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Brenda briefly blunders back – Wed 25.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 25th September 2013
  • Kathy’s a lady of leisure
  • Brenda’s back for a bit
  • So, what’s happening in Kirsty’s love life?
  • Cheap Stag do Vs expensive Hen do
  • Susan’s 50th will be at The Bull
  • Brenda tortures Tom
  • Paul’s still in mind

Kathy’s a lady of leisure

Though she is still getting up at a decent hour. Jamie reckons she deserves a few lie-ins and to enjoy herself a bit (though he wouldn’t say no to her getting up earlier and cooking him a breakfast. She did offer).

Kathy’s going into town to shop and also register with a few employment agencies.

[Jamie] “What’s the hurry? You’re still getting paid by the golf club. Make the most of it, recharge your batteries.”

But, Kathy has twigged that the job market isn’t exactly bountiful right now. She’s also not as young as she used to be.

Still, she’s glad to be away from Martyn. And Jamie’s well and truly on her side.

[Jamie] “Well done mum. You stuck up for yourself … I’m proud of you.”

(What a changed lad he is!)

Brenda’s back for a bit

Kirsty’s surprised by a surprise visit from Brenda.

She’s only back to:

[Brenda] “Convince dad and Vicky that I’m alive and well.”

(I thought Kirsty was getting updates from Brenda … odd she didn’t mention she was coming back for a visit)

So … Brenda’s still in London. Still living in Zach’s flat. And though us in touch with Dmitry, it is still over between them.

She reckons she’s learning from Zach and also doing a bit of work for them.

[Brenda] “To be honest, I need to get a proper job sorted out.”

(ya think? How she’s survived this long on no money is interesting)

Seems she has got interviews coming up.

So, what’s happening in Kirsty’s love life?

[Brenda] “That’s what I miss. All the goss.”

She asks Kirsty how her love life is going. She’s heard Kirsty split with the (ever non-present) Damon.

[Brenda] “Anyone else on the scene?”

[Kirsty] “I wouldn’t say that exactly.”

[Brenda] “Well, what would you say?”

[Kirsty] “How about you tell me more about Zach?”

Oh ho! Kirsty obviously doesn’t want to even remotely hint she’s very (very) interested in Tom. Though there’s no harm done so far … Tom remains completely oblivious.

When Kirsty’s later in The Bull to collect stock for Jaxx, she spots Brenda and Tom having lunch. Tom calls her over, but she makes her mistake as fast as she can.


Cheap Stag do Vs expensive Hen do

Jamie and Kenton are trying to work out where they should go for Kenton’s stag do.

Kenton says no to Amsterdam and Prague. Actually, he says no to any trip abroad as he reckons he can’t spend more on his stag do than they are on their honeymoon (which is a stay in a Gastro pub in the Lake District). Jamie’s gutted.

[Jamie] “Bingo night at the village hall followed by a take away curry … it’s got to be a bit epic, though.”

On the other side, Lilian and Jolene are planning a hotel and health spa hen do.

[Jolene] “We’re going to pamper ourselves shamelessly.”

[Lilian] “And after that, we’re going to undo all that good work with a slap up dinner.”

Kenton sounds impressed by their plans. Especially that there will only be four of them going.

[Jamie, sarcastically] “If it’s a beauty spa you want, just say. It’s a good way to keep the numbers down …”

It doesn’t sound like Lilian and Jolene are remotely concerned about the cost of the hen do. They’re far too focused on having a marvellous time. Including body wraps which sooth the soul:

[Lilian] “I think I’ll settle for the body treatment, my soul might be harder to read.”

Lilian settles on them having the full package treatment, and is very impressed by the hotel:

[Lilian] “Very swanky, we shall have to put on our best frocks for dinner.”

Maybe Kenton should also hang the expense and go abroad.

Susan’s 50th will be at The Bull

Neither she nor Neil really have any imagination …

Brenda tortures Tom

She’s barely moved out her pants, yet Brenda make a beeline to Tom.

He reckons she looks amazing. She doesn’t return the compliment (though maybe Tom looks terrible). She wants to take him to lunch at The Bill.

[Tom] “For you Bren, of course I have [time]”

(poor Tom. He’s not remotely over Brenda. She knows that …)

At lunch, she waffles on about Zach, and how amazing his social life is. Which she also gets to enjoy.

She also tells Tom about her job interviews:

[Brenda] “They’re both in marketing … pretty basic though, and you’ve got to start somewhere.”

[Tom] “I always knew you were too good for Amside.”

Though Brenda reckons she has to thank Amside. Especially Lilian.

[Brenda] “If she’d been nice to me, I’d never have taken the risk.”

(well, Tom was nice to her. Most of the time. That didn’t seem to make a difference).

Brenda eventually gets round to asking Tom how he’s getting on:

[Brenda] “You’re whole life is exciting,. Cutting edge of retail …”

[Tom] “You taking the micky?”

Quite right too Tom … what a witch!

I never thought I’d say this, but he’s best off without her. Brenda’s welcome to her Russians and low level marketing job.

Paul’s still in mind

The hotel Lilian and Jolene are looking at it quite near the Antiques Fair Lilian and Paul went to.

Though it was lovely to hear Lilian guffawing again, she got sad as soon as she thought of him. Jolene then reminded her about the painting she has stashed away, on Lilian’s behalf. Though Lilian can’t cope with that, she’s also sure she’ll be the soul of the party:

[Lilian] “I shan’t be sitting in a corner quietly sobbing.”

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