Friday, 11 October 2013

The Council Officer Cometh: Fri 11.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 11th October 2013
  • All fear the Council officer …
  • Lynda’s distracting
  • Sad scenes at the Grundys’

All fear the Council officer …

Today’s the day the Council chap is in questioning everyone again at Grey Gables.

Caroline’s in a flap. Oliver’s keeping calm. David’s arrived to give evidence. Though he isn’t sure how he can be of any help.

[David] “Not unless the local authority is interested in the ear tagging of calves and the fluctuating price of milk …”

Actually, Oliver isn’t flapping because he firmly believes Grey Gables wasn’t to blame for Joe’s fall. Though he’s moved on from blaming Joe:

[Oliver] “If anyone’s to blame in this situation, it’s the carpet fitters.”

Really? Clasping at straws there, methinks.

Anyhoo – the Council Officer chap is called Mr Hughes. Still no clue of which department Mr Hughes is from, bit whichever one it is, they obviously don’t value good timekeeping.

Mr Hughes is late.

[Lynda] “He’s fallen victim to a malfunctioning sat nav.”

After he’s been and gone, Caroline actually feels a bit better. She reckons he seems like a reasonable Council chap (really? Do they actually exist??).

[Oliver] “They must know we’re not charlatans. Our track is impeccable, that must count for something.”

Caroline concurs. And also agrees to the Madame Butterfly DVD and a Thai takeaway.

That’s progress.

But, it’s not all good. Caroline’s still worried that she has heard back from Joe about her settlement offer.

Lynda’s distracting
During the high tension while waiting for Mr Hughes’ arrival, Lynda’s wittering about how she’s helping Emma do the organ fund recipe book. She asks Caroline for a recipe, and starts telling her every detail of the book …

[Caroline, exasperated] “Excuse me Lynda, why are you telling me all this? … Why would I be thinking about recipe books when the future of the business is on the line?”

[Lynda] “I’m so sorry Caroline, I was just trying to take the edge off of it.”

And Lynda’s also feeling nervous about being interviewed.

As she should.

The accident happened on her watch …

Robert was doing his best to keep Lynda’s spirits up. He texted a picture of their garden to help “bolster” her spirits.

[Lynda] “The delphinine have had a second wind …”

Ah well, whatever gets her through it, I suppose.

Sad scenes at the Grundys’

It was horrible eavesdropping in on Eddie helping Joe put his shirt on.

Joe was in a lot of pain, and sounded incredibly old and worried.

Eddie even had to do Joe’s buttons up for him, while persuading him that he really did need to go to be interviewed by the Council chap.

[Joe] “I want to be back home, in me chair.”

[Eddie] “We’re going to get through this. You heard what the doctor, you’ll improve as time goes on.”

Eddie’s trying again to convince them both.

[Eddie] “Come on dad. I won’t let you fall.”

(Oh, that was heartbreakingly sad)

Later on, Eddie’s in charge of taking his and Joe’s lunch out of the slow cooker. Joe isn’t convinced he’ll cope.

[Joe] “Everything looks higgledy piggledy.”

And too hot. He burnt his mouth.

[Joe] “I’m used to it served up just right … And I don’t like swede. Who likes swede?”

And there’s too much broccoli.

And the bread’s not buttered properly. Eddie missed a corner.

[Eddie, losing his temper] “You eat that food now!”


Eddie immediately apologises.

[Joe, sad and resigned] “That don’t matter …”

[Eddie] “I hate this … everything you’re going through. It’s not right. … This isn’t your life. It’s not you.”

[Joe] “You’re not wrong son.”

So, Eddie’s back on about blaming Grey Gables. And how they should ask for more, considering the pain Joe’s in and:

[Eddie] “Not to mention what it’s doing to the rest of us seeing you like this.”

Caroline’s not got a hope of being able to settle soon or early.

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