Wednesday, 31 March 2010

31st March 2010

  • Wrong about Lilian?
  • Did you say Ban Ki-moon Eddie?
  • I say I say I say
  • You lucky cow
  • The logical approach to life

Wrong about Lilian?

Maybe I just didn’t want it to be true – but I admit defeat, and will join the ranks of those who think Lilian and Paul are about to have an affair.

I was in denial even when Lilian mentioned that she hadn’t told anyone about meeting Paul as it’d be a “giveaway”

But was in acceptance at the wee ‘Bye’ from Lilian at the end.


Did you say Ban Ki-moon Eddie?

How utterly bizarre yet marvellous!

I had to look him up …

I say I say I say

Well, once Joe gets the timing and the words right, his double act with Eddie might be passable.

Though I wish I could see Bob Pullen doing the spoons:
“He’s so shaky – he’ll playing the spoons even when he ain’t playing the spoons”

You lucky cow

Indeed Joe – at least someone is happy in the Ed/Mike/Vicky milk business. One old cow who’s been given a second chance.

Even though she has become a foster mum without being asked!

The logical approach to life

Despite all her faults, at least Helen has Ian to try and bring her back to reality.

I think we all agree that he’s the perfect man, but seriously, hasn’t Helen discovered the internet? With all those ‘professional’ dating sites, surely she could find someone, somewhere, so isn’t a complete arse and who can also deal with her neurosis.

But it’s a no to ‘love, companionship and support’ and yes to outing all of her dreams and emotions onto a baby.

I think we should start collecting now for the therapy sessions it’ll need.

30th March 2009

  • Of course you should have seen it coming!
  • Better you than me, Kenton
  • Jokes that circulate in academia

Of course you should have seen it coming!

Well, at least Ed should’ve.

There was no chance that Vicky was going to be a sleeping-partner in the business, and cow bells should’ve started ringing when she insisted on accompanying Ed and Mike to look at new stock.

I’m also not buying into Vicky actually going through with her veal plan. She has a point that the male dairy calves shouldn’t just be shot for nothing, but what’s the difference between them going to market, or being kept and then slaughtered for veal? Isn’t that what will happen to them anyway if they go to market?

Do we think Vicky will actually let anything of them die of anything other than old age?

Better you than me, Kenton

You can look forward to being harassed by both Robert and Eddie for that Jaxx job.

Still, you might get a few nice bribes out of it

Jokes that circulate in academia

How many Phoenicians does it take to change a light bulb?
A centurion walks into a bar ...

Come on Jim. Give us the punch lines!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

29th March 2010

  • Well Hello Harry!
  • Ambridge can’t be deprived of Jedward
  • Neville Booth is the new Simon Cowell

Well Hello Harry!

And just what will you be getting up to?!?

Off to a bad start with a grumpy and bad-accented* Jazzer, but your cyclers legs might win you a few female fans in the village (if that’s your inclination).

And he's meant to be a looker - blonder hair and blues eyes et al! Mind on that Vicky took an instant dislike to him. Too perfect? (click here to see the post from that episode)

Will Helen seize her opportunity and bed him before he’s worked out that she’s a looper?

But, where did the Veg Man's son go to/

What about Gavin from North Wales?

And, there's the new couple moving into Blossom Hill

Looks like there's goign to be a 'who is the daddy' guessing game, despite the rumour of a night in with Ian and a turkey baster, and unless Helen does manage to get her sperm through the clinic.

*which I’m allowed to say as (a) a Scot and (b) someone who has experience of trying to decipher a bad west coast accent

Ambridge can’t be deprived of Jedward

Very calm reactions to Jamie and Josh’s tagging antics.

Should we tell Lynda, to make sure they get a proper bollocking?

Neville Booth is the new Simon Cowell

And Bob Pullen on the spoons.

Maybe they do indeed need Jedward after all ...

