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Panto or Jane Austen?: Thurs 03.10.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 3rd October 2013
  • The recession catches up with Ambridge
  • It’s Jill’s birthday
  • Jill’s already made the wedding cakes
  • Kenton’s oblivious
  • The Christmas show … Jane Austen or Panto?
  • The loo is blocked
  • The Harvest Supper
  • Don’t kids call their parents anymore?
  • Darrell did apologise to Shula
  • Ruth wants an automatic calf feeder

The recession catches up with Ambridge

Kathy’s becoming increasing unoptimistic that she’ll just walk into another job at the same level.

[Kathy] “I know I can’t afford to be choosy, I’m willing to take a lower salary, but there are too many people after too few jobs.”

Welcome to our world!

It’s Jill’s birthday

[Jill] “I try my best to forget, but my children won’t let me.”

Most of her brood popped round to see her at some point today. But, not much of a fuss was made this year.

Jill had Christmas on mind.

Jill’s already made the wedding cakes


Can we assume from the earlier production date that they’re some sort of fruit cake?

Kenton’s oblivious

Kenton went on and on and on and one about his wedding to Jill, when Kathy was also in the shop, just trying to pay.

When she’d left, Kenton reckoned she didn’t sound too chirpy.

[Jill] “You noticed. Did you?”

[Kenton] “Life goes on.”


Life just doesn’t move on as fast for some.

The Christmas show … Jane Austen or Panto?

Jill demanded Kenton was present at tonight’s meeting about the Panto. She needs his moral support.

[Jill] “Lynda confined in me she’s planning an evening of Jane Austen.”

[Kenton] “Jane Austen? That’s not very Christmassy.”

[Jill] “No. It will be just like last year. Very worthy.”

[Kenton] “And massively dull.”

[Jill] “So, unless you can come up some sort of Regency equivalent of your Lord of Misrule.”

[Kenton] “Isn’t it about time that we had a proper panto?”

(yes, yes, yes!!!)

Anyhoo – the Christmas show committee this year is Alan, Robert, Vicky, Neil, Lynda, Jill, Kenton and Sabrina:

[Lynda] “She’s always been a stalwart of the Christmas show.”

[Jill] “And who can forget her cat in dick Whittington!”

[Lynda] “Quite. And it’s about time we had a few younger people involved.”

Jill concurs, but reckons that young people are too busy these days. Lynda reckons that if you ask a busy person …

It’s only Jill and Lynda so far, with Kenton just arrived.

[Lynda] “What have you done with Robert?”

[Kenton] “He’s just putting the recycling out.”

[Lynda] “I asked him to do that hours ago!”

(poor Robert. He must have a lot of recycling put out, as we don’t hear from him at all this evening)

So … Lynda outlines her plans:

[Lynda] “There is a particularly wonderful scene from Emma, set at Christmas.”

[Jill] “Would it be possible to dramatise this scene, rather than just have somebody read it?”

[Lynda] “I suppose one could, though I feel with Jane Austen it’s all in the language, and what you want to hear is her particular turn of phrase … there will, of course, be other elements.”

Like fancy dress. And a prize for the best dressed bonnet.

[Kenton] “That will go down well with the lads!”

[Lynda] “And music from the regency period, dancing. Drinks and nibbles.”

[Kenton] “Lovely and dull.”

[Lynda] “Kenton, how can you call Jane Austen dull!?!”

[Kenton] “Speaking as your average bloke …”

[Jill] “My worry, don’t you think it sounds a bit like last year?”

Lynda reckons that was a roaring success. Kenton reminds her that he played a major part …

[Lynda] “Your input will ensure this year is lively and amusing.”

[Kenton] “Not if it’s all about Book reading and bonnets and blokes in tight trousers dancing … I just can’t see it pulling in the crowds.”

Big Lynda *Sniff*

[Jill] “Have you considered doing a pantomime?”

[Lynda] “I feel I’ve rather exhausted my repertoire.”

[Kenton] “But that’s the joy of Panto, a familiar story.”

[Lynda] “That is the joy of revisiting Jane Austen!”

Jill suggests maybe another tale. Like Pinocchio, something from Arabian Nights. Or Robin Hood.

[Lynda] “We’ve done Robin Hood … ah, reinforcements, good. Perhaps now we can have a sensible discussion.”

We don’t get to hear the rest.

Darn it!

Panton, panto, panto (would be my vote!)

The loo is blocked

Is there no end to the problems at Grey Gables’ health Club?

[Kathy] “It could happen anytime, but it is a bit unpleasant.”


And not very, um, healthy.

The Harvest Supper

Was at Darrington this year.

I did wonder where it had got to.

Seems Shula wasn’t very impressed. It was a quiet affair, despite them serving some rather potent rhubarb wine.

[Shula] “When we have the harvest supper here we always end up with a bit of music or some dancing.”

Shame on Darrington for putting on such a poor show.

Don’t kids call their parents anymore?

Seems not in Ambridge.

Though Daniel called Jill to wish her happy birthday, Shula didn’t have a clue that he was in Queens, New York. Last time she heard, Daniel was on a Greyhound.

[Shula] “We have to rely on his rather cryptic posts on Facebook.”

(eh? Surely arriving in New York would lead to a plethora of Facebook posts?!?)

Pip sent a card and an email to Jill.

[Jill] “About how many hectares of winter wheat she’s drilled.”

[David] “That’s exciting.”

[Jill] “And how much fun she’s having with the Young Yorkshire Farmers.”

That’s all new news to David and Ruth. They also have to check on Facebook for Pip’s movements.


But it also raises the question of why these kids have their parents as friends on Facebook … surely that’s a big no no?

Darrell did apologise to Shula

Though Jill thinks it was brave of Shula to offer Darrell a room, Shula now reckons it was “foolish” of her. She just couldn’t bear the thought of him sleeping outside when:

[Shula] “We’ve got that great big house with rooms to spare …”

But, at least Darrell has apologised.

Though Jill seemed perturbed he’d texted his apology. One imagines a telephone call would have been more appropriate.

Later on, Kenton also expresses his concern for Darrell:

[Kenton] “I felt so sorry for him, so defeated.”

He was even thinking about giving Darrell a shift in The Bull washing dishes. But that was before Darrell lost his temper.

[Kenton] “He needs help, doesn’t he?”

[Shula] “I know. I know he does.”

Question is … who from?

Ruth wants an automatic calf feeder

Ruth’s feeding many calves, while David has got the tatties in and a contractor gets their maze silage in.

[Jill] “That’s the trouble with block calving, too many mouths to feed at once.”

Ruth was murder for an automatic feeders, but they still have that silage tank to pay for.

Pesky badgers …

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Ralph Corderoy said...

And who can forget [Sabrina's] cat in dick Whittington!

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