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Joe goes to the pub: Tues 08.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 8th October 2013
  • What does £1,500 mean when you can’t eat sausages?
  • Shires to the rescue
  • Kathy’s gainfully employed
  • When Joe met Poppy
  • Emma lies about a card
  • Will no one think of Emma’s cookery book?
  • Kenton looks forward to his stag do

What does £1,500 mean when you can’t eat sausages?

[Clarrie] “You’ve hardly touched your sausages.”

Joe’s still not eating properly.

[Clarrie] “I know it’s not easy. You’re doing very well.”

[Joe] “I can’t seem to get comfortable.”

Would Caroline’s solicitor’s letter offering him £1,500 make Joe feel more comfortable?

[Joe] “That sounds alright.”

Eddie’s not so sure. He reckons they shouldn’t say yes straight away.

[Eddie] “I don’t reckon you’re in a well enough state to make such an important decision.”

In Eddie’s humble (!) opinion, Joe has a watertight case against Grey Gables. So, he can afford to negotiate. Joe does not concur – he’s worried that he won’t get anything if he says no to this first offer.

[Eddie] “There’s no way you’ll lose, no way.”


He might.

And if he does get more, at what cost to their friends and neighbours?

Methinks it’s Eddie that’s not in the right state to be making this type of decision.

[Eddie] “I reckon dad should get more.”

[Clarrie] “I think it’s up to Joe.”


Shires to the rescue

So, Eddie reckons Joe isn’t fit to make a decision about Caroline’s offer. But, he is fit enough to be forced to go to The Bull.

[Eddie] “If you can drink a cup of tea, you can manage a pint of Shires.”


Anyhoo – Eddie does manage to persuade Joe along to The Bull. Oliver also happens to be there.

[Oliver] “How are you feeling?”

[Eddie, fuming] “How do you think he’s feeling? He’s enjoying the company of his friends.”

[Oliver, rather taken aback] “Sorry to disturb you …”

When Oliver leaves them be:

[Joe] “He’s our Edward’s landlord!”

That’s done it for Joe. He wants to go home, but Eddie won’t let him. One suspects Eddie is trying to convince himself that if Joe’s in the pub, all must be well.

Others can see it isn’t:

[Kenton, to Oliver] “Shocking isn’t it, Joe looking so frail.”

[Oliver] “I seemed to have caused offense just by going over there.”

Kenton reckons Eddie was bound to have a pop. Oliver just hopes he hasn’t made matters worse.

Eddie finally realises that Joe is beyond exhausted, so they finally go home.

[Eddie to Clarrie] “He just sat there, watching the world go by, like he wasn’t part of it anymore.”

[Clarrie] “He will be again. Once he’s stronger. “

[Eddie] “What if he …”

Oh dear.

Eddie obviously thinks the worst.

[Clarrie] “We’re not helping him if we keep worrying about the future.”

She reckons that if they stay positive, Joe will begin to feel positive as well.

Hmmm …

Kathy’s gainfully employed

Caroline starts by offering the Health Club manager’s job to Kathy. Temporarily.

Then, oddly, starts to interview her, asking what her job was at the Golf Club, and what happened to make her leave. Course, that opens the floodgate for Kathy talking about Martyn.

[Kathy] “He did make some good points … but he was never satisfied.”


Never burns one’s bridges, Kathy. It’s just not the done thing to be negative in an interview about your last job.

[Kathy] “I’m afraid he’s not likely to give me a particularly glowing reference.”

BUT, lucky for Kathy, Caroline knows of Martyn, and what he can be like. She reckons Kathy did a marvellous job, and her leaving will be a sore loss for the Golf Club.

She also explains to Kathy that the job is a lower level, and a lower salary, than her previous one. But Kathy isn’t bothered. She sees it as the perfect stop gap.

So, Kathy starts this very afternoon.

[Caroline] “Welcome back Kathy!”

Later on, Kathy’s already making changes for the better. She’s increasing time between appointments to ensure they avoid backlogs.

[Kathy] “I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in again!”

Caroline and Oliver are deeply relieved.

[Oliver] “We couldn’t have asked for a safer pair of hands.”

[Caroline] “It’s a huge relief she said yes.”


No more overflowing towel bins!

When Joe met Poppy

[Joe] “Welcome  to the world Poppy Grundy … Listen to me little one, we got lots to do, you and me. I’m going to teach you how to make cider.”

Joe also wants to take Poppy to meet Bartleby. And eat ice cream with her on the village green.

How gorgeously sweet.

And good to hear Joe perk up a bit.

Emma lies about a card

As Joe meets Poppy, Emma also turns up to see him (the first time since his accident?).

She’s straight away jealous about Poppy, and Joe taking such pleasure in meeting her.

Silly Emma.

She gives Joe a card which (she claims) Keira made for him. All by herself.

[Emma] “Keira’s always been very advanced.”

[Nic, unimpressed] “Right.”

When Kenton is also later round (with a fruit basket from the regulars), George happens to slip to him 9and everyone else within earshot) that Emma helped Keira to make the card.


[Emma] “She’s too little to use scissors on her own …”

[Nic, smug] “I see!”

Serves Emma right.

Being jealous of a baby … what rot!

Will no one think of Emma’s cookery book?

Emma’s crowing about she’s going to press on with her cookery book, in aid of the organ fund. Nic’s now not got enough time to work on her idea of a calendar.

Emma asks Clarrie if she’ll help. Though she means more than just by donating a recipe – she needs help with printing, and the like.

[Emma] “There’s more to do than I thought.”

[Clarrie] “I’d help if I could Emma, but I’ve got far too much with Joe.”

Clarrie reckons she needs to ask Jennifer or Lynda.


Emma wouldn’t dare, nor cope with working with either of those two.

Still, needs must.

Kenton looks forward to his stag do

[Kenton] “I just hope someone stays sober enough to stop Jazzer smuggling me onto a ferry, stripping me naked and chaining me to a lamppost in Calais.”

Oh Kenton.

You’re in trouble …

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