Monday, 29 March 2010

28th March 2010

  • Ben’s a right ‘un!
  • Tom’s Sausages says sorry!!!
  • Wasn’t all bifocals and a bad back
  • Boys will be boys?

Ben’s a right ‘un!

The donkey’s alright but you’ve still got to sit through the service

I wonder if Ben’s going to be a bit of a lark when he’s gets older.

A classic wee quote about church,

spotting a 25g difference between his and Josh’s Easter egg last year

and a wonder ‘oops’ moment in dobbing Josh in.

Go on yersel!

Tom’s Sausages says sorry!!!

Ooer – Brenda’s not one to tangle with these days. Absolutely stunned that she got Tom to back down so quickly over the (lack of wearing) her engagement ring.

Still, is Tom right to be worried? Did Brenda just forget to put it back on, or is she more akin to Tony’s ex?

I still hope she gets a life away from Tom’s Sausages.

It wasn’t all bifocals and a bad back in those days

Indeed it wasn’t Tony.

Boys will be boys?

Apart from the really amateur mistake of filming themselves, then letting Ben get to the evidence – is there such a big difference between the way David’s treating ‘the boys’ and Pip?

Is David reacting to Pip’s relationship with Jude so strongly because of the age difference, or is it because this is the first time she’s really started dating someone? And that could lead to intimate situations which no father wants to even think about?

Or, is Ruth right that David’s just got different attitudes when it comes to girls?

I would have expected David to be a bit more perturbed over the tagging, but maybe Ben’s right and he’s used up all his energy in worrying/fighting with Pip.

26th March 2010

  • Ed finds it hard not to give Vicky an ear full
  • Jazzer’s still got his pride … but’ll lose it for a price
  • ‘Au revoir’ or ‘A demain’ Kate?

Ed finds it hard not to give Vicky an ear full

And how many of us can sympathise with that!?!

Still, despite looking like it was off to a great start, the new milk round doesn’t seem to be living up to expectations (so far).

Maybe Brenda was giving more sound advice when the microphone’s weren’t recording – but it seemed like she hasn’t quite come up with anything tangible that could really push sales.

Ah well. The joys of a marketing consultant …

Jazzer’s still got his pride … but’ll lose it for a price

£50 and time spent with Fallon. What a cheap date.

And can’t wait to hear how much of Killing in the Name he’ll be allowed to get through.

‘Au revoir’ or ‘A demain’ Kate?

From everything that’s happened and been said over the last few weeks, it looks like that might not have been the last we’ve heard of Kate this year.

25th March 2010

  • Maybe Eddie needs to specialise?
  • Ah – Kate’s home-life isn’t all that

Maybe Eddie needs to specialise?

Arguments over who should be doing Jill’s hen house aside, Eddie’s nose is out of joint because he isn’t getting all the ‘handy man’ type jobs in Ambridge.

Perhaps it’s time he looked to becoming a specialist, instead of a wandering generality?

Ah – Kate’s home-life isn’t all that

That, alongside watching Phoebe grow up without her, might explain a lot.

Maybe she’ll be buying a one-way ticket on her next visit?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

24th March 2010

  • Here we go again – Shula and her donkey
  • Nightingale Farm up for sale
  • Ignore Kenton until the bar is open
  • You just can’t get the sperm these days

Here we go again – Shula and her donkey

Still, I suppose it’s nice that she still offers it.

Even though her fall-out with Alan was entirely of her own doing.

Also nice to hear that Usha just wants her sleep these days. Not sure what was happening with her a few months back, but Sleepy Usha is preferable to Rampant Usha.

Nightingale Farm up for grabs

I wonder if it could go to one of those urban types who don’t know about farming, so call in Monty Don to help?

A chance for the Ambridge to have the new generation of farmers/smallholders?!?

Ignore Kenton until the bar is open

Yup – I said it yesterday, but Kathy is indeed feeling distinctly ignored.

It’ll only take 1 other person to pay her a bit of attention, and Kenton will be left with only his bar and Jim for company.

