Saturday, 31 July 2010

30th July 2010

The Archers: Joe’s boycott is over …Kathy calls Jamie’s teacher … Vicky discovers Tom’s no longer interested in making Veal and Ham Pies

  • Energy Bars and working out
  •  What’s a Millennium Wood?
  •  £4.50!!!
  •  Goodness me Kathy. Stop it!
  •  That’s it Brenda. We’re truly over.
  •  You won’t get away with that one, Tom

Energy Bars and working out

What’s Josh up to then?

Jamie’s right that all this preening must be for something other than to relieve boredom.

First he finds his voice, not he seems to have found his …

What’s a Millennium Wood?

I know there was lots of projects and 'stuff’ built and done to celebrate the millennium, but how does a forest figure?

Am I just being dense, or can a forest be created in inly 10 years???


When I was Josh’s age, I had 25p on a Friday to go to the local shop. I got a magazine, a juice, a packet of crisps and a wee poke of sweeties.

I also walked to school in the snow, had chance from 5p after going to the pictures and had second hand clothes until I was 18 …

Goodness me Kathy. Stop it!

I think we can all sympathise with Jamie in his frustration over Kathy.

We’ve all had enough. We all need a break. Please!!!

I do agree with Kathy that you have to watch what you post, say and do on the internet – but can’t she wind her neck in for just a second? Does doing the ‘right thing’ have to always come first?

“Mum – but that’s crazy”

Especially when Jamie’s teacher (Jackie Osborne) doesn’t really give much of a hoot about her picture being up and out.

But, even after Kathy knows that Jacky finds it rather funny. She still can’t let it go.

At this rate, she’ll lose a son as well as a partner.

That’s it Brenda. We’re truly over.

I may think you’re a bit dim. I may not understand what on earth you see in Tom’s Sausages. But, you’ve never irked or upset me. So I thought we were rubbing along quite nicely.

BUT that was before you uttered:

“See the amount of cosmetics she needs to stop her falling apart”

You were laughing at our Lilian. Unforgiveable.

Quite simply, you’re not good enough to even collect her shopping.

You won’t get away with that one, Tom

And while I’m on about Brenda, she surely isn’t going to let her dad’s wife spend her time and money on a venture she knows won’t work?

Hopefully she’s letting Tom wind her up (by saying that he isn’t going on with the veal and ham pies because it “didn’t feel right somehow” and that he’s let her down), but I’m not quite sure.

And lest we forget that we haven’t as yet seen the full version of Vicky’s nasty side.

I know who’d my money would be on …

Friday, 30 July 2010

29th July 2010

The Archers: Kenton meets Alysha … Kathy is angry … Will checks up on Nic … Sheering competition

  • When Kenton met Alysha
  • This doesn’t bode well for Nic
  • Sitting on his cart, in the rain
  • Kathy’s going to tell on Kenton
  • It’ll be ‘sheer’ embarrassment!

When Kenton met Alysha

“I’ll give you one on the house”

Oh dear.

“So there are two of you?”

Said Kenton, rather excitedly.

Inviting Alysha and Kerry to come to Jaxx, Kenton then wows Alysha with tales of his “glamorous lifestyle” when he lived in new Zealand.

The Kathy interrupted their chat (though Jim was about to whisk the ladies away to an enthralling evening at The Bull).

Is it too obvious to think that there’s going to be an affair? That Kenton will follow them back to New Zealand (where he can also be a father to his daughter)?

Watch out for that silent Kerry though. You know what they say about the quiet ones, especially when they seem to be enjoying Jazzer’s banter …

This doesn’t bode well for Nic

Leaving Will to fend for himself with the kids (though they did have plenty of crisps, in case of emergency), he is blatantly not okay with the extra work Nic’s been doing, and the male attention she’s been getting (which, it has to be said, hasn’t been that significant).

Dumping the kids off with Clarrie, Will then turns up at The Bull to have a pint, while keeping watch over Nic.

So when is Will going to blow? Looks like it will be over absolutely nothing.

Sitting on his cart, in the rain

Poor Joe. He doesn’t seem to be making much money from his veg, but, as Eddie said, it’s not about the money.

It is a

“Battle of wills [with Susan] to see who blinks first”

Trouble is, I would like to say who’ll win. They’re both as stubborn as each other.

Kathy’s going to tell on Kenton

Kathy didn’t seem to be bothered about Kenton chatting with Alysha – but was mightily bothered about ‘that’ picture of Jamie’s teacher.

She’s in the wrong this time – Kenton was just taking pictures of his punters for his website. The problem is that Jamie found it. And then posted it.

Now Kathy’s going to tell the teacher that the photo is ‘out there’. Kenton refuses to do so, but Kathy’s hell bent.

“Some of us have a more responsible attitude to life”

Aha. And some of us just don’t know when to leave it well alone.

It’ll be ‘sheer’ embarrassment!

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself!

Not sure how Eddie’s going to make anything out of this sheering competition – but I am fairly sure that he’ll have a very wounded pride once it’s done and dusted.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

28th July 2010

The Archers … Tom decides on whether to go ahead with Veal and Ham Pie … Jamie’s Facebook causes problems … Picture of Helen’s baby … Brian’s steams ahead with his business project

  • Brian tells Tom
  • First it sounds like they don’t know how to switch a computer on …
  • … then they’re on Facebook
  • Ouch! The pitfalls of social media for teachers
  • Three words I’d never thought I’d hear put together – Helen, healthy, happy
  • Only 30-40 pies a week?

Brian tells Tom

Brian really knows how to wind Tom up, and make him feel like a wee schoolboy who doesn’t know his cash flow from his profit!

Telling Tom that his veal and ham pies would be too niche a market – a gamble – and that he doesn’t have the capital to even start up – Brian’s reminding Tom that he ‘could have had all this’ if he hadn’t gone it alone.

As annoying as Brian can be at time, he certainly does know how to make money.

First it sounds like they don’t know how to switch a computer on …

Which was Kathy and Pat talking about printing “thingys”, thinking it’d take 10 minutes to print off one sheet of A4 and wondering how on earth they can find out what’s on for teenagers by using the internet

… then they’re on Facebook

Kathy then jumps onto the computer, and starts using Facebook.

Which is yet another mention of Facebook in Ambridge.

Think Mark Zuckerberg has shares in the village shop, so they have to play nice?

Ouch! The pitfalls of social media for teachers

I think Kathy is right to tell Jamie to take his teacher’s picture off of his Facebook page, but it’s only natural that he’d want it up there. And isn’t it Kenton’s fault for having it on his website? But ultimately, people in the public eye (even if that’s just a very local eye).

I’d be surprised if Kenton even knows what Jamie’s teacher looks like. So I suppose all Kenton was really doing was showing that Jaxx is a fun place to be. If fun is looking totally wasted …

And Jamie shouldn’t really have his mum as a friend. Isn’t that just asking for trouble? Where’s the fun in mucking around with mates online if mum can check up on what you’ve been saying?

Either way, Kathy will blame Kenton, so we’re due another shouting match over the next day or so.

Ah, the joys.

Three words I’d never thought I’d hear put together – Helen, healthy, happy

Pat was showing Tom a ‘sneak preview’ picture of Helen’s baby (which he just about managed to muster a smile over), and all seems well.

Helen was just coming in as we moved on from Bridge Farm, but if Helen is indeed happy- maybe we’re all about to experience a completely new Helen.

Still, there’s plenty of time for something to go awry. That’s be far more in character …

Only 30-40 pies a week?

Despite desperately wanting to go ahead with the veal and ham pies to prove a point to Brian – Tom’s found his own sense, and won’t be going ahead.

Seems that the feedback only suggested that he’d sell 30-40 pies a week, so it’s “not worth the hassle”

That should make Vicky a happy lady again (albeit still very bitter at him), but what’s next?

Who else can Tom steal an idea from?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

27th July 2010

The Archers: Josh helps Pip … Alysha and Kerry arrive in Ambridge

  • If Eddie had been to College …
  • Nope. Pip is still a madam
  • Joe’s veg isn’t selling
  • Four large tommies, two new ladies

If Eddie had been to College …

… he “might not have ended up hauling compost”

There’s always shit to shovel Eddie, no matter what you do for a living.

Nope. Pip is still a madam

Jude may be gone, but that doesn’t mean Pip isn’t still an annoying teen.

