shula’s already exasperated with Darrell

At Church, Shula tells Alan that she has Darrell staying with her.

[Alan] “Are you sure that’s a good idea? With him being so aggressive to you.”

[Shula] “He’s someone we know, and he’s in a bad way.”

Shula now reckons Alistair agrees that Darrell is desperate and needs help. And she’s managed to convince herself that Darrell will only be staying a few nights. Her theory is that if Darrell is in better “physical shape”, he’ll be able to sort himself out.

Darrell seems to be settling in well. He even has enough confidence to compliment Shula on her tatties.

[Darrell] “Elona’s used to go soft on the outside which isn’t what you want, really.”

Darrell offers to help with lunch, but Shula tells him to sit down and start looking through the newspapers (one assumes for a place to live). He slightly sidesteps the rather unsubtle hint.

[Darrell] “You’re good people. Really good … I’m not one to overstay me welcome.”

He’s also trying to be useful, offering to help round the stables. Shula mentions that there is a lock on one of the door that needs looking at, which Darrell gets very excited about. Quite overexcited,

Shula sounds frustrated.

Emma’s stunned at Nic’s ingratitude

As Vicky’s been making a memory box for Bethany, she’s also be putting aside clothes to hand over to Nic. Though Nic’s polite to Vicky, she confides to Emma that they’re not really her “thing”.

[Nic] “Everything’s so pink.”

[Emma] “She is a baby girl!”

(eh? Girls can wear all colours these days, Emma)

[Nic] “You have to admit, Vicky’s taste is a bit garish.”

[Emma] “Do you realise how lucky you are to be given so much free stuff?! …When I had George, me and Ed was living in a caravan. We had nothing. It’s not even as if you and Will are short of money … If you hate the clothes that much, the least you can do is pass them onto someone else who needs them.”


But let’s face it, Emma will find any chance to shout at Nic.

The word is out about Tom and Kirsty

[Vicky] “Apparently her and Tom are an item …Glad to know he’s moved on with his life, like our Brenda has.”

One calf is already for the chop

A calf of Ed and Mike’s isn’t suckling, and doesn’t seem to be very strong.

They don’t want to pay vet fees when they reckon there’s nothing that can be done. So …

Seems Vicky will be gutted. It’s one of hers.

She surely must have hardened to the reality of farming by now?

Joe’s missed at The Bull

He’s still not feeling well.

[Mike] “If anyone can bounce back, it’s him. Takes time, that’s all.”

Hmmm …

Emma’s against paternity leave

After the clothes (one sided) argument, Emma’s still moaning about Nic.

She reckons it’s not fair that Nic has her mum there to do the cleaning and washing (not that we ever hear from Nic’s mum … she must be kept busy), and it’s also not fair that Will got paternity leave. Course, Ed wasn’t able to take time off.

[Emma] “I don’t see why self-employed people don’t get paternity leave. It’s not fair.”

Um, so Ed can’t have it, it means it’s Will’s fault for being able to have it?

Odd reasoning there, Emma.

Emma’s against Poppy meeting Joe

Still on a rant, Emma moves onto Nic taking Poppy to meet Joe for the first time.

[Emma] “Her going round it not likely to help his wrist!”

[Ed] “It might lift his spirits though.”

Quite right.


Ralph Corderoy said...

Um, so Ed can’t have it, it means it’s Will’s fault for being able to have it?

Well, Ed is chipping in towards Will's Statutory Paternity Leave but can't claim it himself due to the nature of his employment. Not quite the direction the redistributive-policy wonks boast about. :-) I know, when Ed and Emma have saved enough, they could become Will's tenants, furthering the movement of wealth between the siblings.

Inga McVicar said...

Aye, all true. As self-employed, I can sympathise with Ed.

It's not remotely fair that Will inherited. But Ed also scuppered his own career path through drugs, drink, stealing his brother's wife ...

Them's the choices we make!