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Helen’s delusional – Mon 16.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 16th September 2013
  • Shula is  stunned at Helen’s crafting talents
  • Helen’s suddenly thick
  • Shula wants to offer Darrell a room

Shula is stunned at Helen’s crafting talents

She had no ken Helen could produce such wonderful jewellery.

For shame Helen. For shame.

Helen’s suddenly thick

Helen was meeting Rob at a pub. Kirsty wasn’t all too sure that was a clever thing to do (meet in public).

As Helen arrives, Rob is on the phone:

[Rob] “Jess, it’s no good talking to the agents, they don’t have a clue .. Okay then. And you. Bye.”

(ah … was his “And you.” Him responding to Jess saying “I love you”? Course it was!)

Rob tells Helen that it was Jess on the phone, and that she’s having problems with their Hampshire landlord.

[Helen] “And she wants you to sort it out?”

[Rob] “She was at work. And I normally deal with these side of things.”

Rob tries to carry on with their lunch, but Helen can tell he’s stressed. She (very magnanimously) tells him she can meet him another time.

(which was lucky – she then spotted Alan at the bar, so Rob was able to slip out the back without being seen. In public. With Helen)

When Helen gets back to Ambridge Organics, she has to admit that Kirsty was right (about it being a mistake for her to meet Rob). Just not in the way she envisaged.

[Helen] “On the phone, to home, to Jess … it was making poor Rob very stressed …We’re both grown-ups, of course it’s just bad timing. I mean, apart from anything else, why was she bothering him in the middle of the day. She must have known he’d be working. Was it really so complicated that she couldn’t deal with it herself. I imagine she’s quite a capable woman, a professional.”

[Kirsty] “That’s not what it’s all about, is it?”

[Helen] “He obviously feels he just can’t say no to her. I just wish I knew what was going on with those two.”

[Kirsty] “Helen, they’re married, remember?”

[Helen, sarcastically] “Yes, I hadn’t forgotten that Kirsty.”

[Kirsty] “No wonder it’s complicated!”

[Helen] “She’s clearly no intention of moving yup here to be with him. She must be completely mad if she thinks he’d suddenly going to give up his job and shoot back to Hampshire.”

[Kirsty] “Well, you’re quite sure about that?”

[Helen] “Come on. Why? Do you think he’s keeping his options open, or what?”

[Kirsty] “What do you think?”

[Helen] “No. He knows what he wants, she’s just clinging onto something that’s over.”

[Kirsty] “It’s not though, is it. Over.”

[Helen] “Well, if you’re going to start splitting hairs.”

[Kirsty] “Helen, I’m on your side here. Honestly. But isn’t Rob trying to have his cake and eat it.”

[Helen] “No. It’s not as simple as that.”

[Kirsty] “It’s not simple at all. He may work up here, but he and Jess still have a home together.”

[Helen] “I’m not feeling very supported here Kirsty.”

[Kirsty] “I’m sorry, but you just have to face up to it … I just don’t want to see you getting hurt.”

Bless Kirsty for persevering. Trying to get Helen to see what’s obvious to the rest of us was like pulling teeth, and a thankless task.

So … Helen thinks she has the right to berate Jess for asking her husband, who she hasn’t split up with, to help with house-type matters.

Helen’s become very thick all of a sudden. I suppose that will happen when one only thinks with one’s groin.

Shula wants to offer Darrell a room

(at last!)

Darrell was trying to walk away from Shula, but no matter how fast he went, she managed to catch up.

[Shula] “So, where are you off to? … Have you have any lunch, dinner, breakfast or anything.”

(I know Shula is just trying to be nice, but she’s also being a tad pushy and intrusive)

As Darrell has only had a cup of tea, he (grudgingly) accepts lunch with Shula at Jaxx. After all, she doesn’t want to eat on her own.

Shula’s attempts at making small talk were a tad embarrassing. She told him she’d wondered if he would be at the Flower and Produce Show. The she mentioned she saw Rosa there, with friends and was looking fine.

(luckily enough, Darrell sounded like he was in a table far, far away)

So, Shula moves onto business. She wants Darrell to go back to the Elms.

[Darrell] “I still got a black eye from the last time, I don’t want another … So this is what it’s all about … just trying to get me back to that place …!”

Seems so.

Later on, one Darrell has managed to escape Shula, she’s talking to Alan.

Shula is becoming increasing worried about Darrell. She reckons he’s getting worse every time she sees him. She reckons he needs to see a GP urgently, as well as folks like the Council’s Homeless team.

[Shula] “But as long as he’s out on the streets like this, wandering around, pretending everything’s fine …I feel as if it’s hopeless trying to organise him into doing anything. I’ve done my best … we can’t all keep chasing around after him. He needs to be in one place being properly looked after … So, I’ve though long and hard about this, and I can see only one answer. I’d like to offer him a bed at the Stables …Do you think I’m mad?”

[Alan] “I think you should be asking Alistair and Daniel that question … I’m not saying you’re mad at all, it could just be the type of help he needs … It’s never going to be easy though.”

Alan remembers the ‘homeless lad’ (Luke) he tried to help. It didn’t work out:

[Alan] “I still wonder what happened to him, even now … Once you commit yourself to that support, it might be very hard to back out again.”

Alan offers any help he can offer, and wishes Shula luck.

Hurrah to Shula spotting she has a spare room!

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