How cheeky was she, trying to guilt Ruth (while she was milking) into helping her to do her college assignment? The one which she left to that last minute. After trying to leave College. For a manboy.

At least she knows Josh has to see the hard cash before he’ll relent to help her. Even though she does seem to veer between ‘you’re doing really well’ and ‘you’re an idiot’ without warning.

Joe’s veg isn’t selling

Only £10 in one day, but at least he’s annoying Susan.

And at least Bartleby has shade and grass. It’ll be a nice change for him to be out and about on the green.

Four large tommies, two new ladies

And there was me thinking Joe was about to be busted for illegal veg trading, but it turned out to be a New Zealand sheep shearer (with her quiet mate).

Bert waxed so lyrical about Ambridge to Alysha and Kerry (our new New Zealand sheep shearing ladies), that they decided it must be experienced.

While it didn’t sound like Bert gave Camp Grundy a good review, and after initially seeming quite unimpressed about the campsite, it looks like they’ll be around for a week or so.

Not sure why they changed their mind and stayed – but the Grundy’s are taking the utter mick with their prices.

£10 a night! Outrageous when the only facility they have is a cold water tap.

Anyhoo – that’s another New Zealand connection (Kenton hooks up with one of them, then emigrates to be with them and his daughter?), and two potential love interests for all the single men of Ambridge.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

26th July 2010

The Archers: Tom’s on about pies … Shula! … Brenda makes mistakes … Kathy’s on about Kenton

  • Tom, let your pies cool down first. Let them cool down …
  • Ooh – catty Brenda
  • I nearly got as big a shock as Susan!
  • Joe’s cartful
  • A ploy or just dim?
  • Kathy “just seems to be an irritation”
  • “You don’t go into my counter!”
  • Will Kenton rise to the occasion?

Tom, let your pies cool down first. Let them cool down …

As @JunkyardSoul mentioned on Twitter – Tom is now just all about the pies.

Will no-one think of the sausages?

Ooh – catty Brenda

That’s why Brenda’s doesn’t care that Tom’s ‘stolen’ Vicky’s veal and ham pie idea.

She can’t stand Vicky. I’d totally forgotten about that.

I nearly got as big a shock as Susan!


You’ve been so quiet of late. And then you walk back into the most controversial, hotly debated, excruciatingly political Village Shop. I think you could have chosen better …

Joe’s cartful

Well, it’s better than the one man boycott. He’s at least making a point, and making a few pennies at the same time.

Naughty naughty Shula for buying his veg, then being daft enough to let it be seen in the Village Shop.

A ploy or just dim?

So do we think Brenda is deliberately trying to play Lilian, or is she just really that stupid?

As Lilian said, all she had to do was remember (and say) three simple words when answering the phone.

Infact, almost any combination of words would have been okay, except

“ Matt’s Crawford office”

And later, it turns into “Lambside Properties”

She knows Lilian doesn’t want her there, so why not be extra careful to avoid any confrontation?

Or does Brenda think (or know?) that Matt’s the real boss of the business?

Somehow, I don’t think Lilian is going to be walked over by Matt this time. Brenda better become Sweden quick sharp.

Kathy “just seems to be an irritation”

Her words, not mine, but oh so true.

“You don’t go into my counter!”

That’s seemingly “not allowed”, but it sounded like Susan was more angry about “her space” being violated, than any Post Office regulation being broken.

Volunteers stealing, swapping shifts, mucking up the till, buying veg off of Joe … and now going against all of Susan’s Post Office principles.

Susan is going to blow up properly, any second now …

Will Kenton rise to the occasion?

Probably not.

Well, not at his joint birthday party with Shula. He’ll likely miss it by being at Jaxx, then spend another night at Kirsty’s while Kathy gets a head of steam nicely worked up.
“ I can’t keep up appearances anymore”

says Kathy

But she again turns this into Jamie’s issue (that he needs a “man around”, but Kenton just isn’t there for him).

The split surely has to come soon, it’s just whether Kirsty is going to be cited as the reason for the acrimony …

Monday, 26 July 2010

25th July 2010

The Archers: The Village Fete … The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers

  • Colin Dexter seems a nice chap
  • One last gravestone name?
  • Well, that was fun!
  • Josh likes his older women
  • Vicky really is an oaf

Colin Dexter seems a nice chap

And I think also has a voice very suited to Ambridge life.

There you have it.

One last gravestone name?

Mot sure if I misheard whether they were taking the mick out of David’s The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers character, or whether it was a final gravestone name, but:

Dick Barton – either of Dick Barton ‘Special Agent’ fame, or Dick Raymond (Borchester Echo reporter, and onetime fancy of Christine Archer – though I doubt he was buried in St. Stephen’s) and Mr or Mrs Barton, who had a son called Dick.

Seemingly The Archers killed off Dick Barton way back in 1951, even though it was also partly the inspiration for The Archers beginning in the first place (seemingly a farmer told a farmer advisory committee that non-ne listened to the BBC farming programmes, but what they needed was a ‘farming Dick Barton).

Well, that was fun!

I’ll fully admit that I really enjoyed The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers.

Lovely stuff.

Josh likes his older women

Josh better watch out if he’s intending on setting his sights on Emma.

I don’t quite think he’d fit her ‘ideal man’ standards, but he’s moved on from helping fix her washing machine to flirting with her in public.

Then again, affairs between young chaps and older women aren’t unheard of.

Can Emma read?

Vicky really is an oaf

“We won! We won!”

It’s almost as if Vicky wasn’t brought up in Britain!

Such a display of vitriolic behaviour is hardly fitting for a village fete.

Still. What would one expect of ‘that woman’?

23rd July 2010

The Archers: Nic’s getting a lot of male attention … The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers' final rehearsal … Kenton apologises … that’s who the celebrity is!

  • What’s Nic being set up for?
  • More gardening clues to The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers
  • Joe’s one man boycott
  • “If that was a bear I’d be dead meat”
  • Kenton was being “responsible”
  • Lilian’s bringing her riding crop
  • Wagner …red Jaguar … famous crime writer

What’s Nic being set up for?

First Lilian tells Will that Nic is a ‘big hit’ with the male customers, then one of those customers turns up at Will and Nic’s day out.

We all know Will doesn’t like Nic working in The Bull, and that he has had a bit of bad luck when it comes to another man whisking away his woman (to say the very least!).

So where is this all leading? Is Nic about to stray? Or, is Will about to come out all caveman style?

Did Lilian sound a bit different today?

It took a fair few lines before I realised that it was Lilian speaking at the start. Or, was that just me?

More gardening clues to the The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers

“Mrs Perkins replanting the hanging baskets on the village green”

I won’t even try to say that I spotted the murderer (as I am writing this after listening to Sunday’s reveal), but this was the only other clue I noted down.

And a new gravestone name: Simone Tregorran – which I think is Simone Archer (Ben Archer’s wife) and Janet Tregorran (as far as I know, Carol and John are still alive in Bristol)

Joe’s one man boycott


The bigger worry is just where he will get his baccy from. Surely not Borchester?

“If that was a bear I’d be dead meat”

Indeed you would Nic, but those shooting skills might come in handy soon if anything does go awry with Will. He isn’t exactly the calm and collected type.

Kenton was being “responsible”

Aha. So he was. It’s completely responsible to get tiddly, text your partner and sleep on your employees settee.

But, while it’s not exactly responsible, it’s also not exactly a heinous act.

Still, one too many for Kenton – one time too many for Kathy.

And do we think Kenton will listen to his own argument about the ridiculousness of the idea of him and Kirsty?

Will the age difference and employment status matter if Kirsty is interested?

Had Kathy only managed to out the idea into Kenton’s head?

Lilian’s bringing her riding crop


Wagner …red Jaguar … famous crime writer

Even I managed to work that one out from the ‘Lewis’ quote – though I was still 50/50 on whether it was Colin Dexter or Kevin Whatley.

Here comes Colin!

Friday, 23 July 2010

22nd July 2010

The Archers: Pip goes back to College … Clue about the Fete’s celebrity … Elizabeth and David fall out (again) … Kenton and Nigel have a lads eighties night at Jaxx

  • Ruth’s in tears over Pip
  • Kirsty is a fruit snob
  • Nigel’s celebrity clue
  • Elizabeth and David telling each other ‘I told you so’
  • Kenton lets it all out
  • How will Kirsty’s sofa be of any help!?!?

