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Ambridge Extra Tuesday 5th April 2011: the first eavesdropping episode

* Not so convincing Barwick Green
* Alice and Chris getting married
* Alice and Chris arguing
* *sigh* more hidden microphone time for Jamie
* Thank goodness – an adult!
* Alice gets drunk
* Jamie to turn thief?
* The verdict? 15 minutes of Kevins and Judes

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So what’s all this talk of Ambridge Extra on BBS Radio 4 Extra?

The Beeb reckons:

“The idea is that you'll be able to hear more stories from in and around Ambridge, and also we'll be able to go further afield with Archers-related characters.

“You can enjoy the new series without listening to the main Archers programme. And you can continue to listen to The Archers without missing out on anything essential. But if you follow both programmes, then you'll get a deeper insight into what's going on in our characters' lives. You'll also hear from new characters in Ambridge Extra who don't appear in The Archers, or who are only minor characters there.”

So far, I’ve heard mention of Rhys (The Bull’s barman) shall break his silence, we’ll be able to hear Alice at Uni and more from Jamie.

From what it sounds like – all very Hollyoaks ‘after dark’ (for those sensible enough to have never stumbled onto Hollyoaks – it’s a teen drama about bonny, but rather dull and thick, young folks … mind numbing stuff).

Now – Ambridge can sometimes be a bit dull (as is real life), often features thick ‘uns (Sabrina, I am looking at you) and does have a smattering of young people.

So, in theory, Ambridge Extra should be a welcome addition to us eavesdroppers.

Here’s hoping.

But do pardon my cynicism … I think I’m still suffering from all of the #sattc (Shakes Ambridge to the Core/Nigel’s death) build-up. I still maintain it was a cracking eavesdropping episode, but felt slightly dirty after having completely fallen for the huge build-up.

And I’ve said this on Twitter – if I am sounding like one of those really angry people who write on The Archers forums on the BBC, please do tell me …

Ambridge Extra: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am (Radio 4 Extra), repeats same days at 2.15pm (Radio 4) - omnibus Fridays at 10.30am (Radio 4 Extra), repeated on Sundays at 11.15am and 7.15pm (Radio 4) - and there's a podcast.

First episode Tuesday 5 April,

See you on the other side!

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