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A Mexican night at Grey Gables – Fri 06.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 6th September 2013
  • Lynda’s also out of the Rose Bowl
  • Oliver’s oblivious
  • Ray’s a liar
  • The music teacher saves the concert
  • Lily’s hyper
  • Ray demands a Mexican night
  • Should the Church save Darrell?
  • Just because Ray’s the boss?

Lynda’s also out of the Rose Bowl

[Lynda] “Oh, Constanza!”

Oh dear.

[Lynda] “Something awful has happened to my peace roses … the ones I’m entering, the ones I was entering, for the Flower and Produce show. It seems Constanza strayed out of her usual patch and has eaten the choice of blooms … of course, it wasn't poor Constanza’s fault, she wasn’t to know, but they were so wonderful.”

Oh dear, oh dear.

Ray even let Lynda off from reception to sit down, and mourn her roses.

That just leaves Ruth in the running?

Oliver’s oblivious

Oliver’s on the phone to check how’s the homestead with Ray.

Of course, Ray reports that all is well. Which is good, as Caroline isn’t even thinking of Grey Gables:

[Oliver] “I’m pleased to say she’s totally switched off.”

Ray did mention he organised a cocktail evening. But, he fibbed when he said that it was a success …

But actually, Oliver isn’t really listening. He’s far too distracted by sunshine and opera.

Ray’s a liar

He lied to Oliver.

Then he lied to Lynda. He reckoned he had told Oliver how wonderful she was. But he hadn’t.

[Ray] “Not at all Lynda, it was the truth.”


The music teacher saves the concert

With the seemingly amazing Simone out ill, seems The Cathedral School’s music teacher has stepped into the breach.

All went well. The audience clapped in the right places, and both Neil and Shula said it was wonderful.

Happy punters, and money in the bank for the church organ fund.

Lily’s hyper

[Jolene] “She’s like a bottle of pop!”

Well, shopping for a bridesmaid dress will do that to most wee (girly) girls.

Ray demands a Mexican night

Ray’s decided that themed evenings are the best way forward for Grey Gables.

[Lynda] “But, a Mexican night!”

[Ray] “It’ll be my gift to Caroline and Oliver. It’s so easy when one’s been in one place for years to get a teeny bit stale.”

Seems Ray has decided that the guests need to be livened up a bit.

[Lynda] “Most of them like to be left to their own devices.”

He’s not listening.

He wants them to party, in fancy dress.

[Lynda, growing ever more alarmed, but trying to remember who is boss] “It really isn’t in keeping with the ethos of Grey Gables.”

[Ray] “And sadly, that’s where the problem lies.”

In Ray’s mind, if you give guests an opportunity to “let their hair down”, they’ll come back for more.

Lynda’s not convinced. And, she’s worried about who is going to tell Ian that he’ll have to cook Mexican. At least Ray’s got enough balls to do the job himself. He’s again not met with positivity.

[Ian] I’m really not keen, I’m afraid Ray … it’s too different. Themed everyone’s are not Grey Gables’ style at all … we have to think about our reputation .. .we’re know for our high cuisine.”

Ian also points out that some customers have already booked a table for Grey Gables’ usual “high cuisine” the same night. Ray’s solution is to stop taking such bookings, and “fence off” those who have:

[Ian] “Fence them off? .. .they’ll feel like they’re eating in some sort of penitentiary.”

Nothing a bit of artificial foliage can sort out, Ray reckons.

Though Ian keeps trying to say no, Ray again doesn’t listen. Then he goes on a charm offensive:

[Ray] “I was speaking to Oliver just now. They both tell me how versatile you are.”


And simple as that, Ian agrees. Though grudgingly so.

Should the Church save Darrell?

Neil tells Shula that he’d seen, and fed, Neil. Though Susan made Darrell run away again:

[Neil] “Susan was shocked when she saw him. And he’s so paranoid, he got the message he wasn’t wanted.”

(well, that’s actually true. Susan wouldn’t have wanted him in her kitchen)

[Shula] “It sounds like he’s in even a worse state than when I saw him. It just seems awful that someone we know is living on the streets and we can’t do anything.”

Neil also feels he’s let Darrell down.

[Shula] “And there I was, getting worked up getting a soloist for our concert. Not much of a tragedy compared to what he’s going through.”

Shula wonders if the Church could give Darrell money to get him back on his feet.

[Shula] “Surely the church should be spending it’s money helping Darrell.”

(told you!)

[Neil] “I’m sure it should, but I don’t think everyone will agree with you.”

Let battle commence!

(and I’ll say it again – can’t at least one of the concerned Ambridge residents give Darrell a temporary bed?)

Just because Ray’s the boss?

[Ian] “You look a bit like I feel.”

Both Lynda and Ian can’t muster the energy to go home. Ray’s given them too much to do.

[Ian] “It’s like to reign in a herd of wild horses, even though there is only one of them.”

[Lynda] “After the awful fate that befall my roses, this feels like the final straw.”

But, they both feel they have to do Ray’s bidding as he’s the boss.

Since when were Ian and Lynda such pushovers?

Surely they should have more loyalty to Caroline and Oliver, and stand up for what’s right for the business?

Seems not.

They’re just going to meekly follow Ray’s (very warped and wrong) lead.

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