Ruth’s in tears over Pip

But – at long, long, long last – it’s tears of joy!

Pip‘s off back to College next term, so her return to ‘the old Pip’ is more or less complete.

Big sigh of relief from us all. Here’s hoping her next choice of suitor can be a tad more suitable, and much less infuriating.

Kirsty is a fruit snob.

So says Kenton

Nigel’s celebrity clue

“I can always rely on Lewis to do the driving”

First in mind has to be Lewis of Inspector Morse fame.

It can’t be John Thaw (obviously – unless he’s returned a la Sid, and Nigel’s clue doesn’t lend itself to it being Kevin Whately.

So maybe Colin Dexter? Is he to be found cruising?!?

Elizabeth and David telling each other ‘I told you so’

All’s well that ends well with Pip, but both Elizabeth and David decide to have a row about how each other handled the whole sorry (and long) situation with Jude.


“I saw this months ago. I did my best to stop her getting hurt”

“If you handled it better, she might have realised herself”

I still don’t understand why Elizabeth got so involved. After all, Jude was so bland that Pip wasn’t in any real danger. And it was just a case of ‘first love’.

David could have been more reasonable, but I personally don’t blame him for loathing Jude and wanting desperately for Pip to stop seeing him.

Didn’t we all?

And what was Elizabeth on about when she said the following about David:

“It must be in his DNA. He won’t admit he’s wrong”

Doesn’t Elizabeth share (more or less) the same DNA? Or have I been getting it wrong all these years?

Or, if there a different father story in there somewhere … Yikes!

Kenton lets it all out

After persuading a Nigel (who didn’t really need that much persuading) to come to Jaxx for the 80s night, Kenton has a honest chat about his relationship with Kathy.

As Kathy spotted, Kenton also feels that he’s happier when he’s not at home, and that they’re living separate lives.

Claiming that he does still love her (really?), he did admit that it’s Jamie that he really cares about.

Whoops. Isn’t it generally a really bad idea to stay together for the ‘sake of the kid’?

Nigel gave Kenton the same advice that Pat gave to Kathy – to let it “ride” for a while, to let the dust settle after Sid’s death (or should that be ‘let the ashes settle’? Maybe not. That’d be crass …).

So we get months of strained silences and outburst of fury. But I think it’s going to go the same way whether now or later – a Kenton and Kathy split.

How will Kirsty’s sofa be of any help!?!?

Maybe Kirsty is the subtlest seducer that ever graced Borchester, but if she isn’t, what on earth was she thinking encouraging Kenton to sleep on her sofa?

So Kenton was late home (again) and a tad tiddly (again), but at least he was with Nigel.

Surely it’s better to go home and face the banshee (that is currently Kathy) straight away, than to delay it – make Kathy even more infuriated – AND open up the idea that Kenton’s sleeping with Kirsty?

To add insult to injury, it also sounded like Kenton was just going to text rather than phone.


Even if it is all perfectly innocent, I would like to be Kirsty when this gets round …

Thursday, 22 July 2010

21st July 2010

The Archers: Brian’s got a deal … Joe’s doggy dealings … The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers gets folks all het up

  • “What’s all this about courgettes?”
  • “Put in the stocks and pelted with crème fresh”
  • It all depends on whether you want a poetic, or a crafty, old retainer
  • Brian manages to get Benedict’s wife’s name right
  • Important clue
  • Seriously, who was Raife?

“What’s all this about courgettes?”

High drama, that’s what!

Joe’s new ploy, of selling his “home grown, garden fresh” vegetables in the Village Shop, without the money going anywhere near the till, gets scuppered when ‘David Archer’ mentions it to Susan.

Set on by both Susan and Lynda, poor Joe has to hear the immortal words:

“You’re Fired”

Ah well. It was a nice try.

“Put in the stocks and pelted with crème fresh”

Now Brian – that’d be a perfect activity for the fete. Just imagine how many people would join that queue!

It all depends on whether you want a poetic, or a crafty, old retainer

Bert’s been chosen for the part of Tom Gabriel for The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers – but Joe’s mad keen on playing the role. The wee poppet will even supply his own costume!

“That part belongs to me”

Well, Lynda seems to have other ideas.

Will Joe behave himself on the big day, or will be scupper all plans by adding in his own touch of ‘mystery’?

Brian manages to get Benedict’s wife’s name right

And good job he did – looks like his ‘cunning plan’ for the mart will come to pass.

I still think Matt’s going to throw a Crawford shaped spanner into the works. Especially considering Brian’s holding back certain plans from the Council – and Matt has Brenda, who we all know has a special way with Council contacts …

Important clue

“Punctured by hedge clippings from the church hedge”


Mind you, they can plant as many clues as they like – I never manage to work out who the murderer is. Even after I’ve already read the book, and seen the film.

Seriously, who was Raith?

Or Raife?


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

20th July 2010

The Archers: Jamie’s birthday … Jolene’s lost … Everyone needs Pat’s advice … Kathy and Kenton arguing

  • Joe’s up to new tricks
  • “Kenton and I will try and get on with a whole 2 hours”
  • Pat’s the solace for middle aged women
  • Jolene – no-where to go, and nothing to do

Joe’s up to new tricks

Joe’s been selling ‘garden fresh’ veg in the Village shop, which only seems to be available when he’s there.

Susan’s gonnae catch you!

“Kenton and I will try and get on with a whole 2 hours”

Well, they failed miserably.

Did they seriously think Jamie didn’t notice them arguing when they were off to the side at the bowling?

Poor chap. What an awful birthday.

And what a palaver over the New Zealand trip to see Kenton’s daughter Meriel!

Fist Kenton wants to go – Kathy doesn’t – now Kenton doesn’t want to go – but Kathy does.

Dear me.

I have been on Kathy’s side so far, but she’s proving to be impossible.

As much as I agree with her that Kenton is putting Jaxx before anything else, she can’t emotionally blackmail him. If he doesn’t see Meriel this year, what’s the big deal? He hasn’t seen her in years anyway.

And while Kenton is indeed overtly defensive, I can’t really blame him when all Kathy does is attack.

“I’m going to have to make some difficult choices”

Reckons Kenton.

I wouldn’t be betting on them being together for Christmas.

Pat’s the solace for middle aged women

First Kathy, then Jolene, then back to Kathy again.

Pat’s got broad shoulders indeed.

She’ll need them for her own family, soon enough.

Jolene – no-where to go, and nothing to do

“Whatever I do – wherever I go – I just miss him more and more”

It’s annoying clichéd advice, but oh so true – it’ll just take time.

19th July 2010

The Archers: David takes to the field with Edana … Lynda’s plotting away … the Fete’s celebrity is confirmed … Josh fixes a washing machine … Pip’s still back to ‘normal’
  • Edana come a plucky second
  • These days, just post a message to contact Jill
  • The name game (again)
  • Secretive about the celebrity …
  • “It’s like there’s a bee Armageddon”
  • Josh looks set to be a pretty decent chap

Edana come a plucky second

Or, at least, I’m assuming that’s what David and Pip meant about her coming so close to first.

I’m still loving the freshness of the new/old Pip, and the fact David and her can have conversations without shouting.


“All want to do now is try and move on”

Thank you Pip. Thank you.

These days, just post a message to contact Jill

Who’d have thought Jill would become such an enthusiastic silver surfer – to the point where she’s telling Emma to post queries on the website about her recipes.

That’s kind of sad in a way. Days before, she’d have told Emma to pop round. And have a cup of tea and a cake.

The name game (again)

So Lynda is being her usual modest self regarding The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers. It’s seemingly “carefully crafted” with the “perfect plot”.

But I do have to agree that

“The whole idea is a stroke of genius”

I can’t wait! Must be the classic crime fan in me …

On the characters names:

So we worked out Jill’s character (Doris Perkins – Doris Archers and Polly Perkins)

Emma’s Nora Larkin could be Nora Salt or Nora McCauley (though am not sure either was buried at St Stephens), and the Larkin really should be Jethro, but could be Bob, Lizzie, Mabel, Ned, Susan …

We also worked out Tom Gabriel (Tom Forrest and Walter Gabriel)

Letty (Letty Lawson-Hope)

But still no joy with Raith (sp?) Fairbrother (Grace Fairbrother, assuming her gravestone had ‘nee’ on it – but who is Raith? Anyone?)