You just can’t get the sperm these days

And wasn’t Tony just brimming with glee!

Helen’s showing her petulant side yet again. Having to wait six months is nothing – especially when you compare it to IVF treatment.

Though I did love Helen’s Violet Beauregarde moment:
“I don’t want a nice young man. I don’t want any man. I want a baby.”

Just watch out for that rubbish chute ...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

23rd March 2010

  • Was Kathy allowed to put that washing on???
  • When did Robert get that job?
  • Grrrrrr. Helen gets angry.

Was Kathy allowed to put that washing on???

We never heard Kenton’s reply. We must be told!

What a plonker Kenton is. Fancy taking Jim along on a rare night out with Kathy.

He’d just better watch out – he’s not exactly doing anything to keep Kathy interested.

When did Robert get that job?

I must have missed that bit – but Robert hasn’t popped up anywhere else doing odd-jobs lately, so it was a surprise to hear he’s doing Jim’s shelves.

Steady Eddie. You may feel he diddled you, but you were never exactly the right man for the job. And feel grateful you don’t have to deal with Jim!

Grrrrrr. Helen gets angry.

Which can’t be good when trying for a baby. Though we don’t know yet if she’s able (and if they’re willing to give her the chance).

Kate is being a bit of an arse in dishing out the life advice. Wonder who she’s going to ‘tell’ next ...

22nd March 2010

  • A future for Alfie
  • Alice – run like the wind!
  • George can’t dance

A future for Alfie

Well we didn’t see that coming ...

Lovely Lashes gives birth – it’s a bull calf – Vicky names him – and refuses to accept that he should go to slaughter.

“Wrong to wash our hands of this beautiful young creature”

“I’m going to make it my business to find a future for Alfie”

Alice – run like the wind!

Oh dear. I hope Alice isn’t shaping up to be another Brenda.

Chris seems like a nice chap, but I hope she doesn’t make the same mistake of not getting out and about to experience more of the world beyond Ambridge.

Brenda had her chance, and now is reduced to scraping along doing ad hoc work for her family (and the occasional flyer for a local).

That’d be fine if it was enough for her, but even her attempt to work in Birmingham was shot down by Tom’s Sausages.

However – Alice was right to see that Kate isn’t entirely happy with her life as it is.

Yet more evidence that Kate will be returning?!?

George can’t dance


Monday, 22 March 2010

19th & 21st March 2010

  • Oh for heaven's sake - I’m not sending her up a chimney
  • Cheesestraw without a choice?!?

Oh for heaven's sake - I'm not sending her up a chimney

David, David, David ... if you go looking for bad news, you’re likely to find something worse.

Still, at least it was booze rather than anything suggestive of a sexual relationship between Pip and Jude.

And lashing out at Elizabeth isn’t exactly going to solve anything either.

How could the poor woman have ‘undermined’ you if she didn’t have a clue what was happening?

And shouldn’t you be glad that Pip is trying to make her own money rather than sucking out all of yours?!?

This Jude thing isn’t going to go away. Though, unlike Elizabeth, I don’t think that a man his age should be seen as ‘harmless’ because he’s young for his age. Where’s that panic button ...

Cheesestraw without a choice?!?

Ouch! That was a painful ‘chat’ between Helen and Kate.

I’m really surprised Kate kept her temper through Helen’s:

“you failed at being a single mother “
“you left your child”

But Kate cut to the quick with:

“decisions are made for you”
“you won’t have a choice”
“being alone limits your horizons”
“think before you bind your life in one direction”

I can’t see Helen taking kindly to those words of advice – but, even more worrying, I think Kate has a point about what this could all mean for Helen and her obsession with having control.

While her horizon is already teeny tiny, will she cope with having to roll-over and give herself entirely to another person?

Isn’t that partly why she has such trouble with her relationships (with friends, family, colleagues … as well as boyfriends)?

