Thursday, 5 September 2013

It’s all over – Thurs 05.09.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 5th September 2013
  • Lilian’s in trouble
  • Matt to the rescue!
  • The quickest flight from Inverness to Surrey … ever!
  • Matt chooses Lilian
  • Brenda doesn’t choose Dmitry
  • Pusscat and Tiger, back together
  • Hmmm …

Lilian’s in trouble

Lilian arrives at Leonid’s  mansion in style. Seems he sent a luxury car for her.

[Lilian] “This is quite a place. Are those your stables over there?”

It is. Home to Zanzibar:

[Leonid] “Half a million dollars of racing poetry on legs … Are you ready?”

[Lilian] “For anything …”

(you know what, I believe her)

Inside, Lilian’s giggling like a schoolgirl.

[Lilian] “This is some room. Is the safe behind here?”

[Leonid] “Behind the painting, the most obvious place … as a matter of fact, it is. I’ve got excellent security.”

He takes out some emeralds for Lilian to try on. She’s momentarily flabbergasted.

[Lilian] “It’s so heavy, but do you think that green is really my colour, darling? Do you have some amethyst too?”

She’s trying to get Leonid back into the safe, so that she can see if the mobile is in there.

But, as we know, he already knows what Lilian’s up to.

He takes the mobile out, and demands she call Matt.

Matt to the rescue!

Matt’s pushing his taxi driver to get him to Inverness airport poste haste. He knows Lilian is in danger.

He tries to call Lilian’s mobile, but Brenda answers. She tells him why Lilian went to Leonid’s.

[Matt] “The wretched phone .. .she’s got no idea how much danger she’s in.”

[Brenda] “Yes she does … she went anyway, for you.”

Matt asks Brenda is Dmitry would know where Leonid’s pile is.

[Brenda] “I’m not sure if we can trust them.”

[Matt] “I think they’re alright. This is the second time Tatyana’s got me out of trouble.”

He persuades her to go and see Dmitry.

Which she does (though I think a phone call might have been a better idea, considering the urgency of the situation).

Meanwhile, Matt nearly has a heart attached when he gets a call from Nicolai Barbarin.

Though, of course, it’s Lilian. She’s crying.

[Lilian] “He’d like you to come over. As soon as you can. Will you do that Matt? Will you come? Please?”

[Matt] “You hang on in their Pusscat. I’m coming to get ya.”

The quickest flight from Inverness to Surrey … ever!

Matt and Lilian hang up.

Suddenly Matt and Dmitry are at Leonid’s.


Matt chooses Lilian

(was there ever any doubt?)

When Matt arrives, he takes out his contract. The original. He starts tearing it up:

[Matt] “I’ll save you the trouble. I don’t want it, anymore .. . you see,  I prefer simple pleasures … a country walk, a meal with friends,. Living in peace with the woman you love. So you win Leonid. If anything puts me or mine at risk to people like you, I don’t want it. I give it up. I’ve made it easy for you. All you have to do is leave us alone.”

Dmitry then decides to tell Leonid that he has the remaining 92% of the contract. And he has evidence from Barbarin’s phone that Leonid and Robin murdered Nicolai.

(I don’t understand that 92%. If Matt had 8%, that would mean there was anything left for Leonid and Robin to own?!?)

Leonid goes berserk … they run.

When driving away ( at speed), Matt comforts a very disturbed Lilian:

[Matt] “It’s over now. It’s over at last.”

Brenda doesn’t choose Dmitry

Dmitry tries to explain why he was behind the hostile takeover:

[Dmitry] “I’ll build that factory Brenda. But the people who live there will get a fair deal from me. It’s why I wanted to get involved in the first place.”

He claims he didn’t tell Brenda to make sure she was safe (i.e. that she didn’t blab).

[Dmitry] “You're not coming back to Russia with me, are you?”

[Brenda] “No. I’m not. I just can't do it Dima, Your world, your life, it’s too much for me.”

He then tries to claim he only got involved to stop Matt being hurt – he thought he would lose her if he did. But, he lost her anyway.

[Brenda] “Everything, every moment with you, has been so wonderful. I'm going to cherish those moment sin my heart … I will treasure them until I’m a grey, grey old lady.”

[Dmitry] “You’ll never grow old for me.”

They kiss, and he tells her to look inside the bedside cabinet. It’s the diamond she lusted over back in St Petersburg.

[Dmitry] “I bought it for you the day we met … I knew then what I felt for you … now, it’s your keepsake of our time together.”

Ah well, bye bye then, Dmitry.

And back to Ambridge for Brenda.

At least she now has warm thoughts for night time, and a diamond to retire on early …

Pusscat and Tiger, back together

The next day:

[Matt] “That’s the best way to wake up.”

And he had the best night’s sleep in an age.

[Lilian] “I want to say thank you. OI know what you did … thank you for choosing me. You chose me above everything you’ve ever wanted, in spite of, well, in spite of Paul. And I’m not sure I deserve it. You were magnificent. I’ll never forget it.”

[Matt] “When I was in that car driving to Leonid, I came to my senses. You were in the most terrible, terrible danger. I was so sacred .. scared that I could lose you. I know then that no matter what ever happened between us … it was all past, it didn’t matter. You put yourself in awful danger, for me … when I walked into that ugly room and saw you there, so beautiful, I don’t know anyone as beautiful as you.”

[Lilian] “Come here Tiger.”

(they thankfully switched the secret microphones off at that point, to save all our blushes)

Hmmm …

Farfetched. Stereotypical. Farcical.

Some would say about this Ambridge Extra.

I would concur if this wasn’t just us eavesdropping in on real life (as I’ve said before).


caroline_venezia said...

I like your idea that it may all have been in someone's imagination - Brenda's? - after the way we could hear everyone's thoughts the first time (and thank goodness they stopped that!). But I did really enjoy it, didn't you? :-) It was a Ripping Yarn.

Inga McVicar said...

Yup, I suppose it would have to be Brenda's ... it could only have been a nightmare for Matt.

it got a tad OTT sometimes for my liking, but always appreciate more time with Matt. He's always value for money.