Secretive about the celebrity …


As if we haven’t had enough excitement with the ‘topical’ football inserts.

How will we ever cope …

“It’s like there’s a bee Armageddon”

Erm. Okay then Emma.

I haven’t as much talk about bees dying/disappearing this year, but maybe I’ve not been keeping up with Countryfile as much as I should.

Either way, looks like Jill’s bees are doing just fine:

“Good honey crop means happy bees”

Josh looks set to be a pretty decent chap

Helping out on the farm and with Jill’s bees, and now Josh fixed Emma’s washing machine for her.

What a super wee laddie!

I’ll probably stop saying this soon (!), but Pip had better not assume she’s next in line for Brookfield. Foretelling a bit of an argy-bargy between Josh and Pip over that one in the years to come.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

18th July 2010

The Archers: Emma’s washing machine is broken … Jolene goes to pieces … Brenda’s cuffed … back to normal for David, Ruth and Pip

  • Ed’s too busy to fix the washing machine
  • Did Jolene sound a bit odd?
  • Is it too good to be true? Is Pip indeed back?!?
  • Come on – it was just a phone call to the Council!
  • Is it too good to be true? Is Pip indeed back?!?
  • Kirsty is getting on “alright” with Kenton
  • “Charlotte’s friend Nigel brought a whole pineapple!”

Ed’s too busy to fix the washing machine

I think Vicky’s ‘bonny’ wee bull calves have much to answer for.

Did Jolene sound a bit odd?

I know Jolene’s very much not herself at the moment, for obvious reasons, but I thought there was a bit of an odd moment today when Jolene was trying to do more than just pretend everything was normal.

I’m probably reading too much into it, but it sounded like Jolene was trying to fool Lilian into thinking she was back to ‘normal’, rather than just placating her.

And there could be a big difference. Placating will be spotted a mile away – fooling just could end up as a disaster.

Is it too good to be true? Is Pip indeed back?!?

Ruth certainly seems to think that Pip is:

“Relaxed – and … well, … normal”

And you could almost taste David’s relief and glee:
“Not one mention of Jude. Let’s hope we never have to hear the name ‘Fizz’ again”

Come on – it was just a phone call to the Council!

“A bit of nifty research … got onto my contact … helped Lilian get one over matt … she took the credit for my research”

Get away with yourself Brenda!

Even if you do know someone in the Council, surely anyone could call the Council and find out the information you ‘researched’?

Or, am I giving Brenda no credit? Maybe she had to charm her way into information only normally to be released after months of a freedom of information request?

While Lilian was indeed delighted with Brenda at the time, she was back to cheeky (but very ladylike and subtle) digs at Brenda.
“Why don’t you Brenda [have another drink] … I’m sure you’ve earned it …”

“She’s shown a lot of promise”

Kirsty is getting on “alright” with Kenton

Which doesn’t quite suggest that Kenton’s lock-ins are a smokescreen for a passionate liaison.

Yet …

“Charlotte’s friend Nigel brought a whole pineapple!”

I did scoff, but Pip uttering such innocent excitement over a pineapple is far more preferable to her gnashing over Jude.

Hurrah to Pip! Hurrah to pineapples!

And wasn’t the wee exchange between David and Pip lovely and heat warming.

“You don’t need your beauty sleep”
[David to Pip]

Aw! Daddy’s finally free to be nice to his daughter without getting shouted at.

16th July 2010

The Archers: Brenda gets it right with Lilian … David, Ruth & brood are getting ready for the Royal Welsh Show … Jolene isn’t any better

  • Is Lilian just easily pleased, or am I missing something?
  •  “That moose that grandpa Simpson had on his facebook page”
  •  And facebook again!
  •  Why hasn’t Vicky and Mike given Brenda a hard time?
  •  No surprises in Sid’s will
  •  Hurrah! Pip’s back with the Young Farmers!

Is Lilian just easily pleased, or am I missing something?

Did I hear that right, or did Brenda just phone the Council. Ask a question. Get told an answer. The passed it onto Lilian?

I must be missing something, as Lilian seemed utterly delighted with Brenda’s work.

“That moose that grandpa Simpson had on his facebook page”

Then again, I’m also easily pleased. Hearing Pip and Josh jibbing each other rather than all-out squabbling was lovely.

Pip is even finding jokes about ‘Grandpa Simpson’ funny.

And facebook again!

Is the BBC about to buy our facebook, as well as pretending it ‘writes’ The Archers?

How many mentions can they pack into one episode?

Not complaining, but there is a whole world of twitter to be discovered … ;-)

And I don’t see a page on there for Edana anyway. Josh must be mixing his social networks up.

Why hasn’t Vicky and Mike given Brenda a hard time?

Brenda seems very non-plussed about the Tom and Vicky spat over the veal and ham pies.

Matt’s right that there is:
“No copyright on ideas”

But surely Vicky will do more to Tom by haranguing Brenda?

Or maybe not.

Maybe Vicky is actually quite a reasonable woman.


No surprises in Sid’s will

Jolene gets the pub shares, Jamie gets some of the shares when he’s 18, and a “bit of money” goes to Lucy.

Hopefully that’s that then.

Or will Lucy want more than small change? Will Jamie turn into a bit of a cad when he hits 18?

Considering how badly Jolene’s coping, I do wish her an uneventful time for many a moon to come. I wasn’t a big fan of Sid, but Jolene is a right good lady.

Hurrah! Pip’s back with the Young Farmers!


David was so delighted to have his nice, thoughtful, polite Pip back, he was nearly in tears when she was checking that it’d be okay for her to camp out at the show with her Young Farmers pals.

Not quite tears for me, but glad to have got rid of that tense feeling every time Pip spoke or was mentioned.

Friday, 16 July 2010

15th July 2010

The Archers: Who is the celebrity? … Kate tells Phoebe she’s coming back for a year … Brian gets David onside for the new mart plans

  • Anything better to do?
  •  You’re so wicked, Jennifer
  •  “Disruption is her middle name”

Anything better to do?

Roy is right that any proper celebrity will be already busy – which begs the question of which celebrity doesn’t have “anything better to do that come to Ambridge for the fete”?

Then again, maybe Roy doesn’t listen into Radio 4. If he did, he’d know that the Ambridge Fete is one of the highlights of Britain’s social calendar …

You’re so wicked, Jennifer

“sitting round that chimney thing on their patio, sipping whatever supermarket plonk was on special that week”

What a cat!

I’ve said it before, but it looks like Alice and Chris might find that the big differences between their parents might make for a rocky ride.

Will Jennifer actually accept that Alice loves Chris, and that it doesn’t matter he’s ‘just’ a village lad?

I can foresee a very tense wedding.

“Disruption is her middle name”

So we’re in for a “whole year of Kate” from September.

Jennifer, Brian and Phoebe are obviously delighted, but Hayley is already livid. And taking it out on Roy.

“You’d have to be the most warped person ever to know what Kate’s thinking. She’s so twisted”

Despite her “joy unconfined”, Jennifer’s worried that Kate might not get everything she dreams of our of her ‘triumphant’ return.

Kate’s ideal is to focus on Phoebe and get to really know her.

Most telling is that she’s said that she:

“Wants to be one of those mums and daughters who are best friends”

Hmmm. I don’t think that can be planned for. Especially when Phoebe has a dad and step-mum who’ve actually been there for her.

“We will be the ones picking up the pieces”

Indeed Hayley. It’s going to be a long year for us all.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

14th July 2010

The Archers: Jolene forgets the cream and the beer tent … The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers takes shape … Alan advises Fallon

  • Freda’s got trifles to make this afternoon
  • Inspirational headstones
  • Poisoning by veal and ham pie
  • Jim’s in a ponderous mood
  • Who did Jim meet on his cruise?
  • Both Kathy and Kenton should get advice from Alan

Freda’s got trifles to make this afternoon

And she can’t be doing that without cream.

Jolene’s taken a complete break from reality, which leaves Fallon with a lot to cope with.

Fingers still crossed that the will reading doesn’t have something in it which pushes Jolene completely over the edge …

Inspirational headstones

You have to hand it to Lynda – she certainly doesn’t do anything half hearted.

So The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers is going to include many names which are familiar to us all, simply because Lynda took her inspiration from the churchyard’s headstones (which Beatrix Potter also used to do, apparently).

