Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Susan would prefer British workers – 20.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 20th August 2013
  • Not all is rosey in Jennifer’s garden
  • A local Super Dairy for local people
  • Rob didn’t get much sleep last night
  • Bridge Farm veg boxes at the Super Dairy?
  • All Jennifer had to do is buy stamps
  • Shula’s pushing tickets
  • £3572
  • Jennifer’s also entering her roses
  • “I managed to insult Kenton and Shula simultaneously.”

Not all is rosey in Jennifer’s garden

Seems Simon, Jennifer’s gardener, has a bad back. He’ll be off for at least a month.

Jennifer’s flapping.

Brian reckons it’s not his problem.

[Jennifer] “It’s the garden!”

[Brian] “You’ll just have to get out your machete.”

When Jennifer later complains about her lot to Susan:

[Jennifer] “Brian claims only to do large scale gardening … When I sit in the garden, I just see everything that needs doing.”

[Susan] “How dreadful for you …”


Susan then suggests that Jennifer could just use one of the pickers.

Actually, quite a good idea.

Just tell one of the serfs to do it.

A local Super Dairy for local people

Susan’s seen John Raphael around. He’s one of the assistant herd managers at the Super Dairy.

[Susan] “Where’s he from?”

[Rob] “The Philippines.”

[Susan] “Oh, goodness. You couldn’t find anyone closer?”

(hang on there Susan … bordering on racism)

Rob reassures Susan that Becky is also on her way. She’s English. And, the rest of the workers are due as well.

[Susan] “And are they British too?”

(well Susan, you blew that. What a silly wee woman you are, sometimes)

Rob didn’t get much sleep last night

Though he reckons he just had a few glasses of wine, Susan would be horrified to know Helen Archer had something to do with his sleeplessness …

Rob also forgets that he has a meeting with Brian and Adam. Which he blames on his phone not being charged.

Brian suggests he uses a paper diary, in the future.

(actually, he’s better off with both his phone and a paper one. Trust me. Learned that through hard experience)

Bridge Farm veg boxes at the Super Dairy?

Rob’s organising for food from the village shop to be delivered to the Super Dairy workers. The idea is that they can order it, the village shop will deliver, the workers spend their cash in Ambridge rather than town.

(who is going to deliver the food is never explained)

Susan also suggests Rob talk to bridge Farm about delivering their veg boxes.

(actually, has Susan taken leave of her senses today? What a stupid suggestion)

All Jennifer had to do is buy stamps

Twelve of them. First class.

Couldn’t she just crack on with her garden?

Shula’s pushing tickets

Though Jennifer bought concert tickets at £15 without blinking, Shula doesn’t seem to be having much luck elsewhere.

[Susan] “Classical music’s not everyone’s cup of tea.”

[Shula, shocked] “No?”

[Susan, having a rare brainwave] “With these people coming over to work at his dairy,. He wants them to get involved with things …they like that sort of thing, don’t they …foreigners, it’d be like a nice introduction to England.”

[Shula, having a rare sarcastic moment] “Thanks Susan. You’re full  of good ideas.”

Shula then tries to harass Brian, Rob and Adam to buy concert tickets.

 Adam says he has to check with Ian. Brian’s been boxed in already with Jennifer buying tickets. Which just leaves Rob:

[Shula] “You’d like a ticket, wouldn’t you?”

Rob says no, as he’s far too busy (with the first cows arriving next week)

[Rob] “Trouble is, evenings can be busy too.”

That doesn’t work.

So, Rob claims he’s got no one to go with.

[Shula] “Oh, you don’t have to come by yourself. All these people arriving to work at the dairy …”

[Rob] “There’s a chance I might have to go back to Hampshire that Friday.”

Ah Rob, you will learn.

When Shula wants something, she normally bullies her way into getting it.


Is what the Robert Haywood Trust has granted the church organ fund.

[Jennifer] “How on earth did they come up with that figure?”

[Susan] “I’ve no idea, but as Neil says, every penny counts.”

Very true.

They’ve nearly raised £22,000!

Jolly good effort, chaps.

Jennifer’s also entering her roses

Blimey, that’s a lot of roses being entered into that category in the Flower and Produce Show.

There’s going to be a cat fight.

“I managed to insult Kenton and Shula simultaneously.”

So said Brian.

But how?

I don’t think we got to eavesdrop in on that.


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