We Love The Bull

Sid was the landlord of Ambridge's only pub, The Bull.

Sid died. Very suddenly.

His wife Jolene is very sad and no longer wants to part own and manage The Bull.

Her daughter Fallon is managing to just about keep The Bull running, and desperately wants to stay.

Jolene can't see beyond The Bull being about her and Sid. Everytime she sees someone pulling a pint, she thinks of Sid (most specifically, his hairy arms ...).

Lilian owns the other half of the shares in The Bull. She doesn't have the ready cash to buy Jolene's half, and actually isn't interested in doing so.

Infact, Lilian can only see huge problems in having another part owner come into the business. Who would it be? Would they have the "chemistry" that Sid and Jolene brought to The Bull?

Wouldn't it just be easier to turn The Bull into flats? Which is Lilian's other business.

Harry (the milkman) is setting up a website called We Love The Bull to show Jolene how much Ambridge needs her and the pub (well ... I suspect it's more about the pub, but Jolene needs to be on-side).

Ambridge needs a pub. It's where residents can relax, have a few pints of Shires and sample Freda's wonderful cooking. The Bull is the heart of the community.

Don't let Ambridge become yet another British village to lose its heart.

Save The Bull! 

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We Love The Bull : http://www.causes.com/causes/526294 (570 and counting)

Update: 24th September 2010

We Love The Bull on the BBC! (click here for the article)

I’ll admit that I have a foot in both camps (though I’m not sure you’re allowed to only be partly an Anarchist).

I believe that “The Archers Are real. There Are No Actors”. The BBC pretending that they write The Archers is just a conspiracy to keep everyone from finding out where Ambridge is. After all, wouldn’t we all like to live there …

But, I also admit (with slight trepidation in case my fellow Archers Anarchists put me first up against the wall) that I am a member of the Archers Addicts. I have even been known to look at the ‘actors’ pictures on the BBC website (which I always feel slightly soiled about after).

So, I can’t claim to be an AA puritan, nor do I accept (in my mind) the claims of the BBC that they create The Archers for us. (Which is a ridiculous thought. Why on earth would they have kept a ‘radio soap’ about a small rural area on the air for nearly 60 years. Who on earth would be interested in that!?!).

So the piece on the BBC Archers pages about the We Love The Bull campaign is very rewarding for Harry, and the rest of us who have been working away to show Jolene about how much we do Love The Bull.

But it’s also a bit perplexing for me as @thearchersfan to actually be part of this BBC conspiracy.

And while it’s a great peace and will hopefully fuel even further support for We Love The Bull, I don’t understand what it means about the Archers residents on Twitter being ‘listeners’.

Surely not?

I hate to think that the chats I’ve been having with @bartlebythepony were actually just with some bloke …

I’ll have to regroup to ponder this new development, which is in danger of making my entire view of the world split like an atom.

Either way - the important thing is to show that We Love The Bull!

Update 16th Jan 2011

Can't say it's come as a surprise - but looks like Matt has plans to shut The Bull and develop it into property (one would assume flats).

See the eavesdropping from the 14th of Jan: click here

Looks like Lilian will fight for The Bull - but with Jolene again getting despondent, and Matt seeing £ signs, does she stand a chance?

She does - if we all still show We Love The Bull!


Anonymous said...

Ive just joined this cause through Facebook. Am a little confused as to what cause I'm supporting - is this the real Bull in Ambridge, the real Bull in Mustardland or something virtual on Harry's computer?

Inga McVicar said...

Hello Careen,

Cheers for your support!

What you're supporting is the real Bull in Ambridge.

Recent eavesdropping suggests it might be sold if Jolene doesn't see she's needed and/or Fallon can't get enough support.

While Fallon made need finance if she's to take over from Jolene, I don't think we take it that far ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

We need to make sure Fallon gets all the support she needs to take over the Bull. Maybe Brian can be persuaded as a way to annoy Lillian and jailbird! The put Fallon in as manager? Or get the useful Peggy to bail her out, she has nothing to do except visit Jack all day!

The Archers Fan said...

Ah Anon - you've made some bloomin' good points there.

Brian getting Jolene's shares would be perfect revenge on Matt for the access land.

Maybe Peggy also does now have a bit more free cash since she offloaded the village shop onto the village. And she is quite useful when it comes to giving people money (eh Tom!).

Anonymous said...

I hate the Bull and everyone in it. Knock it down or set fire to it.

Anonymous said...

Bulldoze the shop too - preferably while creepy Susan is doing a stock audit.

Inga McVicar said...

Eh? How can you hate The Bull anon? I get Susan etc, but how can one not like a public house?!?

Still, each to their own!

Anonymous said...

Inga - I hate The Bull mainly because it's part-owned by that stuck-up drunkard Lilian. If the pub gets flattened (or burnt down) Jolene will die with it and I won't have to listen to the nauseating Lilian pronounce Jolene as 'Jellean' ever again.

PS. Don't get me started on the ultra-creepy Susan. Yuk!

Harold's Walker said...

OMG Susan ... interchangeable with the other nagging witch on Corrie (Sally) only the accent is different ... not that I watch Corrie, gave up the TV long ago ... Nigel has gone, we still have Susan (and Helen - urghh ... there is no justice in this world)

Inga McVicar said...

Ah - I see where you're coming from anon.

Inga McVicar said...

Hello Harold's Walker,

Must admit to not being a Corrie fan, but know Sally from my youth.

Susan will find a way to make Nigel's death a tragedy for herself. That man deserved so much better ...