Tom Gabriel – which I reckon is Tom Forrest and Walter Gabriel

Raith Fairbrother – stumped on Raith (anyone?), and I think that the only Fairbrother to be buried in St. Stephen’s was Grace (so maybe her gravestone has a ‘nee’ on it?)

Also no idea about who ‘the wife Lette’ could be,

Although ‘mother Doris Perkins’ has to be Doris Archer, with Mrs P (Polly Perkins).

I though Jill might have been a bit miffed to be asked to play that part …

Poisoning by veal and ham pie

Tom’s either trying to wind Vicky up, or he’s just a bit dim. That’d be a 50:50 split for me.

Why on earth did he send Vicky his questionnaires about veal and ham pie?

He may care tuppence about what she thinks, but what goes around comes around. Especially when you’re winding up your finance’s step-mum.

Vicky’s going to harangue Mike, who’ll join in with her to hassle Brenda, who ultimately have to try and stop Tom if she wants any peace.

Is the profit that Tom will makes out of these pies really worth all the domestic strife?

Jim’s in a ponderous mood

“Young love … one of the consolations of growing old is one will never have to experience it again.”

“It is not so much our friends help that helps us, as the confident knowledge that they will help us”

Who did Jim meet on his cruise?

And there was me thinking that The Strange Affair at Ambridge Towers was usurping the yearly search for a celebrity to open the village fete.

Just who could Jim have met? Will it be a biggie? Or will it be someone who only Jim thinks is of celebrity stature?

Both Kathy and Kenton should get advice from Alan

He’s a vicar and a darn good sage.

His advice to Fallon was ultimately to

“let things run their course”

But that she’s been doing everything right in trying to support Jolene.
“gentle loving support”

“ be there when she needs you”

“let her talk when she wants to”

“let her cry”

“ don’t hurry her”

Sound advice. If only Kenton could do that for Kathy – Kathy for Kenton – Kathy and Kenton for Jamie …

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

13th July 2010

The Archers: Kathy and Kenton are still not talking … Brenda’s manages to do more than just coffee … Izzy tells Pip the truth .. Sid’s will is being read on Friday
  • The cold front continues
  • While Lilian’s away having boozy coffees …
  • Pip still feels like an idiot
  • Will there be any surprises in Sid’s will?
  • “That’s just sick”
  • Should a friend tell you your partner is a bad-un while you’re still going out with them?

The cold front continues

First Kathy won’t have anything to do with Kenton, now Kenton’s avoiding Kathy.

This will make for simply super birthday for poor Jamie.

Still, at least Josh is invited. And didn’t Kenton sound relieved that it wouldn’t just be the three of them.

Something is badly amiss when you need a young teenager to take the edge off.

While Lilian’s away having boozy coffees …

… Brenda actually makes herself useful.

The first bit of real tension between Matt and Lilian, over the new business, is starting to be apparent.

Apart from Matt hiring Brenda without Lilian having a say, it’s becoming obvious that Matt’s approach to life (business first) is not sitting well with Lilian’s priority of friends and family.

She’s quite right to put Jolene before her work, but it’s not the best approach to a new business. Nor to working with Matt. Leaving him to his own devices could lead to big trouble (yet again!).

And while Lilian’s away working at The Bull, Brenda’s picking up the slack.

How long before Matt makes Brenda swear secrecy over a dodgy deal, odd phone calls, forging Lilian’s signature?

Pip still feels like an idiot

And so she should.

Daft wee madam that she is.

Will there be any surprises in Sid’s will?

Let’s hope not, for Jolene’s sake.

“That’s just sick”

It’s odd, but I can’t understand what Izzy sees in Pip as a mate – just as I couldn’t understand what Pip saw in Jude.

Pip’s lucky to have her, despite doing her best to insult Izzy over working in a supermarket.

And what was Pip thinking? Why on earth did she go to Jude’s flat? Checking his Facebook profile was daft, but understandable – going to his flat was just masochistic.

Still, if you go looking for a truth, you’re bound to find it at some point.

I wasn’t sure why she was so upset over her shampoo and toothbrush being dumped, and unless the CD was a particularly specially expensive one, that’s really no big deal either (and anyway – I didn’t think teenagers bought CDs anymore. Isn’t it all iTunes?).

“He didn’t care”

“Is this what he thinks of me? Rubbish?”

Yup indeed Pip.

Keep repeating it until it really sinks in (though preferably when you’re not on-air, as all this ‘I’m stupid’ and constant ‘revelations’ that Jude was a rotter is getting a bit tedious).

Should a friend tell you your partner is a bad-un while you’re still going out with them?

It’s a tough one, and Izzy did the atypical thing of saying ‘I never liked him anyway’ after the fact. She could have saved us all a lot of earache if she told Pip (and managed to convince her) when she first met Jude.

At least someone has sat Pip down and told her that Jude was never ‘all that’ to begin with.

And also told her that she was letting Jude take over her life.

Can we have the farming-lass Pip back now? Please?

Monday, 12 July 2010

12th July 2010

The Archers: Brenda’s first day … Kathy makes an effort

  • Watch carefully, as the alpha female puts the newcomer onto making coffee
  • So is that why Matt’s a new man?
  • Is it now ‘too little, too late’ from Kathy?
  • Don Sandon?
  • Come on, Brenda can’t be that thick!

Watch carefully, as the alpha female puts the newcomer onto making coffee

That couldn’t have gone any other way really.

Lilian was at her subtly spiteful best, making sure that Brenda didn’t get any ideas about ‘how important’ her job is.

There’s the coffee. No sugars for us. Now go away while we adults talk (to paraphrase).

“where is the business development bit in making coffee?”

Surely Brenda should twig that she should ask that of Lilian, rather than Matt?

Why would you go for a job where one of your bosses blatantly thinks you’re an imbecile, and has to be ‘won’ over?

Still, Brenda was never the brightest of the bunch. After all, she is still with Tom’s sausages

So is that why Matt’s a new man?

In telling Brenda that

“you gotta take things slowly”

with Lilian (to win her over), is Matt saying more about a cunning plan?

Did he spend that time in prison working out how he could play it calm with Lilian, more for his own need than hers?

Has he really not changed?

And why was he so keen to give Brenda a job?

Should Brenda’s new job title be ‘patsy’?

Is it now ‘too little, too late’ from Kathy?

Kathy’s now decided that it’s up to her to make the first move, and tries to make peace (and happiness?) with Kenton.

Her great plan involved waiting up for him, to have a drink and a talk (steady on!).

But of course, Kenton still isn’t home even in the wee hours.

Has he got something more interesting elsewhere, I wonder.

Don Sandon?

Who he???

Come on, Brenda can’t be that thick!

Was it just me, but did Brenda only realise tonight that she might not be able to trust everything that Matt says?

She should start churning out bairns with Tom if she really has that bad a memory (‘what pain?’)

She’s already having to tell Tom wee white lies about her first day being okay.

And we all know where that can end up …

While I’m here:

“jumped out of the frying pan into the microwave”

didn’t work for me.

But I did like

“don’t judge a book by the words”

As Jazzer indeed once mumble.

11th July 2010

The Archers: Jamie’s not a happy bunny … Jude advertises his single status

  • Jamie simply can’t take it any more
  • Stain on her pink top?
  • The pitfalls of Facebook
  • Have you got your preserving sugar in?
  • Lord Wimsey, Agatha Christie and The Archers

Jamie simply can’t take it any more

Spotting the huge cracks in Kenton and Kathy’s relationship, poor Jamie’s got a lot to try and cope with.

Kathy is seemingly smothering him, so her prattling on about his birthday drove him to an abrupt round of Mr Angry.

She really should have spotted that his birthday was going to be a touchy subject this year, even though she is trying to make it all ‘normal’ for him.

“All I want for my birthday is my dad back”

You poor, poor wee man.

Stain on her pink top?

Monica Lewinsky, was the first thing I thought of.

Well, it that was all Jude managed to do with Pip, we should be grateful.

The rumours that Pip will turn out to be pregnant just make me queasy.

The pitfalls of Facebook

In the good old days, all you had to do was not go to places where you knew they were, walk down their street and make sure you dumped the bit of paper with their number on it.

In the last few years, you’ve also had to delete their number from your mobile.

Now, if you split up with someone, it’s also advisable to remove them as a friend from your Facebook profile.


