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Mrs Shen is Ray’s mistress – Tues 17.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 17th September 2013
  • Brian spots Mrs Shen
  • Matt waxes lyrical about Russia
  • Brian spots Mrs Shen AND Ray
  • Poor ewe
  • Alistair says no, then yes (with provisos)
  • Temp Anthea is now a Perm PA
  • Matt and Brian don’t support paternity leave

Brian spots Mrs Shen

Well, with her in a “slinky oriental dress”, she’d not be hard to miss at Grey Gables.

His mention of Mrs Shen allows Lynda to let lose:

[Lynda] “Rude, arrogant, unreasonable, demanding, stalking about giving us all orders as if she owned the place!”

Ray’s still fawning after Mrs Shen:

[Ray] “All in a good cause, Lynda. Another star on her Grey Gables review.”

Matt waxes lyrical about Russia

Brian was in Grey Gables to have a drink with Matt.

Matt tries to avoid talking about his ‘business trip’. He first turns talk to the Super Dairy. He’s quite surprised to hear it’s now called Berrow Farm.

[Matt] “What for a bunch of high tech sheds, talk about window dressing!”

[Brian] “But never mind about all that, tell me about your Russian adventures.”

[Matt] “Land of opportunity, totally different business climate over there, nothing to hold you back … it’s all about big risks and big rewards. I came that close to pulling off the deal of my life. But in the end, it was even too dicey for me.”

He even tried to make out he was in there with Tatyana:

[Matt] “Now, I’m not one to play away, but if I was …”

(dream on!)

Well, he was talking to Brian. So he had to put as good a spin on it as he could.

Brian spots Mrs Shen AND Ray

While Matt and Brian have their drink, Ray and Mrs Shen are in the corner. Brian raises an eyebrow (I imagined) at how cosy they looked:

[Brian] “No prizes for guessing what’s going on there, eh. I know a couple playing away when I see one.”

[Matt] “I’ll take your word on that, man of the world.”

[Brian] “Mr Franklin, he’s got her hand on her knee now. She’s lapping it up, Can’t  they find a room somewhere?”

(ah … they already have. That explains the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on her bedroom all weekend)

Meanwhile … Ray’s wife, Harriet, has turned up in reception. She demands to see Ray, poo-pooing the idea that he’d be working in the office.

When she sees Ray:

[Harriet] “Don’t you darling me. Just want exactly is going on here!”

(Brian and Matt could be heard cackling in the background)

[Harriet] “You have been smooching here, with that woman, right under my nose!”

[Lynda] “I wonder if you wouldn’t mind carrying on this conversation somewhere else.”

[Harriet] “Her, Mrs Shen .. .what’s her story this time. Let me guess. A travel journalist?”

[Lynda, the penny slowly dropping] “You mean she’s not?”

[Harriet] “I’ll tell you what she is. A tramp!”

Seems Mrs Shen and Ray have been at this for a while, all over the world. Hong Kong, Scotland, now Ambridge.

Harriett demands Mrs Shen be thrown out, there and then.

[Harriet] “It’s either her or me. You decide!”

Later on:

[Brian] “Well, that was entertaining. How did his wife find out?”

[Lynda] “Well, I suppose someone here must have tipped her off. We’ve had out suspicions about Mrs Shen, but now it all makes sense.”

(ah … who was that then? Was Lynda  just playing dumb?)

[Ray] “I am going to my room, and I do n not want to be disturbed.”

He doesn’t even want to talk about the Mexican night:

[Ray] “You do whatever you like. I really don’t give a damn!”


We still don’t know whether he chose Mrs Shen or his wife.

Poor ewe

Alistair had to spend 30 minutes stitching up a ewe who’d got caught in wire.


Alistair says no, then yes (with provisos)

Alistair’s had a rubbish day, but Shula presses on regardless:

[Shula] “There was never going to be a good time for this.”

She tells him about Darrell’s woes:

[Alistair] “I’m very sorry for the guy of course, but …”

Shula interrupts to say that matters would dramatically improve for Darrell if he was to move in with them for a bit.

[Alistair] “You can’t be serious!”

[Shula] “Somebody’s got to try and help him.”

[Alistair] “But why us?”

Alistair claims he’s not being heartless. But taking Darrell would be a risk. And:

[Alistair] “Remember what happened with Ryan.”

[Shula] “Ryan was a completely different person.”

[Alistair] “But it shows what can happen when you try and take responsibility for people help who can’t or won’t be helped.”

(Shula’s right on this one – Ryan stole from them to feed his gambling addiction. Darrell doesn’t have an addiction. His stupidity has created a catastrophic series of events for him)

[Shula] “Well, that’s where I think you’re wrong. I think Darrell can be helped and desperately needs it.”

[Alistair] “Yes, but not by us. I’m sorry, but I do think you’re being just a little naïve … Good intentions aren’t enough.”

Alistair goes off to his office, but later comes back. Calmer. And apologies for being so “blunt”.

Shula also apologies, and agrees probably she is probably being naïve.

[Shula] “I can see it’s too much of me to expect of you, bringing a homeless person into our house.”

[Alastair] “It was quite a big one to spring on me.”

[Shula] “I just don’t want him to be found frozen under a hedge somewhere.”

Which Shula thinks will happen, if no-one does something.

[Alistair] “I know it’s because you care so much that you want to do this.”

So, Alistair’s actually agreeing to Darrell coming to stay.

But, on the proviso that they make it clear it’s only temporary. That they set a time limit. And:

[Alistair] “If it gets difficult, if there are any problems at all .. he’ll be very much on probation.”

That’s that then. Darrell has a bed.

Well … maybe someone should ask him if that’s what he wants, first?

Temp Anthea is now a Perm PA

[Matt] “She’s quite a find.”

[Brian] “I hear she’s a little on the feisty side!”

And how!

But seems she’s appreciated.

Matt and Brian don’t support paternity leave
Brian’s perplexed that Will needs two weeks off, just when the shooting season is staring.

[Brian] “He’s not the one giving birth, for goodness sake.”

[Matt] “Sign of the times.”

Aye it is.

And a good one at that, I reckon.

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