Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Jim gets Joe excited: Tues 15.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering the Archers Tuesday 15th October 2013
  • In a spare hour, Alistair paints the cricket pavilion
  • Hey Jude, on repeat …
  • Did Darrell go to the doctor?
  • The Community Orchard tempts out Joe
  • More trouble with Ed’s cows
  • Neil’s ruined it for everyone
  • Brenda’s still making coffee!

In a spare hour, Alistair paints the cricket pavilion

As you do.

And he’s roped Jim in to help.

Of course, Jim wants to do it to exacting standards. And is finding fault with the brushes. Though Alistair reckons a bad workman blames his tools:

[Jim] “I defy you to find fault with my section of wall … For goodness sake Alistair, you’ve left a huge gap between the skirting board and the wall!”

Ah well.

What could Alistair have expected?

Hey Jude, on repeat …

Good god.

Darrell may be in a bad place, but there’s nae need to torture everyone else around him.

Did Darrell go to the doctor?

Though Alistair reckoned Darrell should get himself to the doctor, Shula insisted on taking him. She wanted to be sure he actually went.

Darrell still isn’t keen, so Shula tries to focus him on why he’s going. To try and make things better with Rosa.

[Shula] “The important thing is you’re trying to sort it out now.”

When Shula fetches him to go to the doctor, she finds him sitting and “mulling” over the questions the doctor will ask.

[Darrell] “I don’t want him to think I’m mad.”

The traffic made them run late, so Shula had to drop him off outside rather than take him in. She has a lesson booked. All looks well, though. Darrell seems chirpy, and is even going to finally collect his tools from his mate (who’s back from “up North”).

But, as Shula leaves, Darrell gets a call from someone he calls “love” …

Later on, though Alistair is enjoy he and Shula having the house to themselves, Shula’s preoccupied. She hasn’t heard from nor seen Darrell since she dropped him off.

[Shula] “Just feels like something is not right.”

[Alistair] “Can you try and out Darrell out of your mind for a few hours … you can’t control him, he’ll do as he does.”


Odds on that Darrell never made it actually into the doctors …

The Community Orchard tempts out Joe

Jim’s worried about Joe.

[Jim] “He’s terribly low. A shadow of his former self.”

Joe didn’t want to chat with Jim. Or even watch the telly. Nor was he interested in talking about the apple identification stall he and Jim were planning for the Apple Festival.

[Jim] “It’s hard to see him in such poor shape though. The truth is, I don’t know what to do.”

Alistair suggests he get Joe out the house. Maybe down to the Apple Orchard, just for a wander. After it all, it was Joe and Jim’s project.

Jim suggests that to Joe, and it works! Jim played to Joe’s sense of pride – that he needed Joe’s expertise for apply day:

[Jim] “He’s the one of the only people in the village with a profound knowledge of the traditional varieties … I don’t to look a fool.”

Clarrie’s also going to pack them a picnic.

[Jim] “When I left, Joe was actually excited about it.”

Well done that Jim.

Hopefully this is the start of Joe’s recovery proper.

More trouble with Ed’s cows

Seems he lost another calf – this one, aborted before it could be born.

Ed’s worried the herd has an infection, but Mike cautions that they wait to hear from Alistair.

[Mike] “I’m as worried as you are, these are Vicky’s cows, remember.”

(aye, that they’re Vicky’s cows is all that’s important here!)

But, alas, Alistair can’t tell them anything until he gets the results of the tests back next week.

Oh dear.

More gloom for Ed?

Neil’s ruined it for everyone

So reckons Mike.

And all because Neil bought Susan that sold gold pendant. It’s set a precedent for all of the Ambridge husbands.

[Mike] “Reckon [Vicky’s] next significant birthday present is going to cost a packet.”

Brenda’s still making coffee!

Mike misses Brenda. For her babysitting prowess. How nice of him.

Anyhoo – seems Brenda has been applying for jobs, but isn’t getting anything in her ‘field’. So, she’s working in a coffee shop.


Is making coffee for Londoners better than making coffee for Lilian and Matt?

I’m not too sure.

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