Friday, 19 March 2010

18th March 2010

  • A month in New Zealand with a hormonal Lucy
  • The Simon Cowell of Ambridge
  • What can the matter be?
  • What do they mean when they say that Emerald O'Hanrahan is ‘taking the part’?

A month in New Zealand with a hormonal Lucy

That actually sounds quite fun!

So what do we think – will Fallon cope with running The Bull?

Will she find herself in bother, opening up a new opportunity for the (ever so currently quiet) Jazzer? Or will she have to turn to Lilian, though Jolene wouldn’t be too chuffed with that …

The Simon Cowell of Ambridge

I reckon Adam could find a new career as the Ambridge equivalent of Simon Cowell.

He’s certainly opinionated and grumpy enough.

What can the matter be?

Even more evidence to suggest that Kate might be making a return to Ambridge.

Is Brian right about trouble at home with Lucas?

What do they mean when they say that Emerald O'Hanrahan is ‘taking the part’?
@ArchersAddicts: News just breaking, Felicity Jones (Emma Grundy) is leaving. Emerald O'Hanrahan is taking the part. Read all about it in the Ambridge Voice.

Excuse me? What does all that mean?

Just how long has this ‘Felicity Jones’ been impostering Emma for?

And how will this new imposter manage to take her place without everyone noticing? How will she know about the whole Ed/Will triangle shenanigans!?!

We should be told …

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

17th March 2010

  • How much?!?!?
  • Knowing you were thinking of us
  • The bird on the rampage

How much?!?!?

1.6 million from Matt – 3.5 million from Chalkman.

And there was me thinking a couple of hundred pounds bad debt from one of my client’s was painful.

As Paul succinctly put it:


Knowing you were thinking of us

Note that Lilian said ‘us’, not ‘me’

And later on, Lilian said ‘day’ not ‘date’

I think Paul may be keen, but am not getting the ‘take me now’ vibes from Lilian.


Bird on the rampage

Turns out to be a Peregrine.

A quick look at the RSPB website shows that it’s not a favourite for gamekeepers.

Will goes to jail because of a bird?!?

And talking of feminine rampages – is it just me, or is Hayley being a bit too sensitive?

It must be tough for all, but doesn’t she need to accept that mums who aren’t near their children will be a bit over the top?

“hope it’s another 3 years”

I wouldn’t be so sure Hayley. The way this is progressing, I think there might be a more permanent return …

16th March 2010

  • Hurrah! New blood
  • You know what it means when a boy steals moose …
  • At least Usha can be relieved

A new ‘young couple’ in blossom hill – how very utterly exciting.

They can’t have kids, so in steps Helen?

Or who will one have an affair with?

New members for the darts team?

Or an argument waiting to happen with near neighbours?!?

Or, maybe it’s just me, and I need to get out more ... damn this eternal winter!)

You know what it means when a boy steals moose ...

... he wants to be Jedward!

But of course.

At least Usha can be relieved

Even though it took the badgering of two, Alan finally accepts defeat.

Wonder how long Usha will let him rest, though.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

15th March 2010

  • Kate hasn’t changed that much
  • Whatever

Kate hasn’t changed that much

So Kate get’s it wrong by taking Phoebe to the wrong body piercing place.


Is that really so bad?

Or is this about Kate trying to regain ground by being cool to Roy/Hayley’s safe and warm?


I am Pip, hear me roar!

Bless her cotton socks.

Though, David has to calm down or he’ll have a heart attack before he even gets onto the stage of finding condoms in Pip’s jacket.

45 minutes late should not make a screaming argument – especially when Pip isn’t a tiny tot anymore.

Or is that the point? Was Lilian right when she was telling David that he was bound to be replaced at some point?

At least David thinks it’s worse for Pip to be going out with a ‘man’ than a girl. Though, the alternative would certainly make for interesting times.

14th March 2010

  • You done too much, much too young?
  •  Said it before – no no no to Simon Cowell
  • Avian massacre

You done too much, much too young?

I was too distracted during the whole Phoebe ear-piercing hullabaloo.

