Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rob saves some Brookfield cows – Thurs 05.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 5th September 2013
  • Emma and Ed are down the pub
  • Simone has glandular fever
  • Darrell’s sleeping in the bus shelter
  • Keira has a purple monster called George
  • Distressed cows at Brookfield
  • Clarrie’s worried about Kathy
  • The vet students like the caravans
  • Rob’s going back to his family
  • Josh wants pizza and mates

Emma and Ed are down the pub

That’s a rarity.

Simone has glandular fever

Which means she’s can’t appear at the concert.

[Neil] “Poor Shula was in a real spin.”

[Susan] “She’ll never find anyone as good as Simone.”

Aye, that’s right Susan. Always look on the bright side.

When Neil gets a text from Jazzer:

[Susan] “I hope he’s not offering himself as a replacement!”

Darrell’s sleeping in the bus shelter

Jazzer’s text was to say he’d spotted Darrell. Sleeping, in the bus shelter.

When Neil goes to him, and wakes him up, Darrell starts panicking.

[Darrell] “Leave me alone!”

When he realises it’s Neil:

[Darrell] “Could have been anyone. Police or something.”

[Neil] “What you doing here anyway, there won’t be a bus until tomorrow morning.”

Seems Darrell wanted to sleep somewhere familiar and safe. And there was a chance he might see Rosa.

[Neil] “Why don’t you come home with me and have a cup of tea … I could make you a sandwich or something.”

Darrell reluctantly agrees.

Back at Neil’s he had one round of sandwiches, and some tea. But the moment Susan comes in, he scarpers.

Well, Susan was hardly chatty.

Neil tells him to come round anytime.

(is it just me, or can’t someone, anyone, in Ambridge offer Darrell a spare room? A settee? A bit of floor???)

Keira has a purple monster called George

Well, alrighty then!

Distressed cows at Brookfield

[Ruth] “Okay girl, you’re alright now. Your mum’s just over there, having a breather.”

[Eddie] “Coming thick and fast tonight, ain't they.”

And there’s no sign of stopping.

[David] “This one’s in real trouble.”

Seems it’s not because of the size of the calf.

[Ruth] “Not just first time blues either.”

When Ruth tries to help the cow:

[David] “Steady Ruth.”

[Ruth, furious] “Yeah okay, I have actually done this before!”

Then another cow starts struggling. David goes to call Alastair.

But, Alastair’s on another call. So, David called Rob.

[Ruth] “You have no right to go running to that man without consulting me!”

But, neither of them have a choice. They’ll lose cows and calves if they don’t get help.

Rob arrives with his gaggle of vet students.

Some lassie called Steph is trying to get one of the calves head turned round so it can be birthed. Though it’s the first time she’s doing it on her own (both the cow, and Steph):

[Steph] “Don’t worry Mrs Archer., I may not have the paperwork yet but I know what I’m doing. There’s nothing like a valuable animal in distress to make you up your game.”

[Ruth] “Valuable and valued!”

Ruth is really on Steph’s back. She thinks she’s waiting too long to take decisive action for the cow.

But, Steph takes her time, and gets it right:

[Steph] “Right, we’re going for it.”

And Steph did the trick – the calf was born just fine, and mum was born just fine. Even Ruth had to agree.

[Ruth] “Well done Step.”

[Steph] “Never mind the calf, my heart was stopping just then!  Thanks Mrs Archer .. .for trusting me.”

(well, she didn’t. But let’s not split hairs when all’s ended well)

[Ruth] “I was afraid after all that we were going to get a bull calf.”

[David] “I’ll take any calf tonight.”

So, Ruth had to (very grudgingly) thank Rob.

[Ruth] “Yeah, thanks Rob, you really saved the night.”

[Rob, genuinely] “It’s a pleasure Ruth”

[David] “Seems like a win win situation all round”

So, Rob's finally found a way to edge into Brookfield ...

Clarrie’s worried about Kathy

Seems her and Eddie have been seeing her coming home, absolutely pooped.

The vet students like the caravans

Easily pleased, eh!

Rob’s going back to his family

For the weekend. Seems it’s his mum’s birthday.

[Rob] “I really can’t avoid it, unfortunately.”

He’ll be back Sunday evening, and promises Helen they’ll talk then.

She has to accept that.

Well, she has no choice. Other than stop seeing him. Which would be sensible …

Josh wants pizza and mates

For his birthday. At Rickyard.

Seems simple enough.

(but pizza? Surely he has enough of that at home!)

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