Thursday, 15 August 2013

Robin is a bad ‘un – Thurs 15.08.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 15th August 2013
  • Lilian shouts at Brenda
  • Robin can’t be trusted
  • Brenda tells all
  • Lilian finds Matt too thin

Lilian shouts at Brenda

Yet again.

Lilian’s made it to London. It’s odd, but she first meets up with Brenda rather than Matt:

[Lilian] “Did you enjoy St Petersburg by the way, you certainly look very well …”

[Brenda] “You know what, I should have known you’d be like this. It’s not my problem anymore!”

[Lilian] “Oh that’s it, have your mischief and walk away, little miss innocent. How dare you not tell me you were out there with Matt.”

[Brenda] “Why should I? Don’t blame me if Matt didn’t mention it.”

Brenda tells Lilian she told Matt to phone home.

[Brenda] “So don’t take out your frustrations on me. Especially if you want my help.”

Lilian mumbles an “alright”.

[Brenda] “I left because I was sick of being treated as your dogsbody Lilian, and I’m not to start again now.”

Lilian mumbles a “sorry”.

[Lilian] “Brenda , please don’t go. I’m desperate to see Matt… I shouldn’t have lashed out. I’m sorry.”

Robin can’t be trusted

Matt can’t have his phone on at Robin’s Club.

Against the rules, it seems.

Matt tells him about Nicolai Barbarin.

[Matt] “This guy’s stolen everything I’ve got!”

Robin reckons Nicolai also approached him for an investment. But he hasn’t heard from him in a while.

[Robin] “Honestly, I know as much as you do. Less, probably.”

Matt’s sorely disappointed. He reckons Robin was his last chance.

Robin is very interested that Matt has Nicolai’s phone. And that he has a contract. He wants to take a photocopy so that his lawyers can have a proper look.

[Robin] “It’s a terrible thing that’s happened to you, I’d like to help.”


(and why hasn’t Matt shown the contract to his own lawyer?)

When Matt leaves (in a taxi, on Robin’s account), Robin makes a call:

[Robin] “He hasn’t just got the damned phone, he’s got some sort of contract as well … whatever you’ve been doing, it’s not good enough!”


The plot thickens.

Brenda tells all

So, Brenda sits Lilian down and tells her everything that happened in Russia.

She thinks that though she was also duped by Vitaly, she was shocked at the speed of the deal. She reckons Matt wasn’t thinking any of it through properly.

[Matt] “It was as if, he was sort of building himself up. He wanted to be a real player, like the big men he was meeting … Honestly Matt’s been through hell …he’s been reckless, but he’s been very brave too.”

Well, that’s true.

But also incredibly, incredibly stupid.

Lilian finds Matt too thin

Matt and Lilian seem marginally pleased to see each other.

[Matt] “You’re still wearing that perfume I bought you.”

[Lilian] “Your clothes are hanging off you …”

Matt refuses to take her back to his hotel room, instead insisting on going to the park.

(does he suspect he’s now being bugged?)

[Lilian] “I’ve not come here to argue, I'm not angry, I don’t blame you, I’ve got enough to apologise for.”

Lilian thought Matt was punishing her. He claims he wasn’t. It was about him, not her.

[Matt] “I didn’t want to have to feel the way I felt any longer.”

Lilian wants to start again:

[Lilian] “We just have to be truthful … no recriminations … then work out hot to move on.”

[Matt] “Together? Is that what you want?”

[Lilian] “As long as you do too.”

But, Matt starts off on the wrong foot. He tries to claim all’s well with the deal.

[Lilian] “Please, stop lying! … I know Matt. That it’s gone. The money.”

Ah well Matt.

Maybe Lilian can actually help.

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