Isn’t Phoebe just 12 years old? Am I really becoming that 30-something that I think she’s too young?

And mind, this is coming from someone who had a pierced eyebrow and labret in her youth …

Still – it must have been a nasty shock to realise that Vicky knows more about your kid than you do. That’s enough to make anyone move continents to curb an undue influence.

Said it before – no no no to Simon Cowell

Enough said. Even though he is probably being mentioned just to wind us up!

Avian massacre

I might be kissing something – but why is there such a big deal about the churchyard bird-stalker?

Has Lynda discovered some sort of new species?

Is it a mutation caused by the previously leaking Bridge Farm?

Or just a really annoyed Budgie?!?

12th March 2010

  • If Bert can’t fix it, no-one can …
  • Hats off to @eddie_grundy – Bert got the blazer
  • Is Kate having second thoughts?

If Bert can’t fix it, no-one can …

I think there might be a chart-topping hit pop hit in there somewhere.

Do they still do the Hit Parade?!?

Hats off to @eddie_grundy – Bert got the blazer

Although did it sound like David was a bit miffed about it?

Is Kate having second thoughts?

It must be horrifically tough being separated from your child, and it sounded like there’s a lot of uncertainty in Kate.

It didn’t really seem that her life is perfect away from Ambridge, and she’s certainly feeling that everyone is moving off and away from where she left off with them.

Will we see her permanent return?

Friday, 12 March 2010

11th March 2010

  • Count the spots on the earwigs campaign
  • Locusts and honey for supper
  • What’s stalking the churchyard?
  • Hardly Tony Hart

Count the spots on the earwigs campaign

Don’t know what Kenton’s problem was – that sounds like a simply super way to spend one’s time!

Still, I can see why he had issues with Lynda coming round. Especially when he’s so used to the wackiness of Jim’s company ...

Locusts and honey for supper

But you do have to admire Lynda for her slavish devotion to detail.

And you never know – that might be the cure for the common cold which has so far eluded us.

What’s stalking the churchyard?

And why is there such a problem about it?

Or, is this going to be a storyline about the ravages of nature – that where one has to eat, another surely must die.

Or, is there an Ambridge Beast?

Hardly Tony Hart

Goodness – that made me feel a tad older.

No surprises that it was Jamie and Josh who were the budding Banksy, but how terrifying that (a) they hadn’t heard of Tony Hart and (b) it was young Ed giving them the bollocking.

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it” George Orwell

Thursday, 11 March 2010

10th March 2010

  • Totally forgot about Tom’s Sausages and Brenda the Flyer
  • Who’s the chosen one?

Totally forgot about Tom’s Sausages and Brenda the Flyer

It’s been a while since it’s been mentioned, and I’d totally forgotten Tom and Brenda’s engagement.

Shame that it was mentioned during a blazing row – but what do you expect from an engagement which came hot on the heels of a reconciliation?

And of course, Tom has to be a pompous ass about Brenda’s frustration at her lack of career.

The boy just won’t be able to accept that not the whole world revolves around, or is inspired and in awe of, Tom’s Sausages.

“What more do you want?”

Ah Tom. So, so, so, so much more. Brenda should’ve gone off on that world trip …

Who’s the chosen one?

So the Great Blazer Mystery begins on earnest.

@eddie_grundy reckons it’s Bert (“surely not for me?”) but I think the field is fairly wide open at this stage.

Of course, the mention of Bert’s visit to Phil’s grave was timely – and he would be an obvious choice.

Though maybe needs-must in Eddie’s case?

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

9th March 2010

  • I’d rather see to the silage pump …
  • Oh Lilian!
  • Bring on the cream and the cheese!

I’d rather see to the silage pump ...

I think Tony’s onto a lost cause.

He’s simply never going to be able to keep out of Helen’s way forever, and now that Pat’s on side, there’ll be no peace until he puts up and shuts up.