I don’t think Jude could ever do anything else that’d surprise me (apart from turning out to actually be quite a nice chap, who was just going through a difficult patch).

What an utter kick in the teeth to Pip though! Changes his status to single – created a photo album called “Freedom”- and saying that he’s “single and loving it”.

None of that would have been to hurt Pip. Jude just doesn’t even care about what she thinks. He’s too busy ‘partying’.

Hopefully this will be another blooming-good-reason for Pip to step away from moping around after him.

“Didn’t he think I might see the photos or care … the truth is he never cared about me at all”

There you go Pip! Keep that as your morning mantra.

Now get back to College (humiliating or not), get your exams done and dusted, off to Agricultural College – all to make sure you’re next in line for Brookfield. After all, Josh is quite interested in all that farming malarkey, don’t you know.

Have you got your preserving sugar in?

You’d better hurry up, if not.

When Jill decrees that the time is nigh, you know that you’d better get in there quickly.

Lord Wimsey, Agatha Christie and The Archers

Oh I am a deliriously happy bunny.

(and I know. I should get out more …)

9th July 2010

Jamie makes Kathy go to Jaxx … Pip’s back at Brookfield

  • So Brenda’s staring work for Lilian next week, is she?!?
  • “Never a dull moment with my lot” … and that’s just the half of it!
  • It’s takes a boy to make the adults grow-up
  • Haven’t we all missed Pip?
  • “Why couldn’t I see him for what he really was?”
  • Kenton and Kirsty?
  • “Your mum”????
  • “As if he’s just the shell of the real man when he’s with me”

So Brenda’s staring work for Lilian next week, is she?!?

Hmmm. Not sure whether that was Pat is wishful thinking, or whether Brenda’s telling a few white lies again, but I thought it was firmly Matt who hired her?

Or is this all Tom, in attempt to hide the fact that Matt’s wormed his way back into their lives?

“Never a dull moment with my lot” … and that’s just the half of it!

Oh my. If pat thinks her lot are interesting at the moment, just wait until everyone’s told about Helen’s pregnancy.

It’ll be the talk of the village.

It’s takes a boy to make the adults grow-up

Atta boy Jamie!

Kathy finally steps foot in Jaxx because Jamie bullies/guilt trips her into going.

While I utterly applaud his common sense (it is utter rubbish that Kathy hasn’t been in), I did feel it was a bit of a one-sided view of what’s going on between Kenton and Kathy.
“No wonder he’s fed up … own partner can’t be bothered to see how it has changed … you should be interested …”

Too true that Kathy has been a “bit rubbish” in not going herself, but what about Kenton’s utter lack of interest in Kathy? Or, until recently, Jamie (since Sid died)?

Maybe Jamie doesn’t see it that way. He has said that Kathy’s been too much for him, so maybe (just maybe) Kenton’s laid back (to the point of disappearing out the door) approach has been right.

Haven’t we all missed Pip?

Well I indeed have.

Pip is more than welcome back to the fold. Fizz can stay as far away as Jude.

Hurrah to a Pip who knows about cow’s gait!

“Why couldn’t I see him for what he really was?”

That’s just what we’ve all been wondering, Pip, since you first met Jude.

It’s been a long time coming, but hopefully you won’t forget.

And sorry to be a tad horrible, but you should indeed feel very stupid. After all you’ve put us through …

Kenton and Kirsty?

Oh how horrid!

Kenton’s flirty is very old-dad style, and I’ve always seen Kirsty as a bit of a hipster.

Mind you, unless she and Patrick become more than friends (unless Helen gets there first, via Tony), there isn’t much of a rush for the young lady’s hand.

And isn’t it about time we had an affair.

But no showers. Or long soliloquies to hair. Please.

“Your mum”????

“I spare the time for a guided tour for your mum”

Now I know that some couples fall into that thing of calling each other ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ to their kids – but wasn’t that a bit strange of Kenton to refer to Kathy as ‘your mum’ to Jamie?

May I’m just getting paranoid, but it felt a tad distant of him.

“As if he’s just the shell of the real man when he’s with me”

So Kathy leans on Pat, telling her that she’s realised how far apart her and Kenton are.

It might just be that she saw him flirting with Kirsty, but she has a good point that he seems to be the one who’s now lifting Jamie out of his stupor … and that she was wrong and vindictive about Sid’s ashes … and that Kenton seems to have far less of a ‘good time’ when she’s around.

Part of me knows she’s not perfect, but a larger part of me cannot get away from the fact that Kenton has been a rotter since Sid died. Infact, he’s had little time for Kathy and Jamie since he met Jim, and the whole ‘new look’ Jaxx become a proper idea.

Kenton is going through a very public mid-life crises, whereas Kathy’s happy with her nest.

How long before it cracks wide open? A week? A Month? Certainly can’t outlast the year.

8th July 2010

The Archers: It’s Pusscat’s Birthday … Pip still isn’t home … Jolene isn’t much better

  • Favourite smellies
  • Are Matt’s motivations for real?
  • Jolene’s sorrow let’s Matt onto the wrong side of the bar
  • Pip’s gone back to work, but not home
  • Maybe the Archers boys are just that way inclined?

Favourite smellies

“Stuff for a boost in the morning – stuff to unwind at night”

Boy, Matt really knows how to make a lady feel special.

Still, Lilian doesn’t seem to want much more for her birthday than a happy Tiger. Which seems to be the case …

Are Matt’s motivations for real?

So what do we think?

Is Matt telling the truth when he says that he’s reduced some of his rents to ensure that they are affordable for young people,

or, is Brian right in saying that he has no choice but to reduce them (business is low?)

Jolene’s sorrow let’s Matt onto the wrong side of the bar

Oh dear. Jolene still isn’t coping very well.

It must be horrible to wake up and not, for a few moments, not remember that your partner is dead.

Even worse, Jolene just isn’t accepting that she needs time to deal with everything that’s happened.

That Matt had to help himself to a drink while Jolene was actually behind the bar doesn’t bode well. She’s just lucky he’s such an honest chap … well, that he’s partner of Jolene’s business partner.

What to do, what to say – it’s back to the cliché ‘time’s a healer’

Pip’s gone back to work, but not home

And all Ruth wants to do is

“Hold her and kiss it better”

Hmmm. Nice thoughts from mum, but possibly this type of hurt will take more than a skinned-knee approach to make it go away.

Maybe the Archers boys are just that way inclined?

Kenton is being rubbish at supporting Kathy and Jamie over Sid’s death …

… and David seems to think the Fete committee will make Ruth feel better/stop worrying about Pip.

Honestly, David made the fete committee sound like some sort of luxurious weekend away at a health space.

Wouldn’t Ruth have been better to just put her feet up for a bit?

It would appear that the males in this side of the Archer clan are missing an empathy gene.

Though I can’t really chastie Kenton for not being great help with the Fete stall …

Thursday, 8 July 2010

7th July 2010

The Archers: Elizabeth puts Pip’s problems into context … Brian strikes a deal

  • Has the penny dropped for Pip?
  • The battle of Hastings part 2
  • Blast from Elizabeth’s past
  • Matt Crawford: the social housing lord

Has the penny dropped for Pip?

We’re all expecting Pip’s moping over Jude to last for months, but maybe (just maybe) she might come out of this sooner than expected.

While she was at first checking her phone in case he called (as if he ever did when they were going out), and then rambling out about they could’ve sorted everything out if they’d talked, she later seemed to finally get it.
“He wasn’t going to ring me … he was going to America without saying anything … he didn’t love me at all, not like I loved him”

And all it took was Elizabeth asking Pip the right questions.

“How did he sound?”

“Is that the impression he gave you?”

Enough to make Pip have a proper look at what Jude was like, and realise that this wasn’t about Jude feeling not trusted – it was simply that he didn’t care.

In saying all of that – will a remarkably quick recovery from Pip be a red herring? Will the peace be broken by a return from Jude?

The battle of Hastings part 2

Brian just never takes no for an answer. Though, that’s probably why he’s got so many pennies in the bank …

So Farmer Hastings doesn’t want to sell his land, yet all it took was Brian talking to him about his baler.

Quick chat later about farm succession, and Brian had Hastings believing that selling his land is the best move for all and every.

Still waiting for Matt to scupper it all …

Blast from Elizabeth’s past

Elizabeth’s run-in with Cameron Fraser was before my time, but I have read about it. How wonderful to hear it first-hand!

