Thursday, 10 October 2013

Debbie’s having “unadulterated fun”: Thurs 10.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 10th October 2013
  • Is Henry ‘special’?
  • Pat’s snooping on Tom (and Kirsty)
  • Brian and Debbie being intolerably smug
  • Brian’s getting increasing archaic
  • Helen still doesn’t get it (part 457)
  • A hairdo triumph???
  • Everyone agrees Tom and Kirsty are perfecto
  • Jamie’s a good lad
  • Debbie’s got a Zoltan

Is Henry ‘special’?

Seems he’s taken to tidying up anything he comes across. Which is making life interesting for Helen then trying to find it all again.

[Helen] “You don’t my son has OCD, do you?”

[Pat] “Don’t be ridiculous!”

Well, one wouldn’t be entirely surprised. He is Helen’s son, after all.

Pat’s snooping on Tom (and Kirsty)

Pat claims she only called round at Tom’s early this morning because:

[Pat] “I needed to check who was harvesting the carrots today …”

Aye, right then!

Course, she was there to see if Kirsty was there. Which she was.

[Pat] “I’m just so thrilled to see him happy again.”

[Helen] “It’s sweet. I’m so happy for them.”

[Pat] “I suppose it can’t be easy for you being surrounded by couples.”

[Helen] “I’m fine mum. Very happy, in fact.”

Well … that’s just not true … is it, Helen?

Brian and Debbie being intolerably smug

[Brian] “Beautiful sight, isn’t it Debbie, to see the units filling up.”

[Debbie] “Berrow Farm has arrived!”

They both fell all the stress and arguments were worth it. And Brian gives Debbie full credit for it all coming together so smoothly.

Of course, Rob isn’t around (he’s still with his WIFE). But seems they’re coping just grand without him. Despite some dodgy techniques from the rest of their staff:

[Debbie] “I do need to talk to that chap about his fluster technique.”

[Brian] “I see what you mean. He needs to calm down … Less is more when you’re going for high yield.”

(what’s a fluster technique? Answers on a postcard …)

Brian’s getting increasing archaic

On Rob – though they cope without him, Debbie still thinks he’s been a real find.

[Brian] “I agree. But I thought he had more mettle. One phone call from his wife, and he disappears like a rabbit up a burrow.”

Though Debbie reminds Brian that Rob’s wife’s dad is seriously ill, Brian has suddenly gone all cave man.

[Brian] “There’s still a job to do here. I don’t know what’s happening to men. Do you know Will’s on paternity leave? Paternity leave! For heaven’s sake!!!”

What’s come over Brian?

He’s always been a man’s man, but this is anti-man.

Helen still doesn’t get it (part 457)

Helene’s still stalking Rob, despite him being with his family (probably leading up to a death in the family).

She’s leaving him messages, letting him know that she’s thinking of him, and hope’s all okay.

One suspects she’s wishes Jess’ dad dies soon so that Rob will return …

A hairdo triumph???

[Debbie] “Fallon and Jolene have had a hairdo triumph for the wedding.”


What’s that then?

Debbie doesn’t expand any further, so another Ambridge moment that’ll never really get explained.

Everyone agrees Tom and Kirsty are perfecto

[Kathy] “They were always great together, I remember.”

[Pat] “I haven’t seen Tom this relaxed for months.”

Yup, all nice and lovely.

I can’t help feeling that Kirsty’s got the raw end of the deal, though.

I mean, Tom Archer is hardly a catch …

Jamie’s a good lad

Kathy’s enjoying her new job, and fast forgetting the pains of the Golf Club.

And, Jamie’s being extra “supportive”.

[Pat] “It’s a nice feeling when your children step up to the plate.”

(And how. Remember Jamie just a year or so ago?)

[Kathy] “[This] is actually my new old job.”

[Pat] “To the old and the new!”

Debbie’s got a Zoltan

Seems Debbie has a new man in her life.

A chap called Zoltan, who’s a mechanic and “operates machinery”.

[Helen] “So, he drives the combine?”

(what a snob!)

Debbie’s being a bit naughty, seeing Zoltan. She met him when she interviewed him for a job. But:

[Debbie] “We’re not harming anyone.”

[Helen] “So you’re mixing business with pleasure?”

[Debbie] “We’re young, free and single. Well, he’s young …”

Wahey! Debbie’s bagged a 30 year old. On yersel, doll.

[Debbie] “It’s a real tonic to have some unadulterated fun for a change … And a secret, more exciting … you know.”

Yup, Helen knows that all too well. Though her secret is far from unadulterated. Even Debbie’s spotted that Helen is up to something:

[Debbie] “I distinctly got the impression that there might be someone special.”

Helen claims it’s Jonno, but she’s rubbish at being subtle. When Debbie gets a text from Rob saying that he’ll have to stay for a few more days, Helen is far too interested. But Debbie’s oblivious.

She starts going on about how wonderful Rob is. That he’s “one of the good guys”. And how important Jess is to him.


If only Debbie knew … she probably wouldn’t flutter an eyelid.

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