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Lilian whores herself – Tues 03.09.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 3rd September 2013
  • Lilian woos Leonid
  • Robin thinks Matt’s the hostile takeover
  • Dmitry’s lovesick
  • Matt’s threatened with a shotgun
  • What a load of …

Lilian woos Leonid

Lilian’s on the phone to Leonid.

[Lilian] “I’ve been thinking, we never did go out for those cocktails you promised me.”

She claims things have gone “downhill” with Matt.

[Lilian] “To be honest, I found out he’s seeing someone else. I’m so bored and lonely, I’d like some company.”

Leonid sounds delighted. He offers her dinner, and a “shoulder to cry on”.

(though he only gives her half an hour to get ready … has he never been out with a woman before???)

When Lilian gets off the phone:

[Lilian] “Yuck!”

Course, it’s all a rouse. She’s only after Leonid for Nicolai Barbarin’s phone. And:

[Lilian] “The important thing for Matt to know is I’m on his side. He can rely on me.”

Brenda begs Lilian not to go. She’s not listening.

[Lilian, on her dress] “Is it creased, at the back?”

[Brenda] “How can you be so calm?”

[Lilian] “My mind is made up ,,, Matt and I made a great team once, Brenda. And I’ll show him we can be again.”

At dinner, Leonid starts to woo Lilian. Telling her how beautiful she is.

[Leonid] “Loyalty counts with me, but clearly not to Crawford. What a fool. I’ve got some emeralds in my safe, it would suit that dress you’re wearing.”

[Lilian] “Good heavens, that must be quite a safe!”

Leonid tells her it houses everything of real importance to him.

[Leonid] “The prettiest things, the things I like to lay my hands on, I keep at home.”

[Lilian] “I’d love to see your house.”

So Leonid invites her there tomorrow for lunch.

Which she’s delighted to accept. She obviously thinks the mobile will be in the safe.

(Has Lilian gone completely mad? Since when was she a safecracker?!?)

Robin thinks Matt’s the hostile takeover

Matt’s on the shoot with Robin, in Inverness.

He asks Robin why he was invited. Robin reckons it was just because he thought Matt would enjoy it.

Matt’s not convinced. He reckons it’s something to do with the contract. He tells Robin that his lawyers have checked it, and that it’s all legit. And Matt also wants to play hardman:

[Matt] “Tell me, what made you get into bed with these people … These guys are more in my arena, don’t you think .. .you know I’ve been in jail … I made some contacts, shall we say, blokes who are useful if you’re in a tight corner …”

[Robin] “Is that why you don’t have a business of your own?”

Amside? Matt tells him it’s just a way of him laundering the cash from his big deals.

Later on, Robin is on the phone to Leonid.

From what I can gather, they’re both in on that development deal outside of St Petersburg. They must have shares or the like, as Leonid’s on about someone else trying to do a hostile takeover of the deal.

Robin reckons Matt’s behind that.

[Leonid] “So that means the girlfriends knows everything. What’s the bitch up to?”

Oh dear.

That can’t be good news for Lilian.

Dmitry’s lovesick

Brenda meets up with Tatyana.

Tatyana tells her that Dmitry is in a bad state. He can’t eat, he can’t sleep.

[Tatyana] “He is lost without you … he loves you, so much. He’s so happy when he’s with you. Please Brenda, talk to him.”

[Brenda] “Are you here as head of the family? To fix it all, sort it all out as usual. If he wants to talk to me, be honest with me. Why isn’t he here himself?”

Brenda’s hurt and confused. She doesn’t understand, nor wants to be, part of the “kind of world” they live in.

[Brenda] “And think it is normal … I’ve had an amazing time with him, it’s been like a dream. Would you put up with it? Would you be happy if your partner trusted his sister more than you. He should have had more faith. I would have loved him anyway.”

My word – Brenda showing maturity, common sense and dignity.

BUT odds on that if Dmitry actually goes to see her himself, she’ll melt yet again.

Matt’s threatened with a shotgun

Though Robin tried to bluff Matt into thinking his contract was worthless due to him no longer having Nicolai Barbarin’s mobile, Matt’s one step ahead (for once). He tells him he’s getting Nicolai’s forensic report . Which should “clear things up”.

That makes Robin incredibly nervous.

[Matt] “In the morning, perhaps you could get to the point, and make me an offer. If it’s good enough, I’ll back away from the whole thing.”

Robin calls Leonid again. He reckons Matt’s blackmailing them.

[Leonid] “You’ve got to deal with him now.”

Robin says no.

[Leonid] “I won’t be happy if you let me down …”

Right enough, the next day while Matt and Robin are shooting, Robin turns the shotgun onto Matt.

[Robin] “Time to call it off Matt. The hostile takeover.”

Robin demands Matt calls his broker there and then to call it off. Matt’s a tad perplexed.

[Matt] “You’re out of your tiny mind?”

[Robin] “It’s over, you’ve had a good run, and you nearly got the lot … you can’t win, you see.”

[Matt] “You shouldn’t point guns at people.”

Lucky for Matt, his phone rings. It’s Tatyana, but he pretends it’s his broker.

Tatyana tells him that his contract is good. It’s 8% of the property dealer, which is seemingly a fortune. She also confirms that Robin and Leonid are working together,  and that they murdered Nicolai Barbain.

Matt manages to convey that he’s in trouble, while pretending to Robin that he’s talking to his broker,  calling off the deal. Tatyana tells Matt to get back to the hotel, where she will send a car to take him to the airport.

Robin seems to swallow Matt’s lie that he’s not called off the hostile takeover.


But, he also tells Matt that he’d better not be lying … Lilian will be arriving at Leonid’s mansion at that very moment.

Oh dear.

What a load of …

… tosh (???).

This Ambridge Extra seems to be a tad farfetched. But, it obviously has to be real (unless one believes that someone ‘writes’ the lives of the Ambridge residents).

My theory is that it’s far-fetched because we’re actually tapped into one of Matt’s day-dreams. Just like we could hear the inner thoughts of the Ambridge residents in one of the previous Ambridge Extra eavesdropping episodes.

This surely can’t all be happening?

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