Of course, Jude is no Cameron (Jude hasn’t got the intelligence or class). Whereas Cameron was:

“Charming, attractive, well off mature”

Jude was … well … a manboy.

Whereas Cameron made Elizabeth feel

“Valued, important, special”

and he told Elizabeth that he’d

“Finally found a woman share thoughts with”

All Jude had to say about Pip was that she was

“fun and clever”

In the face of being told Elizabeth’s experiences (pregnant, dumped at a service station, abortion), Pip’s quite right to “feel so pathetic”

Matt Crawford: the social housing lord

Was it just me, or did Brian miss the point about Matt’s alleged conversion to understanding the “urgent need for affordable accommodation”?

From what I’ve gathered about such matters, isn’t it within a developer’s interest to include social housing elements in a new project, so that it becomes more palatable for planning permission?

Isn’t that what Tesco does? Build a huge shopping centre, but offset it by knocking up a few cheap flats?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

6th July 2010

The Archers: Jude’s on his way … Pip’s devastated … Susan catches Joe out .. Amy’s back at the weekend

  • “It’s been great … fantastic. You’re a lovely girl. We’ve had some laughs, but nothing lasts forever”
  • Problems ahoy for Chris and Alice?
  • Joe takes the biscuit
  • Elizabeth gets her moment
  • “I’d like to slap his smug face meself”

“It’s been great … fantastic. You’re a lovely girl. We’ve had some laughs, but nothing lasts forever”

Goodness me, how happy were you to hear Jude utter those last few words of utter twaddle?!?

Hurrah and hooray! He’s gone (and hopefully not just for a wee while).

True to form, Jude behaves like an utter wanker, and dumps Pip by phone. But only because she called him. And only 30 minutes before he was about to get on his flight to New York.
“It was fun, now it’s all a bit intense”
“That was sweet, but I never asked you to”
(on Pip telling him she’d given up everything for him)

Pip was seemingly with him the day before, but he’s too much of a coward to tell her face-to-face. He could also have spoken up many times when they were discussing their trip, when Pip left college, when Pip was trying to get him to Brookfield … what a rotter!

His attitude as he was dumping her was so cold and blasé, it makes you wonder if he’s not actually a bit damaged. Either that, or Pip never meant anything to him apart from a ‘good time’.

Jude is right about something though:

“There’s a world out there Fizz – time to move on”

Please do Pip. I don’t think I can cope with you moping around for months, and months, and months …


“Maybe he’ll miss me when he’s stuck in New York”

Hardly suggests that Pip has managed to twig that Jude’s just a complete arse.

This ain’t over yet.

Problems ahoy for Chris and Alice?

Just a thought.

Jennifer’s recent noises about not thinking Chris as good enough for Alice, now Susan’s assertion that she’s so chuffed about them being together – does make me wonder if the whole ‘village lad, rich girl’ is about to erupt.
“Imagine my Christopher having such a glamorous holiday, and such a glamorous girlfriend”

Wouldn’t Jennifer be mortified to hear such talk.

Joe takes the biscuit

So that’s what Joe was up to – hiding stock so that he could take it home once it was out of date.


Isn’t it also funny that Joe (and Eddie) often justify their scams through saying something how it’ll be nice for Clarrie?

Still, Susan has the right approach. Just appropriate Joe’s ill-gotten gains for herself. *snort*

Elizabeth gets her moment

To be fair, all of Elizabeth’s interrupting into Pip/David/Ruth’s life has come good eventually.

She’s the perfect person for Pip to sob to about Jude.

“Unforgiveable … cruel”

Quite right. But without saying ‘I told you so’ (which I’m sure David wouldn’t have been able to avoid!).

“I’d like to slap his smug face meself”

“So that’s that then”
“He’s out of our lives – thank god – thank goodness dumped her here”

“What a first class …”

David and Ruth finally see the back of Jude, but obviously at the cost of their “poor little girl”.

Ah well. Maybe Pip can start to grow up now.

Monday, 5 July 2010

5th July 2010

The Archers: Jolene’s finding ‘normality’ a bit difficult … Kenton distances himself from Kathy … David and Ruth want their girl back … Lilian simply adores Jaxx

  • Aw … poor Jolene
  • Surely that means separate beds?
  • Kathy should’ve admitted it
  • “Give Tom credit”
  • That’s why Pip’s a snob about supermarkets …
  • Jaxx must be alright if Lilian approves
  • Reasons or excuses Kenton?
  • David’s got the measure of Jude

Aw … poor Jolene

I’m getting more and more upset for Jolene. Way much more so than I’ve felt for Sid actually dying.

She’s doing that ‘we all need to get back to normal’ thing, where all that’ll end up happening is her breaking down. She’s just not ready to cope.

Still, with Lilian on hand, backed up the rest of the Ambridge crew, here’s hoping she’s in safe hands.

Surely that means separate beds?

Maybe I’m reading too much into this – but it sounded like Kathy and Kenton have separate rooms.

Not that I’m judging a relationship by the sleeping arrangements, but it doesn’t necessarily bode well.

Even a cuddle goes a long way to repairing damage done during the day.

Kathy should’ve admitted it

Even more telling is that Kathy can admit to Tony that she was wrong over shutting Kenton out of the ashes scattering – but she can’t admit it to Kenton.

What is she thinking?
“He really needed you … I wish you’d been there Kenton”

Hmmm. You forgot to say ‘I’m sorry it was my fault that you weren’t’

Kenton’s response of

“too late now, isn’t it”

Could mean a whole lot more than just the ashes.

That Kenton also wasn’t willing to talk to Kathy about her stopping him for supporting Jamie at the ashes – and his “don’t wait up” – would seem to signify that he and Kathy are either in big trouble, or are indeed over already.

Dearie me. Kenton on the pull, Kathy in ‘woe is me’ overdrive. How will we cope?!?

“Give Tom credit”


Especially when he’s actually taking the credit for an idea someone else created.

You simply aren’t going to get away with your veal and ham pie, Tom. Vicky doesn’t strike me as a lady to underestimate …

That’s why Pip’s a snob about supermarkets …

… she gets it from her parents.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m well aware that few people have an ambition of working in a supermarket, but it’s also a bit much to dismiss such work as being ‘boring’.

Then again, what can you expect of David and Ruth when they have such high expectations for their ‘girl’ Just a shame they have to drag everyone else down around her.

They are right that half day training, while the supermarket is ‘processing’ Pip’s application is a bit sneaky. Many moons ago, I went for a job in a chip shop where I had to work for 4 hours one night, then they wanted me to come back the next to do the same again, before they’d say whether I had got the job or night.

It was worth it though. One hour in, I still couldn’t fold the paper round the suppers.

So maybe it’s worth Pip trying out the training session, to see if she can cope? After all, she’s not exactly been dazzling in her academic pursuits. Maybe a more ‘hands on’, structured career path would be better.

Jaxx must be alright if Lilian approves

Though her cred slipped a bit when she told Kenton to ‘surprise’ her, then pointed out she was driving.

Mocktails do not make a lush.

Reasons or excuses Kenton?

I’m still not entirely convinced, but maybe it’s true that Kenton hasn’t just been throwing himself in to Jaxx to avoid Kathy and Jamie.

Maybe it really just his way of coping.

I did feel for him finally discovering

“what [he] wants to be when [he] grows up”

And his sadness about Kathy not understanding was palpable.

More signs that he finally gets that Jamie needs him was his call to Jamie to apologise for not being at the ashes, even though that wasn’t his fault.

David’s got the measure of Jude

“He’s got no intention of coming round”

“He’s either Fobbing us off, or couldn’t give a damn”

A bit of both, methinks.

Pay him to go away, shoot him, run him over with a tractor … whatever it takes David. We won’t tell anyone.

4th July 2010

The Archers: Sid’s ashes are scattered … Lynda takes charge of the whodunit

  • I’d forgotten about ‘that’ necklace
  • Kathy admits her mistake
  • LOVING the Agatha Christie mentions

I’d forgotten about ‘that’ necklace

Jolene’s mention of the necklace Sid had given her all those years ago brought be right back to the time their affair started.

Very strange to think of them back then, compared to the cosy life they built together.

I’ve said it before, but despite what I thought of him, it’s so obvious that many other’s though Sid was top notch.

