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Darrell needs work, not a therapist – Wed 09.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 9th October 2013
  • What’s Darrell doing at night?
  • Alistair’s got a pig farm with pneumonia
  • Why was the cow so brave?
  • Even Ruth’s given in to the Super Dairy
  • An awkward moment for David
  • Darrell doesn’t even know what is the month
  • The cows are nearly ready to go in
  • The Brookfield kitchen is clean!!!
  • Why would Ruth have a recipe?
  • Vicky’s calf was culled
  • What’s wrong with the stag do?
  • Caroline ponders life over some chocolate

What’s Darrell doing at night?

Seems he’s up and down and up and down … keeping both Shula and Alistair awake.

What’s he doing?

Making tea.

[Alistair] “So it was caffeine overload, makes sense.”

[Shula] “It’s almost as if he made a cup, forgot about it, and made another one.”

Seems Darrell was also just as distracted during a football match he was meant to be watching with Alistair. Which would previously have been unthinkable.

(really? I don’t recall Darrell having mentioned a passion for football before)

[Alistair] “He was fidgeting endlessly, stopping and starting conversations … hopefully he’ll have tired himself out tonight and get some sleep … I feel sorry for the guy, he’s lost everything.”

[Shula] “He’s much more fragile mentally then I’d anticipated … He takes offense at anything I say about his emotional state.”

[Alistair] “If we say nothing, we’re almost colluding with him, pretending everything alright.”

So, Shula has the awful task of having to suggest to Darrell that he seeks professional help.

[Shula] “Alistair and I have noticed you’re finding it hard to relax. You seem very anxious.”

Darrell rambles on for a bit. About how he’s in a new place. Finding his feet, his way around, and the like.

[Darrell] “Do you want me to go?”

[Shula] “We don’t want you to leave. But we are very concerned about you … Alistair and I were wondering if you’d consider seeking professional help … counselling maybe.”

[Darrell] “Do you think I’m nuts? Some madman that wants locking up? … Just cause I’m down on my luck, doesn’t mean I’ve lost my marbles. All I need is a job.”

Darrell then rambles again. He decides he’s been good on those TV renovation programmes.

[Darrell] “I’m good at renovations.”

(told you)

Then, he gets paranoid again.

[Darrell] “Maybe I should move on right now. Get out of your way.”

Shula asks him where he would go, and what he would do?

He doesn’t know.

She offers to help him look for jobs online.

[Shula] “If you do that, you can prove you’re looking for work.”

(ah, poor Darrell must be on Jobseekers with a set number of targets to prove he’s looking for work, every week)

That seems to calm him. It’s something he can do tomorrow. (always tomorrow)

But, he thinks even seeing his GP would be a complete waste of everyone’s energy.

[Shula] “We all need help from time to time.”

[Darrell] “Not like this. I’m a grown man.”

Shula argues that he’s paid his taxes all of his working life, and he’s fully entitled now to get the support he needs. And if it does work, it’d help him try and rebuild his relationship with Rosa. He’d been calmer.

[Darrell] “I don’t want to be put on no tablets.”

[Shula] “Seeing your GP is just about talking to someone who understands what you’ve going through. You’ve nothing to lose apart from your pride.”

[Darrell] “What if that’s all I’ve got left?”

[Shula] “From where I’m standing, your pride is what’s destroying you.”

[Darrell, coming round to the idea] “I suppose, no one has to know, do they?”

Ah – well done Shula!

It’s worth a punt …

Alistair’s got a pig farm with pneumonia

And a Labrador who needs an exploratory laparotomy.

[Alistair] “Swallowed some plastic packaging, apparently.”

No wonder he needs to get more sleep.

Why was the cow so brave?

It must have been incredibly so. Even David remarked on it.

We’ll never know …

Even Ruth’s given in to the Super Dairy

Seems Debbie is over to review the progress of the super dairy, which should be fully stocked by Christmas.

[Ruth] “I can’t believe how quickly it’s happened.”

[Darrell] “Well, Berrow Farm is part of the landscape now.”

So, that’s that?

Brian’s completely and utterly won?

An awkward moment for David

Caroline was at Brookfield, checking that David was still okay to talk to that Council department (whoever they may be) about Joe’s fall.

[Caroline] “I’m sorry you’re being inconvenienced.”

[David] “Not at all. These things happen.”

Once Caroline leaves:

[Ruth] “That sounded rather awkward.”

[David] “Inevitably.”


Darrell doesn’t even know what month it is

[Darrell] “Who plans Christmas dinner in September?”

[Shula, trying to be patient] “It’s October.”

[Darrell] “The clocks haven’t even gone back yet.”


That’d be funny, if it wasn’t so desperately sad.

The cows are nearly ready to go in

At Brookfield.

Seems there’s only a few weeks of grazing left.

Course, the cows at the Super Dairy are in already. Forever more. But no one seems to care anymore.

The Brookfield kitchen is clean!!!

David’s in awe.

[David] “This kitchen is look positively pristine.”

[Ruth] “That was Emma. She got a bit carried away with a scourer. And it might be a hint … to use the oven.”


No chance of that.

Microwave pizza, anyone?

Why would Ruth have a recipe?

Emma seems to think she would.

[David] “That doesn’t really sound like your sort of thing.”

[Ruth] “It’s not. And it’s yet another item to add to my ever expanding to do list.”

Though they reckon Jill would be delighted to give a recipe to Emma for her charity recipe book. And Ruth supposes she could give Emma one for Victoria Sandwich.

[David] “Um, cakes aren’t exactly your forte, Ruth …”

He suggests he gives her one of his sauce formulas to pass off as her own.

Which seems sensible enough. We don’t want the whole village to have food poisoning follow a recipe that Ruth hadn’t the first clue how to put together.

Vicky’s calf was culled

Well, it had to be put out of its own misery.

[David] “Hopefully Vicky will refrain from asking Alan for a memorial service!”

What’s wrong with the stag do?

Seems Jazzer has called an emergency meeting about it. Even David has to attend.

[Ruth] “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”


Caroline ponders life over some chocolate

On a rare break, Caroline’s buying some chocolate. She’s also in a thoughtful mood.

[Caroline] “Is it worth it?”

Course, she’s on about the hotel. Not about whether her very existence is worth it.

She’s starting to see Oliver’s point that the hotel is endlessly demanding. Gives her little time to do anything else. And creates a HUGE amount of stress on her.

[Shula] “I didn’t expect to hear that from you Caroline, you’re usually so robust.”

[Caroline] “I’m not sure my heart’s really in the business at the moment.”


Hire Kathy as General Manager. Retire, while she runs the business and earns a tidy profit.

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