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Some bloke attacks Darrell – Tues 24.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 24th September 2013
  • Nic’s happy to help
  • Joe will be planning his funeral soon
  • They still don’t like that Super Dairy
  • Josh is donating his eggs
  • Eric beats up Darrell
  • Kathy went wrong when she left teaching
  • Eddie’s got a solicitor

Nic’s happy to help

Nic’s helping Eddie get Joe into the car to go to his hospital appointment. She’s also helping by getting the shopping in. Despite being very heavily pregnant – she’s due in 2 weeks:

[Nic] “I’m pregnant, not ill.”

(oops … sorry Nic!)

Nic also offers to let Eddie have a quick spell down the pub, while she looks after Joe.

[Eddie] “Ah Nic, you’re an angel.”

Which begs the question, where’s Emma?

Though Ed later told Eddie that he and Emma would help whenever asked, shouldn’t they be offering rather than waiting to be asked?

Just like when Clarrie broke her wrist. It was only Nic who went round and helped.

Well soon get to hear Emma moaning about Saint Nic soon enough. Again.

Joe will be planning his funeral soon

So, everyone agrees that this accident has “knocked the stuffing” out of Joe. Ed reckons that he spends most of his time sleeping these days.

He later makes a comment about not being round to see the Super Dairies take over the land (see below).

Actually, Joe does sound depressed. His literally weighed down by his new cast (which is heavier), and is feeling his age and the wickedness of modern times.

He’s also lost his sense of humour. Which Ruth jokes that he’ll have to get his cast signed by everyone:

[Joe] “I’d just as soon not be treated like the village noticeboard, if that’s all the same to you.”


Eddie’s worried sick.

[Ed] “He’s tough, is granddad … Look at how low we got after we lost the farm, you were worried he was going to do something desperate, he bounced back alright.”

[Eddie] “This is different .. .something’s changed, |For the first time, I;m seeing him as an old man. And that’s hard with someone you felt was indestructible. Like those old boots of his … these days, he’s scared of going to the toilet on his own … I know he’s finding it hard too. He’s a proud ,man, you’re granddad. Suddenly he’s dependent on us for everything,. He hates it.”

Ed reckons Eddie needs to be strong for Joe. Eddie’s determined to do just that:

[Eddie] “I will be … no matter how long it takes.”

Again – this is why I reckon Eddie’s so hell bent on suing Grey Gables. It’s about one of the only things he can control and do for his dad.

They still don’t like that Super Dairy
As another truckload of heifers pass by Ed and Ruth bound for the Super Dairy:

[Ruth] “Look at the size of that thing!”

[Ed] “I’ve seen they’ve given it a folksy name, Berrow Farm.”

[Ruth] “Maybe they should call it Mil Production Unit number 1469. That’d be more in keeping.”

When Ruth later goes round to see Joe:

[Joe] “How’s them cows of yours, Ruth Archer, still outside?”

Aye, reckons Ruth. They’ll be out for at least another month. Which starts off Joe on a rant about the Super Dairy:

[Joe] An abomination, it is. Grazing beasts are meant  to be outside on good fresh pasture, the way our Edward does it … still, we ain't got to stop it, are we. That’s the kind of farming the powers that be want, big companies, nobody else. We’ll end up with a few massive farms producing everything. Well, I’m glad I shan't be around to see it.”

Looks like the folks who were so anti-Super Dairy are still so … but now just quietly mumbling about their dissent.

Get those placards back into action!

Josh is donating his eggs

As part of the harvest supper.

That lad know a PR opportunity when he sees one …

Eric beats up Darrell

Darrell’s begging for change (poor chap).

[Eric] “Well, look who we got here, if it’s not my old friend Darrell … [I’ve] Plenty of change. But not of it spare, so you’re out of luck.”

Looks like Eric is also homeless. He’s a bit of an aggressive chap, and reckons Darrell is begging on his “patch”. He tells Darrell to scarper, or else.

Course, Darrell being a bit thick, he only goes as far as round the corner.

[Eric] “It’s all my patch … you should have asked. Anyone on the street could have told you.”

But there’s worse news for Darrell:

[Eric] “Someone’s grassed me up … someone's been telling them manager porkers about me. How I’ve been picking on other clients, aggressive behaviour, they call it … now, I’ve been barred until further notice .. .you;re going to be sorry about it, believe me … whoever it was, they owe me.”

Darrell swears it wasn’t him (actually, wasn’t it Shula?), but Eric isn’t listening. He attacks Darrell.

[Eric] “Now don’t let me see your ugly race round here again.”

We leave Ambridge tonight listening to Darrell whimpering for Elona.

He really does need to take up Shula’s offer. Quickly.

Kathy went wrong when she left teaching

Ruth and Nic think that she’s left the Golf Club is a shame for Kathy. Though it was of her own choice:

[Nic] “That’s brave in this day and age.”

[Joe] “She should never have given up that school teaching.”

Joe reckons it was steady and well paid.

Fair point.

But staying in a job you hate just for a wage packet makes for a very dull life … erm … though one can’t say that Kathy has exactly ever had a fulfilled life.

So aye.

It’s a shame on Kathy. In every respect.

Eddie’s got a solicitor

And has spoken to the Echo (after they called him). He reckons he’s only told them the “truth”.

He’s again taking more pictures of Joe, though he swears they’re for the solicitor, not the paper.

Eddie really does mean business.

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