Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Flower and Produce Show 2013 – Sun 15.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 15th September 2013
  • Who won the Rose Bowl?
  • We’re spared phone sex
  • Remember the lost earring
  • Mrs Shen doesn’t know the meaning of ‘Do Not Disturb’
  • A buffer for Kathy?
  • Mrs Shen doesn’t want to swim with Kathy
  • David and Ruth are going to the Mexican night
  • Rob and Lynda’s llamas save Helen
  • Mrs Shen wants her swimsuit laundered

Who won the Rose Bowl?

Ruth was just about to go and pick her roses for her entry into the Flower and Produce  Show.

[Ruth] “The yellow ones.”

Which just happen to be hidden next to Rickyard. (that’s the first time we’re told that, by the way).

Pat tells Ruth about Lynda’s catastrophe:

[Pat] “Her llama’s in the dog house.”

[Ruth] “Just like Alan, then.”

(that must be one almighty dog house!)

[Pat] “And Jennifer’s withdrawn her entry her. So the opposition’s falling by the wayside. This could be your year for glory.”

Pat spoke far too soon:

[Ruth] “Pat! I don’t believe it! Me Roses! … they’re ruined, they’ve been completely flattened and look, tyre marks. Someone’s driven right over them. Josh’s party … JOSH!”

Oh dear.

Josh was mortified when he was told, and offered to buy Ruth more roses from his egg money (missing the point there, methinks).

So, that’s also Ruth out of the running.

That doesn’t leave anyone we know, doesn’t it?

We’ll never know. The Rose Bowl was won with a “beautiful” entry. But they didn’t say who it was.

(those Ambridge folks are so fickle … if you’re not part of the gang, you’re not even worth a mention)

We’re spared phone sex

[Helen] “In my room, in my bed, feeling lazy …”

[Rob] “Wish I could keep you company … I’ve just have to try and picture you.”

[Helen] “How long have you got?”

[Rob] “Have you just called to torment me? … Anything else I can help you with?”

[Helen] “Not right now, sadly.”

Thank goodness for that!

I was poised to turn over. Phone sex would have been one eavesdrop too far …

Remember the lost earring

Helen’s lost an earring. She thinks it must be at Rob’s.


I think that might be important at some point.

(or it might not be. Ambridge can be like that, sometimes. It’s almost as if the residents plant red herrings for us, just like a scriptwriter might do)

Mrs Shen doesn’t know the meaning of ‘Do Not Disturb’

Mrs Shen hung her ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on her door all weekend. Then:

[Lynda] “She complained that her room wasn’t being cleaned .”

Silly Mrs Shen.

A buffer for Kathy?

Seems someone called Lee at the Golf Club has told Kathy they’ve hired a new General manager.

Kathy’s delighted.

She reckons she now won’t have to put up with all of Martyn’s attack. The new GM might deflect some of them.

Wonder why Kathy hasn’t thought that Martyn can now fire her at will … there’s will be at least one other person there who could not do her job.

On the other hand, the new GM might be a good ally for Kathy.

Knowing Kathy, it’ll be the worst case scenario.

Mrs Shen doesn’t want to swim with Kathy

[Mrs Shen] “I’ve come for my swim, is everything ready?”

Yes bit is. Kathy’s also in for a swim, so is happy to show Mrs Shen the way.

[Mrs Shen] “Well I’m sorry, but the pool is now closed … I must have complete privacy when I swim.”

[Lynda] “What about our other members, what about Kathy?”

[Mrs Shen] “Did you not hear what I said?”

Oh. Seems Ray okay’d that.

See … bad things always happen to Kathy.

David and Ruth are going to the Mexican night

Josh and Ben have bought them tickets for David’s birthday.

I couldn’t think of anything more horrendous … but David and Ruth seem chuffed.

Rob and Lynda’s llamas save Helen

Helen didn’t place at all with her earrings. Which she seemed surprised about. Odd, considering those were the first she (and Kirsty) ever made.

But Pat has a nice surprise for her.

[Helen] “Mum, if it’s a rude looking vegetable … “

[Pat] “See what’s won first prize!”

[Helen] “Oh my …”

Of course, her (bought) necklace won.

Rob happens along (!), and thinks it’s funny. Especially that Helen’s prize is a whopping £1!

But Helen starts flapping.

Ever more so when she sees Lynda come in, wearing the very same necklace. Lynda might see her necklace and realise it was bought, as might Pat if she sees Lynda’s necklace. But Rob has a plan …

He waylays Lynda:

[Rob] “I passed your llamas on your way down, lovely looking beasts.”

He tells her he’s heard she spins with her wool. Lynda is most delighted he’s interested, and takes him to see the tea cosy she made with her llamas’ wool.

[Lynda] “I never realised you were such a llama person.”

[Rob] “Well, it’s one specialism I know very little about, but they’ve always struck me as such fascinating beasts.”

Meanwhile, Helen uses Henry to demand Pat go and see the longest bean. And other such delights:

[Helen] “Mum, we’ve not seen the beetroot yet!”

[Pat] “They can wait, I’m thirsty.”

But alas, Pat (and Kathy) didn’t get a cup of tea with Lynda. Ron has managed to take her off, so she can show him the llamas in person.

[Rob] “You’ll owe me for this.”

[Helen] “I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”


Mrs Shen wants her swimsuit laundered

[Lynda] “I’m so sorry Mrs Shen, but that’s not a service we offer.”

Lynda then escapes (to the Flower and Produce Show), telling Mrs Shen to ask Ray.

Seems the worm has turned.

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