Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lynda prefers salmon without the head – Sun 01.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 1st September 2013
  • Ray demands espresso
  • Fallon has a list, and she’s checking it twice
  • Rhys is home brewing, but not saying a word about it
  • Don’t like salmon heads?
  • Lynda’s smelling the roses
  • In-house entertainment … at Grey Gables!

Ray demands espresso

Lynda gets him it.

Is it just me, or is that a really bad start?

Fallon has a list, and she’s checking it twice

Item 3 is the flowers.

Jolene quite fancies Calla Lilies.

[Jolene] “Or do you reckon they’d be a bit showy?”

Is so, Jolene reckons white roses would be just as good … not showy at all, eh?

Item 4 is the Bridesmaid’s dresses. Which are a tad trickier.

[Fallon] “Are we really going to have purple bridesmaid’s dresses? Isn’t it going to look a bit weird?”

Jolene doesn’t want to disappoint the ever so excited Meriel, but Fallon reminds her that it’s her day. Fallon really isn’t impressed by Meriel’s take on purple:

[Fallon] “Awesome isn’t quite the word that I would use.”

And what about Liliy?

[Fallon] “I can’t see her in purple, can you? Not with her colouring.”

Fallon gets herself wound up right and proper. She reckons the purple would lead to utter and absolute disaster.

Jolene thinks she’s getting it all out of proportion. But Fallon persists. And insists Jolene call Meriel to tell her that she’ll not be wearing purple.

After hesitating, Jolene does just that. Surprisingly, Meriel’s just fine with no purple. She’d gone of it anyway. And will wear what she’s told to.

[Fallon] “I thought it was all going to end in tears … that means we’re off the hook!”

Relief all round. Jolene didn’t want to upset Meriel (as she’s so previous to Kenton), so is ever so grateful to Fallon for making her make that call.

Best Woman indeed!

Rhys is home brewing, but not saying a word about it

In fact, Rhys has been more or less silent since Fallon moved in.

He’s under the patio …

Don’t like salmon heads?

Just get Ian to cut it off for you.

[Lynda] “That’s salmon rather a monster … it’s always nice when the head’s off.”

(she is an odd, odd woman …)

Lynda’s smelling the roses

So, tonight, the question we’ll all been aching for an answer to was answered.

Just where, oh where, does Lynda get her calm from?

[Lynda] “My peace roses … When you see them in the twilight, you feel for a moment you could cope with anything life throws at you.”

Actually … if that’s true, they should be on the NHS.

In-house entertainment … at Grey Gables!
Ray’s now fully in charge of Grey Gables, with Oliver and Caroline having departed these shores.

He has one “teeny” bit of criticism about Grey Gables.

[Ray] “That magic word, atmosphere! … Even, dare I say it, just a wee bit dull.”

Ian does not agree. He reckons customers come to Grey Gables for exactly as it is. A peaceful, luxury, country hotel.

Ray’s not listening.

He wants in-house entertainment (which I take to mean a dodgy DJ, comedian with a penchant for mother-in-law jokes and karaoke). A cocktail evening.

[Ray] “All totally informal, and rather spontaneous.”

(um … if you organise it and plan it, it can be neither)

Ian reckons that Grey Gables has never seen the like.

[Ray] “Exactly why we should give it a go. It will give our guests a chance to step outside their comfort zone.”

[Lynda] “I think our guests quite like it in their comfort zone!”

And Ray still isn’t listening.

He wants their guests to feel like they’re abroad. Which he thinks he can achieve if he also adds in canapés and tapas. And he wants it all to happen this Wednesday.

While Lynda told him it sounded “interesting”, you could hear Ian’s teeth grinding.

Later on, when Lynda urgently needs to talk with Ray, he makes her ‘walk and talk’.


Seems the Health Club Manager will be off sick for the rest of the week. But Ray’s only interested in cocktails.

[Ray] “Right now, we need to focus on giving the place a bit of sparkle. Don’t you agree?”

(no. We don’t. This is going to be a complete disaster …)

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