Including poor heartbroken Jolene.

Kathy admits her mistake

As much as I’ve been very hard on Kenton over the last few weeks, it was petty of Kathy to not even tell him about Sid’s ashes being scattered – and downright spiteful not letting him be there.

Jamie asked if Kenton was coming, and it ended up having to be Tony who went after him when he couldn’t handle being at the scattering.

Bless Tony for trying, though, as he admitted, that whole emotional stuff just isn’t his forte.

As he said:

“Feelings are funny things”

and Kathy has lost someone very important to her.

But Tony telling Jamie to be “strong” for her was a bit too close to something like ‘There, there old chap. Stiff upper lip. Boys don’t cry. You’re the man of the house now …’

At the very least, he did manage to get Jamie to open up a bit about how Kathy’s reaction to Sid’s death has affected him.

And, Tony’s intervention also gave Kathy a bit of a kick up the posterior.

Her mistake (in trying to get “revenge” on Kenton for not going to new Zealand with them) has only resulted in Jamie getting hurt even further.

Question is – will Kathy admit that to Kenton?

Will Kenton, likewise, admit his mistakes to Kathy?

Could this be a turning point in them all being able to pull their family back together?

Or had the damage already been done.

(and I still think Kenton holds most of the blame …)

LOVING the Agatha Christie mentions

But that’s only because I am a huge Christe fan.

It’s also superb to have Lynda back in full flow.

“a lesser person that I might have felt snubbed”

And nice to have Joe there to keep her in check. While Lynda is trying to write in the style of “proper” detectives, Joe prefers a bit of The Sweeney. With Poirot, he finds them so slow, that he nods off half way through.

“The strange affair at Ambridge Towers”

Oh I just can’t wait!

Though, I am still wondering if this ‘pretend’ murder mystery will result in actual murder, a la Christe.

2nd July 2010

The Archers: Brenda’s job still makes demands of her … Jill’s new cookery video is another hit … the fete plans move forward … Kathy tells Kenton he’s not needed

  • “Pure energy – we’ve got it Tubed”
  • Does Tom ever think of anyone else?
  • Why doesn’t Jenny approve?
  • Here comes the food safety officer …
  • Does that mean no celeb at the fete?
  • At last, Kenton’s making an effort

“Pure energy – we’ve got it Tubed”

Not often I can say this, but I do feel for Brenda having to do field promotion.

It’s a thankless task, where the people you’re trying to ‘sell’ to are more likely to be offended, than grateful, that they’re being offered something for free.

Still, will Brenda’s daily work life improve when she’s working for Lilian and Matt?

Does Tom ever think of anyone else?

What a numpty!

Rather than quality time, he just wants quality brainstorming with Brenda.

I’m always amazed that Brenda can take that sort of nonsense in good humour.

Must be love.

Why doesn’t Jenny approve?

Did I hear that right? Did Jill say that Jenny wouldn’t want more of Jill’s cookery demonstrations to be filmed?

If so – what on earth is the problem?

Here comes the food safety officer …

I’m always suspicious when a (seemingly) small bit person gets a name.

‘Brenda Waters’, the food safety person.

Now what trouble can she cause for (or with?) Tom?

Does that mean no celeb at the fete?

It sounds like this murder mystery at the fete is going to be the big talking point – rather than which celeb is opening it.

I wonder if that means we’ll be celeb-less this year.

At last, Kenton’s making an effort

It’s been a long time coming, but it would seem that Kenton’s finally realised that he needs to be there for Jamie and Kathy.

Seemingly wee things like taking time off to watch the World Cup with Jamie will make a huge difference.

But is it too little, too late for Kathy?

Kenton had to find out from Jamie that Sid’s ashes were being scattered on Sunday.

And Kathy wasn’t entirely receptive when Kenton mentioned that he should be there.

“we got used to propping each other up”


And Kenton’s argument that he wasn’t part of Sid’s family has come back to bite him.

Still – where is Jamie in all of this? He seems to be forgotten during all those ‘adult’ discussions.

Friday, 2 July 2010

1st July 2010

The Archers: Jude isn’t very supportive … Jolene’s back …and so is Lynda …Pip auctions her life ... Eddie gets ripped off

  • Jude’s uncle is going to hospital.
  • One mug … *sniff*
  • Where was Jazzer to wave Harry goodbye?
  • Pip up for auction
  • Hurrah! It’s Lynda!
  • “She must have had some kind of gift. She saw Eddie a mile off”
  • Do I sense an Agatha Christie homage?
  • Jokes about a new meaning to ‘The Ashes’ aside …
  • Izzy - just tell Pip to ‘do one’

Jude’s uncle is going to hospital.

Does that sound like a wee white lie, or not?

Considering he’s more concerned about his first coffee of the morning, rather than wishing Pip could luck with the job hunt. That’ll help pay for the trip. Which he seemingly should want her to go on (according to Pip).

Do we detect that Jude would rather avoid the conference/confrontation with David and Ruth?

No surprises these, I suppose, and Pip (as per) is utterly oblivious to Jude’s lukewarm attitude.

So, as Pip plans to show her parents just:

“how serious we are”

Jude’s started digging his escape tunnel.

One mug … *sniff*

I’ve not been that upset over Sid’s death, but tonight had a very poignant moment.

So simple. Jolene’s making tea, and automatically starts to ask Sid if he wants one.

Then she realises she’ll only ever need one mug.

Oh so sad.

Where was Jazzer to wave Harry goodbye?

It’s not like Jazzer to miss Harry moving out of the Bull.

Surely a great opportunity to jeer, take the mick, make sure he didn’t leave anything behind …

Then again, we all missed Harry moving out.

Bit of a damp squib?

Pip up for auction

While we’re all been thinking of ways to get rid of Jude and Pip, we were missing a trick.

Auction sites!

“Two healthy ‘young’ people, under the age of 30 (we think), one willing to work hard, the other might be able to fix your website. If he can be bothered. Both house trained and partially educated.”

That must be worth at least a reserve of a few pounds.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time before David and Ruth notice that Pip’s sold jewellery that they gave her for Christmas.

Queue shouting argument.

Hurrah! It’s Lynda!

Lovely to have Lynda back.

I eve did a wee ‘whoop’ when she launched back into the-Ambridge-we-can-hear with:

“It makes such a difference, Robert - being able to enjoy lunch al fresco”

And it wouldn’t be fair to not also welcome back Robert. Poor man gets sidelined at the best of times …

“She must have had some kind of gift. She saw Eddie a mile off”

So Felpersham Fox turned out to be “Felpersham Lead Balloon”.

Eddie loses his money, and Mystic Jodie gets away with a gallon of cider plus free camping.

Not so bad after all. Clarrie might only fall out with Eddie for a few days, rather than weeks!

Do I sense an Agatha Christie homage?

There has been recent the talk of a ‘big’ happening in January 2011 – rumoured to be a murder (which I personally think is very remiss of the BBC. If they know an Ambridge resident is going to be murdered, surely they should put a stop to it. Aiding and abetting?).

But, Lynda and Robert were talking about staging a ‘whodunit trail’ at the village fair.

Seemingly, at another village fair, the

“body by the lake created a huge sensation”

and there was also some sort of

“business by the boat house”

Surely that’s the plot line of Dead Man’s Folly by Agatha Christie?

Only, they’d better beware – in Dead Man’s Folly, the girl cast as the murder victim is found to have actually been murdered for real.

Will the Ambridge murdered take their chance to strike early?

Jokes about a new meaning to ‘The Ashes’ aside …

Jolene’s decided to scatter Sid’s ashes on the cricket ground this Sunday.

Interesting that her original list of folks who’d need to be there included herself, Fallon, Jamie and Tony.

But no Kathy.

Fallon had to point out that Jamie would want Kathy and Kenton there.

Will Kenton turn up this time?

Izzy - just tell Pip to ‘do one’

What a horrid little snob Pip is.

I’d forgive her for looking down on a job in a supermarket because of principles about local producers, but Pip simply thinks that kind of work is beneath her.

And to say all she did in front of her ‘friend’ Izzy! Who does work in a supermarket.

Little madam!

It was a different story when Pip first wanted to leave College to join Izzy and co. at the supermarket. Now that Pip thinks she’s going travelling, she’ll only demean herself to work there for a few weeks.

Seriously Izzy. Don’t help Pip get that job. She doesn’t deserve it.