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Kathy gets a job – Mon 07.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 7th October 2013
  • Rob was lying in wait for Helen
  • Helen and Rob agree to differ
  • Rob’s no match for Debbie
  • Helen’s all that matters, until the phone rings
  • Pedicures and Seaweed wraps
  • Caroline tries to buy off Joe
  • No Health Club Manager + Jobless Kathy = ???
  • Kirsty and Tom … ugh

Rob was lying in wait for Helen
That’s a bit sinister …

He’s actually getting quite bold, even giving Helen a kiss at the public side of his front door.

[Rob] “Don’t worry, the doorstep is safe. I’ve check. With binoculars.”

Very sinister …

Helen and Rob agree to differ

In between snogging, Ron and Helen actually manage to have a conversation. Seems now the Super Dairy is getting to near full pelt:

[Helen] “Brian’s been boring everyone with the details.”

Though Helen shares a snigger at Pat being furious when she got stuck on the bypass behind a lorry load of cows destined for the Super Dairy, she manages to regain her sense of loyalty:

[Helen] “Hey. Not everyone agrees with the ethos of Berrow farm.”

[Rob] “I thought we agreed to live and let live.”


So, Rob’s allowed to talk about his work. Show Helen round his work. But, Helen’s not allowed an opinion about his work.

Classy chap.

Stupid Helen …

Rob’s no match for Debbie

[Rob] “Debbie’s been driving me mad.”

[Helen] “Good, I expect nothing less.”

Seems Debbie is on one of her infamous (and very quick) flying visits. Rob reckons it’s put him off his routine and stride. She even wants to see paperwork …

[Rob] “The point is, I don’t need another woman on my back.”

[Helen] “Watch what you say Mr Titchener!”

Well, it’s true enough.

A female (kind of) boss. A mistress. And a wife. AND all those lady cows.

Still, all of Rob’s own fault.

Helen’s all that matters, until the phone rings

[Helen] “I’ve been thinking of this moment all day.”

And, they’re off snogging again.

[Helen] “Being so near you and not being able to touch you. I love being with you … nothing  else matters.”

[Rob] “And I don’t want it to …”

Not so true from Rob.

The phone rings, so he heads off to answer it.

Next we hear, Rob is packing and keen to get away. His WIFE’s dad, Dennis, is very unwell indeed. Almost at death’s door. Which is a bit of a shock for Rob.

[Rob] “He’s like a creaking gate, I thought he’d be around for ever.”

His WIFE Jess was nearly crying down the phone.

[Rob] “I need to be there for the whole family’s sake.”

Helen says she understands, and leaves him alone to pack.

Well, what does she expect?

Rob is married to Jess.

Pedicures and Seaweed wraps

Caroline’s all aflutter.

Seems someone has booked a pedicure in at 6.15, but someone else is due in for a seaweed wrap at 6.10. Oops. Double booking.

[Lynda] “You’ve got your fingers in far too many pies at the moment.”

(ahem … too much information!)

Lynda offers to try and lighten Caroline’s load by helping to recruit the new Health Club manager.

Caroline reckons she has it all in hand.

I wonder  … is Lynda trying to demonstrate that she’d be perfect for far more responsibility than she currently has? Maybe, the whole hotel???

Or, is Lynda just in ‘nice Lynda’ mode?

Caroline tries to buy off Joe

Seems Joe will be getting a letter shortly from Caroline’s solicitor, offering a sum but not liability.

Course, Caroline knows that “no amount of money will compensate”

[Caroline] “It’s a gesture to hopefully resolve the situation.”

Well, I doubt Eddie will see it that way. Unless they’re offering a hefty sum, he’s likely to just fling it back at ‘em.

No Health Club Manager + Jobless Kathy = ???

Kathy’s in at Grey Gables for yet another swim:

[Lynda] “I suppose now you've got some time on your hands, you might as well take advantage.”

Kathy confides that she also needs to use it while she has it. She’ll shortly have to give up her membership, what with (a lack of) money being a bit of an issue nowadays.

Later on, Lynda’s down in the Health Club making her hourly check when Kathy suggests that housekeeping makes those checks instead. She reckons that way, Lynda could get on with her job proper.

Aha! Lynda’s very impressed.

Lynda is later working on late to help Caroline sort out a few issues:

[Lynda] “ … some confusion between a bikini wax and an express facial …”

She has had a brainwave. A solution for all of their health Club woes.

[Lynda] “Been staring us in the face for days … Kathy Perks!”

(at last! We’ve all been thinking that for weeks)

Caroline concurs that it’s a great idea. Though just temporarily, mind, while they recruit a permanent Health Club manager.

[Caroline] “That’s a good idea. It’s a bit of a step down for her.”


But those can’t afford to keep up with their health club membership can’t be choosers …

(Middle Class problems)

Kirsty and Tom … ugh

Kirsty’s being very smug about herself and Tom realising their love for each other.

[Kirsty] “I still can’t believe it happened … it feels like coming home, Helen.”

Seems Tom is actually being very romantic and thoughtful. He even made her a mixed tape (or was it a CD? Playlist??), and brought her breakfast in bed. With flowers!

[Helen] “You might as well enjoy the honeymoon period.”


Tom will soon be back to his insufferable and rather dull self soon enough.


In complete contrast to Kirsty’s rather more traditional and easy romance (for the moment), Helen’s not having an easy time of it.

[Helen] “It’s a horrible thing, being the other woman. I’ve accepted that it’s the only way we can be together at the moment, but …”

She’s still upset that Rob didn’t hesitate when HIS WIFE called him to her side, during her father’s illness.

[Helen] “I don’t mean to sound callous, I feel awful for Rob and the family, of course I understand but I mean, he should be there, I just can’t believe that Rob and Jess have the same bond that he and I do.”

Well, that does sound callous.

And very, very naive.

[Kirsty] “They must have had at some point.”

[Helen] “Maybe they were close in the past but people change.”

[Kirsty] “Helen, you knew the score when you got involved with him.”

[Helen] “I know. It’s not that simple.”

[Kirsty] “Isn’t it? Rob hasn’t told his wife about you, has he? So what do you expect, he’s a married  man, he’s bound to put her first.”

Quite right Kirsty.

Helen’s an utter, utter fool.

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