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Caroline deadheads some flowers – Fri 30.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 30th August 2013
  • Caroline’s loving omelette
  • There’s a smell in room 6
  • The food at the Golf Club is dry
  • Complacency sets in about the Super Dairy
  • Welsh Love Spoons resolve all
  • Ruth’s not bothered about competition?
  • Pip took her own duvet

Caroline’s loving omelette

Oliver was just using up what they had left in the fridge before they went on holiday.

There’s a smell in room 6

Just one of the many things Caroline wants to fix before they leave.

[Oliver] “You can’t let go, can you … you better be ready. I’m not missing our flight because of your obsessions with work. I can see I’ll be peeling your fingers off the hotel door.”

When Oliver arrives to collect Caroline from work, his predication is almost right:

[Oliver] “Faffing about, dead heading the plant in that hanging basket!”

But Caroline is indeed obsessed. She knows that first impressions mean everything in hospitality.

[Oliver] “You’ve micromanaged this handover as meticulously as the opening ceremony of the Olympics!”

Ah, but something is bound to go wrong …

The food at the Golf Club is dry

And customers are complaining.

Seems the waiters, being few in number, can’t get the food out fast enough, which means it’s been sat under the heaters for too long.

But not to worry.

Pat’s booked her and Kathy in for a massage and a swim.

That’ll keep the customers happy (!).

(and they actually didn’t get their massage. Caroline had to apologise that Annie, their masseuse, was off. So she gave them booze instead. Same outcome, I’d imagine …)

But even when Kathy is trying to relax, she can’t let it go. Though she reckons she’s trying to stay professional:

[Kathy] “It’s all I’ve got left. His solutions to are completely unworkable.”

[Pat] “Come on, don’t let him unravel you.”

[Kathy] “The stress levels in the dining room were stratospheric today!”

But after the alcohol kicks in, Pat and Kathy have a grand ol’ time.

They’re even singing … “I’ve got to wash that man right out of my hair”.

(good god!)

[Kathy] “I wish I could send him on his way as well.”

Then they start laughing at Martin’s hair. They reckon it must be a transplant, or a toupee.

[Kathy] “Puts it on his bedside table at night!”

[Pat] "Beside his calculator!”

Ah well.

At least Kathy got time off to have a giggle.

Complacency sets in about the Super Dairy

Now that the Super Dairy has cows, those that were against it are still against it. But they seem to have given up the (good) fight.

[Ruth] “Those poor animals … and they’ll never go outside again.”

[David] “It’s there now. We’ll never change it.”

Welsh Love Spoons resolve all

Seems Alan also gave Usha a Welsh love Spoon for their anniversary. So, he’s been forgiven for cutting Usha’s roses to give to her (forgetting she was going to show them at the Flower and Produce Show).

[David] “Oh, so is that all it takes, a wooden spoon?”

[Ruth] “An intricately carved wooden spoon.”

Ah … that indeed does make all the difference …

Ruth’s not bothered about competition?

David reckons Usha now out of the running means one more Rose Bowl competitor out of the way.

Ruth reckons she doesn’t see it that way.


She must be secretly delighted that that’s both Usha and Jennifer are out.

Pip took her own duvet

Which is fair enough.

[Ruth] “I’m glad she and Josh were nice to each other over tea.”

[David] “Well that’s because he knows he’ll be top dog around here.”

(and how! I’ll say it again … my money’s on Josh to win the inheritance battle, when it comes)

Though David has been taking the Michael out of Ruth for the clothes washing tablets, biscuits (and the like) she’s put into pip’s bags – he’s put in three (yes, three!) bags of marshmallows.

[David] “Well, Pip’s got a family tradition to keep up, how many marshmallows can you fit into your mouth at one time.”

Kenton taught David that.

Anyhoo … Ben gave Pip a keyring for her leaving (one which glows in the dark). And they all had a tearful goodbye.

[David] “You have set the sat nav, haven’t you?”

[Ruth] “She’ll have the time of her life.”

Cheerio then Pip!

(for a bit)

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