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Jamie makes pizza – Wed 14.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 14th August 2013
  • Don’t call Jamie when he’s slicing wood
  • The wheat is nearly in, the pheasants are well
  • But Jennifer made Salmon en croute!
  • Helen’s being sexy again
  • Milk will be scarce in Autumn
  • Kenton, bullied by a spider
  • The Traditional Roses Bowl
  • Brian joins in with Martin
  • Jamie distracts Kathy with wine and pizza

Don’t call Jamie when he’s slicing wood

We really shouldn’t have to tell you that, Kathy and Kenton. Common sense should prevail.

The wheat is nearly in, the pheasants are well

All’s well at Home Farm.

Though the harvest coming in can’t come fast enough for Jennifer. She thinks Adam looks far too tired.

But Jennifer made Salmon en croute!

Lilian’s really annoyed Jennifer.

She’s off to London, but was due to coming for lunch tomorrow.

[Brian] “Well never mind. I’m sure the Salmon can stay on its croute for a while.”

Aye, very healthy, Brian.

When Jennifer mentions that Lilian has left Anthea in charge:

[Brian] “Perhaps she’d like some salmon.”

Helen’s being sexy again

And it makes for uncomfortable eavesdropping.

She’s using her sexy voice, trying to persuade Rob to meet with her.

[Helen] “Got something more interesting to do?”

[Rob] “These importation forms, I can’t tell you, they are pretty riveting …”

But he is swayed. He’s just about to head out to meet Helen, when Brian shows up for a chat.

Though Rob managed to text Helen, she was still to be found at first hiding in his bushes (!). She then went to see Peggy (who lives nearby) to kill some time (poor Peggy).

When Rob finally got there, Helen had only a few moments before she’d have to collect Henry.

They’re about to make the most of it, when Jennifer happens along.

[Helen] “Let’s not wait too long to have that chat we were talking about …”

[Jennifer] “I'm sorry, I wasn't interrupting was I? He’s such a  nice man.”

When Helen and Rob finally manage to be alone:

[Rob] “I felt light a naughty teenager, as if I’d been caught be doing something I shouldn’t Rob.”

(well, you are doing something wrong!)

[Helen] “If only Brian and Jennifer knew what they’d been putting us through.”

[Rob] “I’d rather they don’t …”

But Helen doesn’t notice that Rob’s determined to keep her a secret. She’s too busy doing heavy breathing …

Milk will be scarce in Autumn

According to Brian.

That’s great news, what with prices being quite high at the moment.

Looks like Brian really did know what he was talking about when he (and Debbie) first thought of the Super Dairy.

Kenton, bullied by a spider

Kenton had called Jamie to ask him to pop into The Bull after work.

He wants to talk to him about bestman duties,

[Kenton] “It occurred to me, there isn’t anyone else I’d like more than you. So that’s what I’m asking … “

[Jamie] “Does this mean I get to organise the stag night?”

Kenton reckons so.

So, it’s a yes from Jamie.

Though Kenton may regret that. Jamie reckons he’s got enough dirt on him to make for a very long bestman’s speech.

Like the time Kenton takes to dry his hair. Or when he got stuck upstairs as he couldn’t get by a spider.

[Kenton] “The spider’s fine, but not the hair …”

The Traditional Roses Bowl

Jennifer’s entering her roses into the Traditional Roses Category at the Flower and Produce Show. Seems if you win, you get presented with a bowl crafted in memory of Phil.

[Jennifer] “I just hope my blooms stay fresh long enough.”

[Helen] “So do I …”

(ew!!!!!!!! Helen was frustrated over her and Rob being interrupted again. So, she wasn’t referring to flowers …)

Brian joins in with Martin

Brian’s a member of the Golf Club, and also is on the committee.

He’s heard from Martin that Kathy’s staff were “light figured”.

[Brian] “He said you been letting lots of skulduggery going under your nose.”

So, little sympathy for Kathy. In fact, Brian reckons she’d played right into Martin’s hands:

[Brian] “It’s given him an excuse to sink his teeth in.”

But no offer of any help for Kathy.

Jamie distracts Kathy with wine and pizza

When Kathy gets home, Jamie’s got her tea ready.

[Kathy] “Jamie, is something going on?”

He tells her that he’s going to be Kenton’s bestman.

[Jamie] “Would that be okay? I was worried you might be a bit …”

[Kathy] “That was sweet of you to think of me.”

[Jamie] “Not really, I already said yes.”

But, Jamie at least knew he probably should have spoken with Kathy before he did say yes. Though she reckons she’s fine about it.

[Kathy] “Just as long as you’re happy … then don’t worry about me. I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful bestman.”

That didn’t sound too convincing.

Kenton marrying Jolene with Jamie at her side must smart …

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