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Hello Poppy Grundy – Tues 01.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 1st October 2013
  • Poppy Grundy
  • Henry likes snails
  • Emma was the hero
  • Poppy’s not much of a looker?
  • Joe’s stopping in with Kathy
  • Brian’s very supportive
  • That’d been brilliant if Popp had been born on the village green
  • Tom’s missing Kirsty?
  • Emma wants to do a cookbook

Poppy Grundy

[Will] “Look at her little fingers.”

[Nic] “Hello Poppy.”

[Will] “You’re  right, it suits her, Poppy.”

Poppy did come very close to being called Adele, but Nic reckons she looked like Poppy when she was born.

[Nic] “My daughter.”

[Will] “That we made. The two of us. Though you did all the hard work.”

Nic reckons the birth was an easy one. Despite what Will tells her she said to him during …

Seems Poppy is far smaller than either Jake or Mia were when they were born.

[Will] “Small, but perfectly formed.”

[Nic] “And bald as a coot.”

And they’re getting to get home today. Though it’s only been a night, Nic’s already hankering for home and home cooked food.

(Goodness. Felpersham Hospital must be awful!)

Henry likes snails

Helen’s leaving Henry with Emma while she does an extra shift in the dairy to cover Clarrie.


Henry heads straight outdoors.

[Helen] “He likes collecting snails.”

[Henry] “I like snails.”

(and puppy dogs’ tails, one would imagine)

Emma was the hero

Reckons Emma.

[Emma] “It was lucky I was there … I had to sort it all out.”

Later on:

[Helen] “Emma was the hero of the hour, apparently.”

(note the ‘apparently’)

Even later on, when Emma went round to meet Poppy.

[Emma] “It was lucky I was there.”


Actually, seems Clarrie’s nose is out of joint. Seems the arrangement had always been for Nic to call Clarrie, so she could pick up the kids.

[Clarrie] “I would have come if you had called me.”

[Emma] “I just happened to be there.”

No wonder Clarrie doesn’t like Emma.

As well as the trouble she caused between her boys, Emma also seems to take delight in getting one over Clarrie.

Poppy’s not much of a looker?

[Emma] “Funny looking thing, ain't she … you can see why they called her that.”

[Helen] “Can you?”

[Emma] “She’s so pink.”

[Helen] “All babies look like munchkins when they’re born.”

[Emma] “Keira was a beauty from day one.”

(Oooh … she’s just so jealous)

When Nic, Poppy and Will get home:

[Clarrie] “He was not a pretty baby our William. I wouldn’t admit it at the time, but he wouldn’t be winning any bonny babies competitions.”

[Nic] “Clarrie’s just been telling me what an ugly baby you were.”

[Clarrie] “You looked like Joe without the hair!”

[Will] “Very charming.”

[Clarrie] “He got better as he grew up.”

[Nic] “Now he’ s perfectly lovely.”

[Will] “I wouldn’t go that far.”

(neither would I. I’ve always imagined Will as having the temperament of Heathcliff, without the brooding dark good looks)

Joe’s stopping in with Kathy

Joe isn’t at Nic and Will’s to meet Poppy.

[Clarrie] “It’s like everything’s too much effort, like he can’t be bothered no more.”

So, Kathy’s sat with him.

[Clarrie] “She’s got nothing else to do at the moment.”


That’s an increasing worry about Joe, though.

[Clarrie] “It’s like he’s off in a world of his own.”

Nic reckons he looks frail. And seems he’s only picking at his food.

[Clarrie] “Breaks my heart to see him like this … I’d give my eyeteeth to have the rude, cankerous old Joe back.”

Brian’s very supportive

When Will told Brian he’d need his paternity leave now:

[Will] “He said, ‘oh, that’s bad timing’ …”

(well, as we know, Brian is no fan of paternity. The chap probably still believes kids should be brought up by a wet nurse, and sonly seen when it’s coming out time)

It is the first day of the shooting today, so Brian is slightly right. Though Will reckons it gets busier as the month progresses, so they’ll manage fine without him for the moment.

Well, they don’t have any choice.

That’d been brilliant if Popp had been born on the village green

Tom hadn’t heard that Nic’s waters had come early:

[Helen] “Waiting for the school bus.”

[Tom] “She had it on the green!”

Well, no.

But that would have made for excellent eavesdropping.

Tom’s missing Kirsty?

Tom was asking Helen if she’d seen Kirsty in the shop.

[Tom] “I haven’t seen her for a while, that’s all. I thought she might be on holiday.”

Seems he’s been calling, but she’s not answering her phone.

[Tom] “Probably turned her phone off as not to disturb the birds.”


Interesting that Tom actually noticed Kirsty was around him a lot.

Wonder if she’s had second thoughts about him after seeing him and Brenda together.

After all, Brenda is meant to be her mate …

Emma wants to do a cookbook

For the church organ fund.

[Clarrie] “Never had you down for something like that.”

[Emma] “I may not have the years of experience like you Clarrie, but I do have two NVQs in catering!!!”

Well, that’s hardly more original than a calendar, is it?

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