Thursday, 19 September 2013

Joe bumps his head – Thurs 19.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 19th September 2013
  • Darrell’s just fine (actually)
  • We missed both David and Joe’s birthday yesterday
  • Joe would have won the best moustache competition
  • Ben’s enjoying Big School
  • Josh is suddenly a hunk
  • The two amigos
  • The Christmas turkeys!
  • Joe wants Nic at home
  • Joe says no to a jar
  • It was folks like Eddie and Joe Lynda didn’t want ...
  • Joe leaves in an ambulance

Darrell’s just fine (actually)

Shula took a while to hunt down Darrell today.

She hadn’t seen him since Monday, but David told her Eddie had seen Darrell (!) yesterday, in a bus shelter, on Hollerton Road.

Shula goes to find him:

[Shula] “Hello. I’m sorry if I woke you.”

(why do people say that when they’ve obviously just woken you?)

It’s raining hard, and Darrell has a bad cough. Shula’s brought him soup and homemade bread.

[Darrell] “Soup?”

[Shula] “Chicken, if you’d like some.”

(though why she felt the need to bring homemade bread, I don’t know)

[Shula] “I’m not trying to tell you how to live your lifer. But if you go on like this, you’ll make yourself ill.”

Darrell reckons he’s indestructible.

[Darrell] “Never had a day off work in me life.”

[Shula] “I’m going to make a suggestion. You can take it or leave it if you like, but hear me out.”

She offers him Daniel’s room.

[Shula] “So why don’t you come and stay with us for a few days … There’d be no obligations. You can come and go as you please.”

[Darrell] “Look at me. You can see I’m doing fine … There’s no need to put yourself out. I’m happy the way I am.”

One very much doubts Shula will leave it at that …

We missed both David and Joe’s birthday yesterday

The secret microphones were far too busy with elsewhere.

David got to plough fields, and Joe got a birthday tea.

But tonight, they both get to go to Grey Gables’ Mexican Evening.

Ay, caramba!

(or the like)

Joe would have won the best moustache competition

[David] “Ben’s even bought a stick on moustache for me.”

But, seems Joe was fantastic.

Shame Lynda cancelled the competition without telling anyone before they arrived.

Ben’s enjoying Big School

Though he’s finding it weird being a little ‘un again, he seems to be fine.

Even already trying to teach David the (little) Spanish he’s learnt.

Josh is suddenly a hunk

It’s GCSE year for Josh.

[David] “Let’s just hope he doesn’t get too distracted. All these girls chasing after him.”

[Shula] “Just like his dad at that age.”

When did Josh suddenly become attractive?

Phoebe will be devastated that she didn’t snare him earlier.

The two amigos

[Eddie] “The three Amigos, remember … it’s about these three guys … that’s who we’re going to be tonight.”

Eddie’s taking Joe to the Mexican evening as a birthday treat. Neither Ed nor Will can make it. And poor Clarrie’s reckons Mexican would hurt her already sore throat (eh?). So, Eddie has to revise their fancy dress:

[Eddie] “The two amigos. We’ll look great, dad.”

The Christmas turkeys!

[Eddie] “Get stuck in. Only three months til Christmas.”

Good god!

Joe wants Nic at home

[Joe] “You ask me, she’s about to pop any day … you don’t want to go dropping it behind the bar!”

Fair point, actually.

Joe says no to a jar


He says he wants to save himself for tonight.

Don’t say that, at 92, Joe is slowing down when it comes to cider …

It was folks like Eddie and Joe Lynda didn’t want …
At the Mexican evening, Lynda actually sounds quite cheery.

(she’s such a professional)

She offers David and Ruth their free margaritas (everyone in fancy dress gets one).

[David] “We haven’t to town as much as some of your other guests.”

[Lynda] “Yes well, fancy dress is very much up to personal interpretation.”

Eddie and Joe also get their  margaritas. Though Joe complains that his class isn’t clean. When they tell him the salt is normal:

[Joe] “I don’t want salt in my drink.”
[Eddie] “I’ll have it!”

[Joe] “I don’t want to waste it. Make the next one a pint, eh.”

She apologises for the mariachi band. But David likes them. As do Joe and Eddie. As do the busload of “old codgers” (Ray’s words).

[David] “Bit of a first for Grey gables, actually.”

[Lynda] “We thought we’d try something a bit different.”

Ian’s done a blinder with the menu. Grilled halibut with lime and avocado salad. And green chilli shrimp enchiladas.

[Eddie] “Great init, the real Mexico, just like we was in Acapulco”

Apart from Caroline calling while the evening was in full swing (Lynda hopes she didn’t twig), all seemed to go extremely well.

Too well, in fact.

That Eddie and Joe loved all of Ray’s trimmings proves Lynda’s point that this type of event doesn’t attract Grey Gables’ types.

What that says about David and Ruth, I’m not sure …

Joe leaves in an ambulance

[Lynda] “Eddie, should Joe be mixing tequila and beer at his age?”

Lynda sends David in to the toilets to check Joe is okay.

When David finds him, Joe sounds rather drunk. He wants to grow a real moustache, and another birthday drink.

[Joe] “As long as it’s not got no salt on it.”

David ushers him out, telling him to mind the step.

But Joe goes bottom over head.

[David] “Stunned, I think he might have bumped his head.”

Lynda calls an ambulance.

Eddie sounds terrified.

I hope Joe’s ok …

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