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Nic’s waters break (at the bus stop): Mon 30.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 30th September 2013
  • Susan’s family has nae class
  • Shall we invite that one from the prison?
  • Of course Joe can’t wait for his baccy!!!
  • Joe never to be in the fresh air again?
  • Nic wants to do a charity calendar
  • Alan kits out Darrell
  • Emma hasn’t even been to see Joe?
  • The new Grundy baby is on its way

Susan’s family has nae class.

Susan, Emma and Tracey are talking about Susan’s 50th party.

[Susan] “I can’t help feeling it’s a bit of a shame though … Grey Gables would have been a bit special. Me lovely dress.”

[Tracey] “You can still wear your posh frock. And at least at The Bull you don’t have to eat cake with silly little forks and worry about spilling on the carpet.”

[Emma] “Jolene and Freda always do lovely food.”

[Susan, resigned and trying to find something positive] “And the children will be happier.”

Susan wants Grey Gables, she gets The Bull. Shame.

You’d think someone would listen to her. Her 50th is quite an occasion.

[Tracey] “And it’s a big occasion, your half century.”

(see … eve Tracey knows it!)

Shall we invite that one from the prison?

Tracey’s sought out Susan’s address book so that she can invite some of her old pals to the party.

She comes across a Carol Broadhead, with an address in Wolverhampton.

[Emma] “Wasn’t she that woman you met in prison?”

[Tracey] “Probably not someone you want to invite to the party then.”

(what a cheek, considering how many of the Horrobins have been, and are in, prison).

She also find Maureen Travis’ address … Susan is furious.

(Maureen had a few week pops at bedding Neil. I kid you not!)

Of course Joe can’t wait for his baccy!!!

Alan’s out and about, dispensing the harvest produce collected at the church. Seems Joe is on his list of needy and worthy (and old enough).

[Alan] “I know you don’t need veg.”

[Joe] “Probably all going to rack and ruin out there now.”

Not so.

Eddie reckons he and George have been doing the honours.

So Alan gives him blackberries, sardines, corned beef, rice pudding and some ginger biscuits:

[Alan] “Which might be on the hard side, but I find them good for dunking.”

[Joe] “Might have brought me some baccy.”

[Nic] “Joe!”

Seems that’s not the sort of thing donated to a church harvest. And Eddie’s getting Joe some on the way home.


Joe’s a heavy smoker.

Only a non-smoker would think it’s okay to leave him without any baccy at all.

Poor, poor Joe.

Joe never to be in the fresh air again?

Even Alan can’t persuade Joe outside for a wee wander.

[Joe] “It still hurts to move about  … I don’t reckon I’ll get out there again … I’m 92 years old and I’ve had enough.”

When Alan reminds Joe that he has a great grandchild to meet any week now, Joe just groans.

Goodness me.

The black dog really has descended onto Joe.

Nic wants to do a charity calendar

Nic’s idea for raising funds for the church organ is a calendar, by the kids. It’d feature a picture foe ever month, by the junior church.

With her baby due, she asks Emma if she’s like to help out.

[Emma] “Everyone does calendar’s these days, don’t they!”

[Nic] “So, you won’t be interested in helping?”

[Emma, sensing the loss of a potential brownie point] “Me … it’s not that I don’t want to, I just might have my own idea for the organ fund. I don’t want to say anything yet, it’s at the planning stage, and well, um, here comes the bus …”

You really are a silly, silly girl, Emma Grundy.

Alan kits out Darrell

Alan spots Darrell, and calls out after him:

[Darrell, out of Alan’s earshot] “Oh no …”

[Alan] “Good grief, you have been in the wars, haven’t you?”

[Darrell] “Shula, is she alright, I kind of lost it with her, I feel bad about it, it weren’t her fault what happened.”

Darrell’s going to call Shula to apologise, Alan reckons she’d like that.

Alan also invites Darrell to the manse. He has harvest produce to share.

Darrell gets biscuits, chocolates, apple and the like.

[Darrell] “That’s great, but I’m not sure I can carry it all.”

Alan’s thought of that. He’s got Darrell a rucksack.

[Darrell] “Someone donated a rucksack to the harvest festival?”

Nope, it’s just one of Alan’s old ones. And he’s also put a sleeping bag in it.

[Alan] “Nights can get pretty chilly this time of year.”

Darrell’s so touched by Alan’s kindness, he starts crying.

[Alan] “It’s alright mate, nothing to be sorry about.”

Poor, poor Darrell.

Emma hasn’t even been to see Joe?
Sounds like it.

She has to ask Nic how he was. Nic tells all, and how no-one likes having to leaving Joe on his own. So, she’s been helping when Eddie and Clarrie have to work.

[Emma, sensing she’s being reprimanded. Which she wasn’t.] “I’d like to help out, but when I’m not working I’ve got Keira … and I’m a bit busy at the moment organising my mum’s 50th birthday party.”

Um … birthday party planning. Or 92 year old granddad, with broken arm and feeling depressed?

Come on Emma. It’s not a trick question.

The new Grundy baby is on its way

While waiting for the school bus with Emma, Nic’s waters brake.

(probably the shock of Emma making out she had also been planning a fundraiser for the church organ)

Nic starts panicking. Her mum is shopping in Birmingham. Will’s at work. And the kids are about to get off the bus from school.

For once, Emma proves her worth.

She’s organises to takes the kids, ring Will and make sure Nic gets to hospital.

When Emma gets home (well, back to Susan’s), she’s got the kids outside:

[Emma] “Playing grandmother’s footsteps, by the look of it.”

She’s also pumping herself up to be the hero of the hour:  Though seems it only took Will 10  minutes to arrive.

[Emma] “So at least he’ll be there for the birth this time.”

(eh … what? I think you had some of the blame last time, Emma)

Susan insists that Jake and Mia stay at theirs while Will’s at the hospital with Nic, and Clarrie has enough to cope with looking after Joe. Emma reckons Mia won’t be happy to share her room.

Undoing all of the positive ‘hero of the hour’ work she’d done looking after Nic.

Anyhoo … I expect we’ll wake up the morrow to a new Grundy baby.

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