And I reckon he knows that, but is spinning out his grump for as long as he can.

At least he can find solace in Tom’s Sausages.

Oh Lilian!

Just don’t.

Matt may not be the most perfect of chaps, but Paul isn’t a guid ‘un.

Bring on the cream and the cheese!

Party on Helen!

Okay – that’s a bit cruel – but lest we forget that Helen’s sense of adventure doesn’t really amount to much more than a bottle of wine and a DVD.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

8th March 2010

  • Yes, but Jude’s no Nigel
  • Walthamstow... is to Ambridge what Aberdeen is to Eastenders.

Yes, but Jude’s no Nigel

“You’ll just have to be the grown up here”

I think Elizabeth forgot who she was speaking to (though it can be said that the immaturity levels in Brookfield plummet when David, Jude and Pip are in the same room!).

If Pip thinks she’s bagged a Nigel, she’s most surely wrong.

Jude doesn’t seem to be a cad of Leon proportions, but he certainly seems to be a bit of an arse.


... is to Ambridge what Aberdeen is to Eastenders.

Monday, 8 March 2010

7th March 2010

  • The romance of a normal conception
  • No-one expects the Spanish inquisition

The romance of a normal conception

Ah Pat. Tony must’ve been much more of a Romeo than he seems to have been (before my time – any for any?).

And where was your sensitivity in pointing out to Helen that ‘in your day’ you were able to:

‘Sit back and let nature take its course’

It makes me wonder if Pat’s oblivious to Helen’s bizarreness.

No-one expects the Spanish inquisition

Has Vicky met a match in Kate?

Kate was doing very well to not stomp on Vicky’s big toe

Especially for:
“You married one of the locals”

But it looks like Vicky will have to pull an almighty, outwardly offensive remark to get Kate to react.

In all of that, I was a bit disappointed with Vicky.

She may be boorish, annoying, loud and demanding – but she seemed to be edging onto racist and sexist tonight.

And there was me defending her as just someone who was trying to fit in. I really hope she doesn’t turn into a complete ogre (for all our sakes!).

5th March 2010

  • Do you remember the day Jude met ‘Dave’?
  • Doesn’t sound like it’s turkey-baster time with Ian

Do you remember the day Jude met ‘Dave’?

Go on yersel Ruth! You saw your prey, you cornered it, then you showered it with buns and tea.

You may be a dull bunny, but you know how to hunt them lettuce!

I couldn’t work out who was being more immature – Pip or David – but David nailed it when he called Jude immature.

And I quite agree that there’s something odd with a man of 28 who has to regress as far back as a 17 year old for his dating habits.

And bless dear David for making Jude’s web design work/course sound like he was out on the streets pimping new-born kittens.

Doesn’t sound like it’s turkey-baster time with Ian

I never did think Ian was a likely candidate for Helen’s baby ambitions.

Adam wouldn’t stand for it (or any other baby), and I reckon Ian knows enough about Helen to be delighted for her choices, but wary of what’s going to happen next.

And, after all, what's to stop one of the straight single blokes (Jazzer? Jim?!?), or even a married straight bloke (Moike? Will??) doing the deed?

Nice to hear someone completely on her side.

Even though

“I want this baby all to myself”

Is a terrifying statement.

4th March 2010

  • Lilian the gullible?
  • Usha the rampant
  • Oliver the Manuel

Lilian the gullible?

I’m still not of the opinion that Lilian and Paul will have an affair, but does Jennifer see something I don’t?

I think she must

“Then he’ll be asking you for favours”

And I don’t think she meant those wee gift things you put on the wedding guests’ dinner places ..

Usha the rampant

What on earth is wrong with Usha?

Has spring sprung?

Isn’t she letting off steam by jogging?

Oyster lunches?

Whatever it is, I’m glad we were spared the late-night version of her antics in Alan’s tent (jokes about deflating aside)

Oliver the Manuel

He had to crop up somewhere else after handing the farm over to Ed … retirement just doesn’t suit some folks.

