Sunday, 13 October 2013

Susan gets pulled at her party: Sun 13.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 13th October 2013
  • Caroline’s tossing and turning
  • There’s too much milk in Joe’s tea
  • Tracey’s coming out, so they better get the party started
  • The hounds relax Caroline
  • Gregory competes for Susan’s attention

Caroline’s tossing and turning

She’s still worrying about what the Council is going to say. And whether Joe will accept or refuse her settlement.

Oliver tries to distract her with the Echo.

[Oliver] “There’s a section on Autumn Trends for the country woman.”

He wants her to try and be more positive, for her and everyone else’s sake.

(easier said than done)

There’s too much milk in Joe’s tea

Eddie’s made it again, rather than Clarrie.

Joe is not amused.

He’s also not amused that Jim is going to sit with him while Eddie’s at Susan’s 50th party.

[Joe] “I don’t need a babysitter … long as he don’t witter on.”

Eddie then asks Joe to sign something, to which Joe tells him to read it out first. Quite right too. It’s a letter rejecting Caroline’s offer.

[Joe] “You sure I’m doing the right thing?”

Eddie reckons so. If they can put a price on Joe’s suffering, it surely must be more.

I can see Eddie’s point.

But this is going to get worse for everyone before it gets better.

Tracey’s coming out, so they better get the party started
Susan’s already delighted with her birthday. She’s got super presents, including a pampering session at Grey Gables before she goes to her party.

But, seems Tracey is actually more excited about the party than Susan.

[Tracey] “You two ready to part then? … I’m young, free, single and I want to mingle!”


Best lock Ambridge’s men in for the night.

The hounds relax Caroline

Oliver manages to persuade Caroline out for a ride with the hounds. The first Meet is fairly soon, so they’re trying out the pups. Including s feisty wee chap called Minky.

[Oliver] “Little devil’s obviously an explorer … Minky is a bit of a rebel … he still doesn’t seem to be learning his manners.”

Caroline has enjoyed her day out. But her relaxed frame of mind doesn’t last long. She gets an email from Ian telling her that he’s had more restaurant cancellations.

[Caroline] “He’s upset … he thinks people are cancelling because of the negative publicity …”

That sets off Caroline again.

[Caroline] “From now on, I’m going to concentrate on things that are under my control. I’m going to get Grey Gables on its feet, no matter what it takes.”

Oh dear.

Caroline was so close to retiring …

Gregory competes for Susan’s attention

Susan’s having a grand old time at her party. She’s on the vodka and orange …

Tracey seems to have randomly invited anyone from Susan’s past. Including someone called Gregory who Susan doesn’t even recognise.

[Gregory] “We used to sit next to each other in CSE maths … Been a long time since we were agonising over mathematical equations.”

I suspect Tracey was more keen to invite Gregory for her sake, rather than Susan’s. Gregory’s done well for himself (he runs a call centre), and is single.

Neil sounds a tad jealous as Gregory sounds very delighted to see Susan again. He’s even brought her a rather flash bracelet as a present.

[Tracey] “Now that’s what I call bling on a string!”

He also invites Susan to a 70s night in Felpersham.

[Tracey] “I’m there!”

(um … Gregory invited Susan, actually)

Though Gregory takes Susan up dancing, Neil tries to persuade him to dance with Tracey instead.

[Gregory] “I always carried a bit of a torch for Susan in school. Not that she noticed. You’re a lucky man, Neil.”

[Neil, firmly] “Yes, I am.”

When Neil finally manages to get Susan alone, he gives her an extra special gift. A solid gol locket, that he reckons would be perfect for a photo of the grandkids.

[Susan] “I think you and me should go in here.”


Neil won the girl again.

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