Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Helen sends Henry away – Tues 03.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 3rd September 2013
  • Helen puts Rob before Henry
  • Ben’s at the big school
  • At least Ruth’s roses are surviving
  • Consternation over the wedding invites
  • Henry likes boxes
  • Tony gets to say ‘I told you so’
  • The concert tickets are selling well
  • Shula has Darrell on her mind
  • When’s a Hen not a Moor Hen?

Helen puts Rob before Henry

Helen and Ron are due to meet up again tonight. They cannae wait. It’s a special one, as Rob will soon be consumed with the Super Dairy (at which more cows are due to arrive).

[Rob] “Helen, we’ll make the most of the time, shall we?”

But, Pat later starts feeling ill, so takes to her bed.

Helen tries tony for babysitting, claiming she has a jewellery session.

He says no.

[Tony] “I’ve really got to attend to those leeks.”

[Tom] “Don’t look at me. I’ve got loads to do.”

[Helen] “Ah well, I’ll just give it a miss.”

[Tony] “Not the end of the world though, is it. Missing a jewellery class.”

(if only Tony knew where Helen really wanted to go. He’d be livid!)

Later on, Henry and Helen are at the Arkwright Hall Nature Reserve.

Helen sends off Henry to go count Moor Hens from the hide, just as Rob happens along …

Rob tries to grab a cuddle when he sots Henry.

[Helen] “Look who I bumped into Henry.”

Then she promptly sends him back to the hide again. Alone.

[Helen] “Poor mum, she was feeling pretty rough … Dad couldn’t understand why I looked so disappointed”

Rob understands. Though wants to arrange a rather more private meeting soon.

[Rob] “And you’ll have a lot of catching up to do.”

[Helen] “Hey, don’t push it!”

[Rob] “I really need to kiss you.”

Which they do.

(silly. If they keep that up, it’ll only be a matter of time before Henry, or someone else, sees them).

[Helen] “Thanks for not minding Rob, or putting on a good act, at least.”

[Rob] “Well it’s great to see him. And I’ll make it up to you next time, okay.”

(actually, it did sound like Rob was glad to see Henry. He’s actually very good with him).

Ben’s at the big school

[Ruth] “I kept up me cheery act until Ben got on the bus this morning. I didn’t want him knowing how nervous I was.”

Shula commiserates. She felt the same when Daniel went to the upper school, and also when she had to say goodbye to him recently at the departure gate.

[Ruth] “One moment their Ben’s age, and next they’re packing their bags.”

[Shula] “Just remember, when Ben gets off the bus, avoid anything that remotely resembles a hug.”

Seems Shula did that to Daniel after his first day. He didn’t speak to her for weeks.

At least Ruth’s roses are surviving

[Ruth] “The roses are a new venture … I’m not exactly a dedicated gardener, but these seem  to be doing okay in spite of all me efforts.”

With Usha and Jennifer out of the running, I think it’s just Lynda in competition with Ruth (?).

Consternation over the wedding invites

Seems Susan has been bending Neil’s ear over Chris and Alice only being invited to the evening ceremony of Kenton and Jolene’s wedding.

[Neil] “Wedding guest lists are always a minefield.”

[Shula] “I’m sure Susan will understand, given time.”

[Neil] “Well, maybe November …”

Henry likes boxes

[Tony] “Look what I’ve got Henry, you like cardboard boxes. See what you can do with that.”

Ach well, means Henry’s a cheap date!

Tony gets to say ‘I told you so’

Tom finally gets the courage up to tell Tony that Bellinghams have taken the ready meals off of promotion, two weeks early. He tries to tell him that despite that, Bellinghams are still making ‘encouraging noises’.

[Tony] “Encouraging noises! … Tom, this is exactly why your mother and I advised not to increase production … if you'd listened to our advice for once, instead of Rob Titchener, you wouldn’t be in this mess!”

Tom reckons he’s not in a mess. And gets rather defensive.

[Tom] “I just thought you’d like to know what’s going on!”

Ah Tom. That’s not the way to approach then asking Tony and Pat for a wee bridging loan to help his cashflow …

The concert tickets are selling well

At last.

Seems word has got round that the cellist, Simone, is very much worth seeing. She’s played all over, including played Prague and Berlin.

(wonder why if she’s so marvellous, she has time to play wee St Stephen’s …?)

Shula has Darrell on her mind

Shula cornered Neil to tell him about Darrell’s sorry state.

[Shula] “He looked so embarrassed. The worst thing is … they haven’t seen him at the Elms since the weekend …”

She was wondering that, as Neil had been a friend to Darrell, whether he’d know where to look for him. But he doesn’t, though he will keep an ear out.

[Shula] “I can’t stop thinking about him … I just keep wondering how he’s managing. If he is.”

When’s a Hen not a Moor Hen?

[Henry] “Hen!”

[Helen] “Moor hens. They don’t cluck like hens. Do they?”

Poor wee Henry. He is trying.

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