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Pip’s becoming Super Dairy – Wed 28.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 28th August 2013
  • Kirsty and Tom … again
  • All Henry has is his bricks
  • Helen shows Pat the necklace she made
  • David’s delighted about the badger cull
  • Pip wants to rush growing the dairy herd
  • Ben’s school shopping already

Kirsty and Tom … again

Seems Tom is down again. Bellinghams have said they might up their order. But they also said they might not.

So, he turns to Kirsty. She seems all too happy.

She’s at Bridge Farm to do a nature tour, which featured drinks and cupcakes made by Pat. Seems the tour cheered Tom up a bit.

But, only just a bit.

He tells Kirsty that, actually, Bellinghams is ending the promotion of his ready meals early. He’s too scared to tell Pat and Tony. Of course, he now has made extra stock, which looks unlikely to be sold.

Tony seems to have been right.

[Tom] “I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose. It goes with the territory.”

BUT it’s not all bad news. Seems the Twitter campaign has persuaded Bellinghams to at least keep the Point of Sale material up for the meals.

(some of the more recent captions include “Fly or die” and “If a pig loses it’s voice, is it disgruntled” … *groan*)

[Tom] “Ah, Kirsty, you are a star!”

Kirsty still believes in him. She reckons that if he keeps his nerve, he’ll go far.

There’s love (or lust) in them words.

All Henry has is his bricks

His mum certainly isn’t around much …

[Pat] “It looks like he’ll settle for his bricks now.”

What a wee shame on the wee chap.

Helen shows Pat the necklace she made


Seems it’s beautiful. Pat’s stunned, considering it’s her first attempt.

[Pat] “You honestly made it yourself?”

[Helen] “You don’t have to sound so surprised!”

[Pat] “I think there’s a second career here for you … honestly, you’d pay good money for this in a shop … I was expecting something fiddly with cheap wire sticking out of … Will you make one for me, please?”

Helen says an abrupt no. But recovers, and suggests Pat have this one.

Pat then shows Kirsty.

Once Pat has left:

[Helen] “Oh Kirsty, this is getting ridiculous!”

She tells Kirsty the necklace is just cover for herself and Rob. Kirsty is not amused.

Neither are we.

David’s delighted about the badger cull

Funnily enough!

[David] “Still, it’s not all bad news for these girls.”

[Pip] “The badger cull.”

[David] “At last. Roll on bringing it to Borsetshire!”

[Pip] “Spencer’s family are against it, don’t buy the science.”

[David] “Yeah, well, they don’t have cattle, do they.”

He has a point.

All I know is that the only badgers I’ve seen, until very recently, were dead ones next to the road. Allegedly road kill, but more likely they had a bit of assistance …

Now, I live in a cottage where badgers come out to play at night in the garden.

To cull or not to cull?


They’re ever so cute.

Pip wants to rush growing the dairy herd

Pip met Becky (the assistant herd manager at the Super Dairy) in the shop.

She’s very impressed they’re calving 700 calves. Especially compared to Brookfield’s 180.

And, Pip now reckons she “could learn” from what the Super Diary is doing. Brookfield should grow the herd faster than they’ve planned.

[David] “Do you know a way to shorten a cow’s gestation period?”

Pip actually meant that they should buy more cows.

David’s horrified. Brookfield’s spent years getting their dairy herd bloodline right. He’s not going to rush it now, just because milks prices are good.

[Pip] “Well, it’s what I think. You need to seize the moment more.”

David argues that they’ve survived as a farm because they’re a mixed farm. When milk’s bad, the sheep and the beef hold well. He doesn’t reckon the milk price will last.

[David] “Every extra dairy cow we have means fewer sheep and beef cattle … I’m sorry Pip, but we can’t base out business on a conversation you and Becky had in the shop.”

[Pip] “That’s so patronising … you just can’t see over the hedge … It’s okay dad, it was just a suggestion, I didn’t want a lecture.”

Later on, David apologises.

[Pip] “Yeah, it’s cool dad. Who am I gonna argue with in Yorkshire?”

Well, David may be a bad texter, but there’s plenty other ways David and Pip can keep their argy bargy!

Ben’s school shopping already

Poor wee mite.

There’s surely nothing worse than being a kid when summer is coming to an end.

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