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Poppy’s named after a cow – Wed 02.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 2nd October 2013
  • Spare a thought for them outdoors
  • Gies a ring
  • “Four weeks’ time, I’ll be Mrs Archer!”
  • Elvis will walk Jolene up the aisle
  • Why has Oliver never heard of Etta James?
  • Rosa calls Darrell smelly
  • That local authority chap has been back
  • Joe’s not even interested in Bartleby
  • Joe’s talking like a dead man walking
  • Poppy was a cow
  • Darrell nearly gets barred
  • When Ed met Oliver

Spare a thought for them outdoors

[Rosa] “There’s no wetter place to be than on a scooter when it’s raining.”

Rosa got saturated getting to work today.

Seems it was also thundering last night.

[Ed] “Glad I didn’t have to be out in that.”

Rosa goes quite at that.

Her dad’s out there …

Gies a ring

[Jolene] “This may be news to you Kenton, but gold doesn’t dissolve in water.”

Jolene and Kenton have just bought their wedding rings. Jolene can’t wait to go home before looking at them again.

[Jolene] “Sid never wanted a wedding ring, neither did Wayne, come to that.”

Kenton also didn’t have a ring after he wed Mel. But he wants one this  time. Though he won’t be giving them to Jamie until the day of the wedding.

[Kenton] “He’s got as remarkable talent for losing things.”

“Four weeks’ time, I’ll be Mrs Archer!”

Says Jolene.

Well, one of the many in Ambridge.

Elvis will walk Jolene up the aisle

Kenton quite fancied Jolene walking down the aisle to Charles Aznavour singing She.

[Kenton] “That song always makes me think of you.”

But, Jolene has other ideas:

[Kenton] “So, you’re going to be boogying up the aisle to Blue Suede Shoes?”

[Jolene] “Yeah, it’ll be different, won’t it? … Fallon suggested Love Me Tender, or I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.”

She’s going for a 1950s ditty to fit their 1950s wedding.

Why has Oliver never heard of Etta James?

Kenton also suggested Jolene could walk up the aisle to Etta James.

Oliver’s never heard of Etta James.

Just how is that possible?

Rosa calls Darrell smelly

Darrell turns up at the diary to see Rosa.

He’s not in overalls. Has no hair net. And is dripping water onto the floor.

Rosa’s furious.

[Rosa] “What do you want … you’ve seen me now?”

Darrell reckons he has money for Elona. Rosa reckons he can just stick in through their letterbox, as per.

(hang on … why is he still giving money when he’s homeless? That’s surely just daft)

[Rosa] “I’ve got nothing to say to you.”

Though Darrell is hanging around Ambridge hoping to see Rosa, she reckons it’s just to try and cadge drinks off of folks in The Bull.

[Rosa] “Do you want to know why they won’t talk to you or buy you a drink? It’s because you smell … You’re like some seedy old tramp.”

She tells him he should have washed before coming to see her.


Darrell slinks away, upset.

Later on, Oliver finds Rosa. She’s been crying. The smeared mascara was a giveaway.

[Rosa] “I must look like a right witch.”

She tells Oliver all.

[Rosa] “I didn’t mean to be such a cow, he’s just so embarrassing, And I know I shouldn’t say that about my dad, but … he’s always doing it. Letting us down, and we have to move, and then just when we’re sorted … he goes and messes everything up again. And he expects me and Anna to forgive him all the time … I can’t keep making excuses for him.”

[Oliver] “He’s really down on his luck just now.”

[Rosa] “I know. But he’s no-one to blame but himself.”


But did she really need to tell him he smells?

That local authority chap has been back

This time to see Joe.

[Joe] “All I know is me feet went from under me, I tried to save myself, and down I went. What more else is there to say?”

[Ed] “You’re the victim of someone else not doing their job properly.”

Ah … but the question is … what department of the Council is so interested in Grey Gables?

Joe’s not even interested in Bartleby

Not, that’s a real worry.

He’s also not been to see Poppy as yet.

Joe’s talking like a dead man walking

[Joe] “You both got little girls now. So, why don’t you shake him by the hand and buy him a drink … I don’t want to go to me grave knowing you two are still at each other’s throat.”

[Ed] “Well you’re not going to your grave anytime soon.”

[Joe] “ I wouldn’t be too sure of that.”

Offt … is Joe just depressed, or is he really on his way out?

Poppy was a cow

Ed’s nearly as bad as Emma sometimes. Though she’s at least been to meet Will and Nic’s new young ‘un. He’s only seen photos.

[Ed] “Funny looking little thing … Will’s obviously forgotten we also had a famous cow called Poppy.”

I don’t remember this, but Eddie has a cow called Poppy who used to paint pictures. They were even shown at a gallery in Lower Loxley.

[Ed] “Basically, Will’s named his daughter after a cow!”

Looks like Will and Nic having a child has also struck a nerve with Ed.

Darrell nearly gets barred

[Kenton] “He’s becoming a bit of a fixture I’m afraid.”

[Jolene] “I wouldn’t mind, but he does put some of the customers off.”

And at least he does have a wash before he sits down 9which he normally does anyway). Oliver was going to have a word, but Kenton said it wouldn’t be a good idea.

[Oliver] “Probably best not to get involved.”

When Darrell comes out of the toilet, everyone is having a hoot at Ed’s Poppy the cow story. But Darrell thinks they’re laughing at him.

[Darrell] “Think it’s funny? You all have homes to go to!”

He’s obviously smarting after Rosa.

He reckons no-one wants him around:

[Darrell] “ … ‘Take yourself off where decent folk can’t see you’ …”

On his way out, Darrell smashes some glasses (by mistake?)

[Kenton] “If he carries on like that, we’re going to have to bar him.”

My word.

When was the last time someone was barred from The Bull?

When Ed met Oliver

Oliver bought him a drink.

Mentions of lawsuits were not made. Though it was all a bit awkward.

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