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Where’s the Grundy camera? In the sock drawer – Sun 22.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 22nd September 2013
  • Caroline doesn’t blame Lynda
  • Bad TripAdvisor review
  • The Local Authority to inspect the carpet
  • Eddie mentions that Joe is 92
  • It’s his wrist, not his leg
  • Joe didn’t want roast beef
  • Oliver admits he should have chosen Lynda
  • Eddie gets the camera out
  • Emma on toilet duty?

Caroline doesn’t blame Lynda

(Quite right too!)

Lynda’s in at Grey Gables, on her day off, to try and help Caroline. Lynda is ever so apologetic, but Caroline firmly blames Ray.

[Lynda] “He was very plausible.”

[Caroline] “He could talk the talk alright. Unfortunately there’s very little substance behind it. We’re certainly paying for it now, it will take weeks to sort this out … Listen to me Lynda, none of this is in anyway your responsibility .”

And that’s how a boss should handle a member of staff when something goes awry … Pay could learn a few lessons from her.

Bad TripAdvisor review

Seems there was a “vile” comment posted about Grey Gables on a travel review website …

[Lynda] “The one about ‘roadside caterers’…?”

[Caroline] “How could people be so spiteful?”

Well …

… (a) it could be trolling (b) a competitor or (c) a guest who had a genuine complaint during Ray’s reign.

The Local Authority to inspect the carpet

Terrifying …

Eddie mentions that Joe is 92

Caroline goes to see Joe.

[Eddie] “What you doing here!”

[Clarrie] “She’s come to see Joe.”


Caroline’s shocked to see how bruised and sore Joe is.

[Eddie] “These things take a long time to mend when you’re 92.”

(Eddie mentioned Joe’s age a fair few times to Caroline)

Caroline’s brought pastries from Ian.

[Caroline] “I just wanted to say how sorry we are.”

Joe doesn’t seem to be angry. He just seems stunned. He reckons he didn’t even notice that bit of carpet.

[Eddie] “Sorry don’t butter no parsnips! … And him a man of 92. So, what you got to say about it, eh? … The bit of carpet didn’t jump up and rugby tackle him. It was your negligence, that’s what it was … Don’t think you’re going to wriggle you way out of it.”

Caroline has no intention of doing anything of the sort. She’s genuinely sorry.

[Caroline] “The important thing is, you get better Joe.”


When Caroline gets home, she’s upset.

[Caroline] “Goodness knows where it’s going to end  … I just wish there was more I could do … Eddie was looking daggers at me all the time I was there. Who can blame him… It’s not just the physical damage though … it’s not the Joe we know.”

Caroline reckons she’d be doing the same, if that was her dad.

Wouldn’t we all?

Doesn’t make it right, though.

It’s his wrist, not his leg

My mistake.

Joe has a broken wrist, not leg.


Seems Clarrie and Eddie have settled Joe in a bed in the living room, and he has his “big chair” to sit in.

Not a chair!

Anything but a chair!!!

More deaths are caused by armchair in Ambridge than by any other means.

Joe didn’t want roast beef

Now, that is a worry.

It was quite touching to hear be so gentle and caring with Joe … matched only be his sheer fury about what’s happened.

[Eddie] “He’s ever so wobbly on his legs.”

[Clarrie] “It’s really knocked the stuffing out of him  … he will come back, give it time.”

[Eddie] “I tell you something, if Caroline Sterling think she can come round here, ask after his health and that’ll be the end of it, she’d got another think coming!”

Oliver admits he should have chosen Lynda

It’s like their holiday never happened.

[Oliver] “To come back to all this, it’s undone all the good work, I’m afraid.”

Oliver now also admits he should have gone to an Agency, and got a properly qualified Manager. In fact, to have got a properly qualified manager from anywhere would have been better than Ray.

[Lynda] “It’s easy to be wise after the event.”

[Oliver] “Especially when the answer was in front of us … You, Lynda.”

Lynda was most humbled to hear Oliver say that.

But, I wonder.

If Lynda had been in charge, that carpet would have been sorted. But, she would have created her very own style of havoc in many other ways.

Eddie gets the camera out

Where Clarrie saw Caroline also as upset as they were, Eddie’s not buying it.

[Eddie] “Scared of getting a damages claim, more like … I’ll tell you something else, she’s not going to get away with it.”

Eddie wants to know where their camera is at. Clarrie reckons it’s on the sock drawer.

[Eddie] “It’s a daft place to keep a camera.”

Clarrie reminds him that he put it there.

He wants to take photos of Joe, for evidence.

[Clarrie] “He won’t want people seeing him like that.”

Eddie reckons it’ll just be their solicitor that sees it.

[Clarrie] “What solicitor?”

The one that Eddie is yet to hire.

[Eddie] “He didn’t deserve this Clarrie … he’s entitled to proper compensation, and those photos will help us get it.”

Ah, but it won’t change a thing, Eddie.

I’m afraid there’s not very good odds now being given on Joe seeing out 2013 …

Emma on toilet duty?

Eddie wants to take time off of the Mart to look after Joe, and get him to the fracture clinic.

[Clarrie] “Oh, don’t go and lose that job Eddie, we need the money!”

She reckons Ed or Will could help.

Actually, she especially wondered whether Emma could help out … for once!


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