Thursday, 26 September 2013

Darrell accosts Shula in the Church Yard: Thurs 26.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 26th September 2013
  • Joe’s front page news
  • The Local Authority visit to Grey Gables is clarified
  • Helen has ‘coffee’ in Rob’s office
  • Darrell tells Shula to go shake a tin
  • Rob’s feeling the pressure

Joe’s front page news

Joe’s made the front page of The Echo.

[Alistair] “Must have been a slow news week.”

But, seems there was a reporter on the spot. Ray invited them … (doh!)

[Alistair, reading the headline] “Pensioner hurt in Mexican night fiasco …The Margaritas were flowing, the mariachi band were charming diners with their saucy love songs.”

[Shula] “Oh for goodness sake!”

[Alistair, still reading from the paper] “But laughter turned to horror when pensioner Joe Grundy took a tumble in the corridor.”

[Shula] “Gasps of horror, how ridiculous! … Caroline’s dreadfully upset. There’s a long quote from Eddie Grundy.”

[Alistair, again reading fir us from the Echo] “When you go for a fun night out, this is the last thing you expect. Especially when it’s supposed to be one of the top hotels in the county … to a man of his age, a fall like this can be very serious.”

Well, that’s a fair enough comment from Eddie, I reckon.

Just a though, couldn’t Caroline counter-sue Ray?

The Local Authority visit to Grey Gables is clarified

[Shula] “Whichever the department it is that deals with regulations for this sort of thing.”

Thanks for that, Shula.

Helen has ‘coffee’ in Rob’s office

Helen calls Rob, but it’s a bad moment. 70 more heifers have just arrived at the Super Dairy.

She wants to invite Rob to Alice’s 25th birthday party at Jaxx next week.

[Rob] “I’m sorry Helen, I really can’t think about this right now.”

[Helen] “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have phoned you … I hope they’re all okay.”

(the cows … before she met Rob, Helen would have been trying to break ‘em free, not wish ‘em well)

Rob suggests she comes over to his work later on. Helen jumps at the chance, changing her plans.

(he says jump, she gladly does so)

When Helen’s at the Super Dairy, they go to the office for a snog.

(surely it’s only a matter of time before someone starts wondering why Helen is spending so much time there)

Seems Alice also invited Rob to her party.

[Rob] “It should be a pretty lively affair … If it’s a whole load of bright young things, I might feel a bit left out.”

(really? I imagined Rob to be quite a dapper chap)

[Helen] “I thought it might just be a chance for us, well, to be together …”

[Rob] “Even though if we both are there, we can’t be together …”

[Helen] “We won’t be able to sit there, smooching in the corner.”

[Rob] “Pity … As long as you promise to wear that prize winning necklace of yours”


Just stop it now Helen. Please?

Darrell tells Shula to go shake a tin

Today, it’s Darrell chasing after Shula, rather than the other way round. She’s shocked to see he’s rather beaten up:

[Darrell, furious] “Not pretty is it … I got mixed up with you … stay away from me, stop interfering in my life … you, and your interfering do-gooding friends … Because of you, I got a good kicking. Because of you … I don’t want you sorting anything out, have you got that. I don’t want you talking to me, I don’t want you talking about me, I don’t want anything to do with ya. Is that clear enough for you? Next time you want to save the word, go and shake a tin on the high street … don’t use me to make you feel good! … I’m sick of playing the sucker to make your empty life worthwhile!”


He really meant that.

A lot if it was fair enough, but also a tad OTT considering Shula has also offered him her home.

Without Shula, Darrell will be completely on his own. But, that looks like it’s exactly what he wants.

Shula, horribly upset, calls Alistair.

[Shula] “He just went for me. He was so angry.”

After Alistair established that Darrell hadn’t actually physically attacked Shula:

[Shula] “He was so aggressive, he launch into this massive tirade, and he looked terrible.”

Alistair really is quite a nice chap. He tells Shula to go home and have a cup of tea, while he heads home as well to look after her.

Seems Shula had phoned the Elms to try and sort things out for Darrell. Seems the Elms had their eye on Eric anyway:

[Shula] “I got the impression there’d been trouble before.”

Alistair reckons that Shula can’t take what Darrell said to heart. He’s “not himself” at the moment. He also stops Shula from heading back out to try and find Darrell, and should leave him alone.

[Shula] “Even if I made his life harder than it was?”

[Alistair] “You didn’t mean to.”

[Shula] “As if that makes a difference.”

[Alistair] “This is about you … I know you want to make the world a good place but it can’t always be done I’m afraid, I wanted my farmer at Little Croxley to be free of TB.”

(which he isn’t)

Though Alistair reckons Darrell will look back on all of this and realise what Shula was trying to do, now is not the moment to press him.

[Alistair] “I think you should stay away. I mean it, Shula.”

I reckon he’s right.

Rob’s feeling the pressure

Seems Rob’s a tad stressed out at work. They’re at the stage where they’re putting “theory in practice”. The point where everything could go horribly wrong, all too easily.

[Rob] “If this place goes down, no-one is going to let me run anything.”

Helen reckons she could put a word in with Tom.

[Rob, jesting] “Great, second pigman working under Jazzer.”

Helen loves the sound of that. She’d at least get to see more of Rob.

[Rob] “Well now, if you put it like that …”

And they start snogging, yet again.

Thankfully, Darrell interrupted them. He didn’t see anything, and Helen just pretended she was dropping off an invite.

(Darrell was in to ask for work, but Rob didn’t have anything for him)


Hugo said...

Who is going to sort Grey Gables out? Caroline sounds utterly depressed about the whole "carpet Joe" situation and Oliver doesn't seem that bothered.
New management blood need there?
Perhaps Lynda could once again step up to the mark, or Kathy perhaps, now she has so much free time on her hands. She has experience too.
Or, from left field, Brenda and Zac mount an aggressive takeover from London with "Russian diamond" funding?

Inga McVicar said...

Oh my word ... there's a random (but ever so inriguing) thought about Brenda and Zac!

Surely must be one for Kathy. Though Lynda will be sniffing like a mad sniffing lady if that happens.

(and isn't Oliver being odd!?! Supporting Caroline through harassing her to eat bloomin' lunch all the time)