I have to give Oliver credit for keeping so calm and cheery in the face of mounting anger from the customers – but he deserves either a long walk off of a short pier, or a gold medal, for making Ian nearly flip.

3rd March 2010

  • Tony’s not going to be left with a choice
  • “One can do so much with the chorus!”
  •  Ambridge Has Talent?

Tony’s not going to be left with a choice

Poor man. His opinion may be strong, but his grandfathering instincts are bound to rule through.

As Helen has her first baby-appointment, it seems that all bodes well.
Or, will the putting-on-weight issue prove to be a bit more problematic than even Helen thinks it will be?

Either way, she’s right in saying that Tony will be “determined to make sure that the baby doesn’t suffer”.

I still think a dog would do Helen’s yearnings quite nicely ... and less controversially!

“One can do so much with the chorus!”

Not sure about whether it’s true that the village has been “longing for a production” since the last panto had to be sidestepped,

But Lynda’s vision shall not be trampled.

Ambridge Has Talent

Will this be an opportunity for the increasingly vocal youngsters to step up?

Or for a new celeb slot?

Just please - dear god, please - not Simon Cowell.

I have nothing personally against the man, but not in our Archers.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

2nd March 2010

  • Biscuits are for royalty …
  • Is Paul a nuisance or a potential amusement?
  • Will Susan now shut up?
  • Bedding two brothers is seemingly ‘the long way round’

Biscuits are for royalty ...

... and posh cars don’t break down

Damn it! Sports car v. tractor is postponed for another time.

Did Pip and Jude ‘bottle it’, or did Jude’s sports car really break down?

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how Ruth and David can be ‘cleverer’( sic)

Is Paul a nuisance or a potential amusement ...

Nice to hear the grunting tones of Matt again.

Though, no surprises over his reaction to the death of his mum.

And what do we think to Lilian’s reaction to Paul’s text?

Was the “oh dear” because he was in touch yet again?

Or was it because of the funeral?

Is there an affair in the offing?

Will Susan now shut up?

Thrice Hurrah to Peggy!

With 2 months wages in pocket, some work at the new style Village Shop and a job at Bridge Farm, will Susan finally be satisfied?

I think she was right to push for a fair deal, but my word – doesn’t she go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on ...

Bedding two brothers is seemingly ‘the long way round’

Thanks for clarifying that Susan.

There was me thinking that Emma was a wee madam who put herself before Will and Ed’s feelings, relationship as brothers, family, kids, sanity ...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

26th Feb, 28th Feb, 1st March 2010

Whoops! Life nearly got in the way of The Archers.

Shame on me, but it’s only going to get worse this week.

  • Does Vicky have something against Aryan looking types?
  • “About time we met Jude”
  • Love in marriage
  • I think Matt’s right
  • Helen and her baby

Does Vicky have something against Aryan looking types?

What’s so wrong with Harry?

“Too Perfect”
“Blonde hair and blue eyes”

The lady doth protest too much?

“About time we met Jude”


Sports car v. tractor. Hurrah!

Love in marriage

Behave! Did we need to have such a prolonged listen to Alan and Usha’s shenanigans?!?

It’s lovely to know that they care, but how on earth can anyone phone their vicar again (if so inclined) without worrying that they might be trying to give love of a non-religious nature to another?

I think Matt’s right!

And I never thought I’d see the day that I’d agree with Matt …

Paul has to be up to something.

Seriously – why on earth did he turn up at Lilian’s door looking for tea and sympathy? Does he have no friends? Why would he turn to his half-brother’s partner, when his half-brother doesn’t want to know? And Lilian hasn’t exactly been in constant contact with him?!?

He’s a dodgy ‘un...

Helen and her baby

Oh my – I thought it might be a fad, but looks like this is actually going to happen.

Good god! I do admit to having a soft spot for Helen, but yikes and eeek!

Jennifer’s pregnancy with Adam made fresh and new for a new generation.