Friday, 20 September 2013

Eddie to sue Caroline – Fri 20.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 20th September 2013
  • Caroline starts off today relaxed …
  • Joe’s in a bad way
  • It was the carpet wot did it
  • Taking Joe to the toilet is a step too far?
  • Caroline turns on Oliver
  • Lynda’s inconsolable
  • Eddie’s furious
  • Jethro hit by a branch. Nigel falls off a roof. Joe trips over the carpet. At least David varies his modus operandi

Caroline starts off today relaxed …

Caroline and Oliver arrive back in Ambridge.

[Caroline] “Is it just me, or is it suddenly Autumn? … No more balmy evenings and alfresco dinners.”

She reckons she’s a “new woman” after their very marvellous holiday.

So, Oliver can have the luxury of telling her he was right.

Well, not before he tells her about Ray … which he’ll have to do sharpish, as Caroline wants to call Ray to find out how he’s getting on …

[Oliver] “Ah … There’s been a slight change of plan.”

(slight understatement, eh?)

Joe’s in a bad way

Joe was kept in overnight as a precaution. Though he’s in no danger, he’s most definitely not a happy chappy. Who can blame him …

His leg is in plaster, and Clarrie’s fussing him as they wheelchair him out of the hospital.

[Joe] “I don’t want no pillow!”

Joe really sounds awful. Depressed, in pain, pessimistic.

[Joe] “How will I get about?”

[Clarrie] “It didn’t take long for my wrist to mend, did it?”

(aye, you remind them about your wrist, Clarrie. Neither Joe nor Eddie seemed to give a hoot at the time)

It’s all doom and gloom with Joe. Eddie’s very worried:

[Eddie] “No fight left, like all the stuffing’s gone out of him … This should have never happened … And you know who is to blame for this, don’t ya!”

It was the carpet wot did it

Lynda had reminded Ray that there was looking carpet at the gents’ toilet door. Course, Ray did nothing about it (far too busy with Mrs Shen).

Eddie knows it. And Lynda knows it.

She’s in just as bad a state as Joe (minus the cast). Both that she feels it’s her fault, and what a serious fall can to do a chap like Joe (at the ripe old age of 92).

Ian’s trying to calm Lynda down, and reminding her that she did as best as she could be expected.

Eddie’s not having that. He goes to Grey Gables to have a right rant. Lynda and Ian make matters worse by slightly inferring that Joe being a tad tiddly didn’t help matters.

[Eddie] “You blaming an old man for celebrating his birthday. I’m telling you it wasn’t his fault … I’m going to sue this place for every penny it’s got!”

Eddie shouts that just as Caroline walks in …

Taking Joe to the toilet is a step too far?

Seems Joe can’t do anything for himself. Which greatly depresses him.

He can’t even go to the toilet himself.

[Clarrie, sounding shocked] “Don’t you worry about that. We’ll manage.”

Clarrie has been known to cut Joe’s toenails, but is the toilet a step too far?

One would think so …

Caroline turns on Oliver

[Caroline] “Bad luck, it’s a disaster!”

Caroline blames Oliver for not telling her about Ray before they got home. Oliver reasons that it wouldn’t have stopped Joe tripping over the carpet (true), but Caroline argues back that it’s Oliver’s fault Ray was in charge in the first place.

[Caroline] “It’s only because you talked me into it.”

[Oliver] “It was my idea, and yes it was clearly a big mistake.”

I’m with Caroline.

Oliver didn’t care who took over Grey Gables. He just wanted the holiday. Though Caroline approved Ray, it was hardly the stringent process she’d normally go through.

Then again, those references should have set alarm bells ringing. When a reference only confirms that someone worked at a place, without saying anything positive about them, it means they were utter, utter rubbish.

Lynda’s inconsolable

Poor Lynda.

She’s utterly distraught, and can’t stop crying. She keeps getting flashbacks to seeing Joe so hurt.

Ian tries to tell her (again) that it wasn’t her fault.

[Lynda] “I should have noticed that the carpet came lose.”

She had before, but Ray hadn’t bothered to fix it. Ian reckons she was too busy with the Mexican night, and couldn’t have been expected to have noticed.

[Lynda] “She and Oliver had trusted me to look after the business, and I let them down. They’ll never trust me with anything ever again.”

Not fair, but Lynda is probably right.

Eddie’s furious

[Eddie] “I just gave it to Lynda straight,. Then to Caroline …So she was there to hear it … I told them loud and clear we’ll be talking to our lawyers. So we’ll have to get one, won’t we!”

Clarrie’s not having much luck trying to calm Eddie down. She tries to tell Eddie that Joe will mend.

[Eddie] “He’s 92. Things don’t mend so easy when you’re that age.”

[Clarrie] “It may take a while. But he’s a tough old bird.”

[Eddie] “He’s not the man he was. After what’s happened, well, he may never be the same again.”

Knowing Eddie is always up for a financial rouse, one would be forgiven for thinking he wants to sue just to get the cash.

But, Eddie hasn’t often sought money at the expense of his neighbours.

This time, it look likes Eddie is genuinely terrified for Joe, and wants the recompense purely out of anger that Grey Gables is to blame.

What to do?

Edie’s right that this is Grey Gables’ fault. So, should Caroline have to pay up? Would that make a difference to Joe?

Jethro hit by a branch. Nigel falls off a roof. Joe trips over the carpet. At least David varies his modus operandi 

Nuff said ...


Stuart P said...


Just a point, but in a lot of industries and large companies it is now standard that only a basic reference is given. For example in accountancy I'd be surprised if I got anything other than a standard reference from a large firm.

It's pretty common for all of the firms I've worked for that HR have a standard factual reference, and ban managers from issuing any reference except in a personal capacity, which is then normally not what the recruiting firm will accept.

This doesn't stop Ray being a twonk - but Varoline should have realised that herself at the dinner beforehand.

Ruby said...

Yes, Grey Gables is at fault for having a loose carpet - and doubly negligent for knowing about it but not fixing it. But it could be argued (and probably would be by a competent lawyer) that Joe must bear some of the culpability for being drunk.
Eddie is angry and wants recompense. However, being angry is not a good justification for starting legal proceedings.

Technically it would be Grey Gables insurance that would pay out, not Grey Gables itself.

Could Grey Gables counter-sue Ray? What were the Terms and Conditions of his contract?

Oh - and did Mrs Shen ever pay her (extensive) bill? We were never told.

And I agree with Stuart. It was obvious to all of us that Ray was not right for Grey Gables?

Anyone taking odds on Cathy becoming manager of Grey Gables?

Inga McVicar said...

Hi Stuart P - ah, I stand corrected. I've been self employed for nearly 8 years now, so am obviously well out of touch when it comes to references.

But aye - Caroline should have realised Ray was a twonk!

Inga McVicar said...

Hello Ruby,

Eddie's going to take a while to simmer down on this one. So very rare he's after money for not just the sake of the money.

True about GG's insurance. And thata competent lawyer would argue Joe was drunk. BUT would GG also not hold responsibility for serving him the booze in the first place? When I worked in a bar (many moos ago) we were told that if a punter was plastered due to use serving them, then walked out and got hit by a car, we could be held responsible (or is that a publican urban Myth?)

I'd be surprised if Caroline oragnised a contract with Ray. Oliver was probably harassing her to find her flip flops.

I've also been wondering about Mrs Shen's bill ...

AHA! I see your thinking about Kathy. Didn't spot that!