Monday, 14 October 2013

The Christmas show posters go up: Mon 14.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 14th October 2013
  • Jamie makes tea
  • Caroline’s unreasonable emailing
  • Kathy’s enjoying her work
  • Beer mats for wedding favours
  • The stag do plot thickens …
  • A new website and a tea dance
  • Why is Jolene upset about Rob’s father-in-law passing away?
  • It’s poppy time
  • It’s Christmas audition time
  • Emma doesn’t seem to be doing much on her cookbook
  • Joe’s still not up and at ‘em

Jamie makes tea

For Kathy.

What a reformed lad he is.

He also offers her more money while times are tight. As he quite rightly points out, he also lives in the house. So should contribute.

He later asks Kenton for bar work, which suits both Kenton and Jolene perfectly. They need more hands to cover while they’re on their honeymoon.

Atta lad Jamie.

You’ll be a fine man, after all.

Caroline’s unreasonable emailing

Seems Caroline thinks it’s okay to email her team on a Saturday night to ask them to come in first thing on Monday for a meeting.

Nae need, Caroline.

Staff have lives too.

Kathy’s enjoying her work

[Kathy] “Staff are lovely, Caroline and Oliver are a dream to work for, but it is only temporary.”

Though it is an ideal job close to home, it just doesn’t pay enough. So although Kathy may apply for it, she’s also keeping her options open by employing for other jobs – like the Catering Manager at a Gastro pub, and also a budget chain hotel.

[Jamie] “At least you don’t have to put up with Martyn anymore, now he’s free to terrorise someone else.”

Beer mats for wedding favours

[Jolene] “I hope we’re as happy as Susan and Neil are after 25 years of marriage.”

Aye, so do we all.

The wedding plans are coming together. Including the delivery of the first batch of wedding favours.

Beer mats.

[Kenton] “A wedding lasts a day, but a beer mat is for life.”

[Jolene] “We don’t look too bad, do we?”

Seems the beer mats feature a photo of Jolene and Kenton, with ‘Mr and Mrs’ over their faces.

And the other favour will be bags of sugared almonds.

[Kenton] “Ooh, very fancy!”

[Jolene] “Well you may knock, but it will look beautiful.”

The stag do plot thickens …

[Jolene] “As long as you show up for our wedding, they can do what they like with you.”

Kenton still hasn’t a clue what Jamie and Jazzer have in store for him on his stage do.

[Jamie] “You might need insurance … and protective clothing.”

[Kenton] “This is sounding weirder by the minute. Am I actually going to enjoy myself?”

[Jamie] “Depends what you mean by enjoy …”

Even Jazzer is managing to keep quiet, though is having fun winding up Kenton:

[Kenton] “That story about his friend who ended up with a tattoo across his face in Aberdeen had me up all night.”

A new website and a tea dance

Is what Kathy and Lynda reckon will bring the glory dates back to Grey Gables.

[Caroline] “I will not let one incident sully our good name!”

The team comes up with way to “boost the profile, locally and nationally”. Like one person free for party bookings of eight. “Relax and unwind” post-Christmas shopping. Pre-Christmas party pamperings. A new website. And a tea dance (which is seemingly their USP).

Well, at least Caroline is sounding more positive. Even though Kathy’s and Lynda’s ideas where hardly ground-breaking …

Later, Kathy also reckons she can persuade her golf club clients to book their Christmas parties at Grey Gables. Cheeky, but fair enough, considering.

[Caroline] “Goodness, it makes a difference. All this positive creative thinking.”

Why is Jolene upset about Rob’s father-in-law passing away?

She seemed quite subdued when Brian told her. Though she hardly knows Rob, and certainly didn’t meet his gather-in-law.

[Jolene] “Still, now I suppose at least his wife might be in a position to move to Ambridge.”


Helen will not be pleased to her that sort of comment.

It’s poppy time

Lynda’s buying her and Robert’s from The Bull.

It’s Christmas audition time

Well, nearly.

Lynda’s putting up the posters.

Seems Jolene’s not the biggest fan of Robin Hood. When she used to play it as a kid, due to the lack of female characters, she always ended up as Friar Tuck.

But, of course, Lynda has redressed the gender imbalance.

[Jolene] “Maid Marion has her own cohort of merry women.”

Lynda’s also well underway with the script:

[Lynda] “Robert seems to think I should inject more menace into King John, but I’m hoping to avoid caricature … but he did however describe it as a page turner.”

Sounds riveting!

Emma doesn’t seem to be doing much on her cookbook

It all seems to be Lynda.

She was asking Jolene and Kenton, but they pointed her in Freda’s direction.

[Jolene] “If she gives you the secret to her hot pot, you’ll have a bestseller on your hands.”

If they do, it’ll purely be down to Lynda. Not Emma.

Joe’s still not up and at ‘em

Everyone’s still sad about that.

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