Monday, 26 August 2013

Ray arrives, and has lunch – Mon 26.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers  Monday 26th August 2013
  • Does the Georgian Society have Bath Buns with their tea?
  • Ray sounds dodgy …
  • Competition for the Rose Bowl steps back up again
  • Ruth buys biscuits
  • Ray’s a Conway Twitty Man

Does the Georgian Society have Bath Buns with their tea?

[Caroline] “Only if they request them …”

Well, quite.

Ray sounds dodgy …

I’m sure Lynda mentioned that ray was visiting for the first time the other day, but seems not. Today is his first tour of his temporary kingdom.

Lynda’s right in there …

[Lynda] “I was the firm hand on the tiller when Caroline was ill recently.”

She has the honour of showing him round. He’s delighted.

[Ray] “It’s always the staff on the ground who paint a full picture of the hotel anyway.”

[Caroline, chuckling] “Oh, you’ll get a very full picture with Lynda.”

And here’s where I think it started to go wrong …

Ray drank a cappuccino. But without being able to avoid a cappuccino moustache. That’s not very Grey Gables.

He then calls hospitality baskets a beverage tray.

Took a chocolate from said hospitality basket.

Though his attention to detail in other aspects was fine:

[Ray] “I hope they cleaned the peep hole, so easy to forget.”

(actually … can I take that back? He sounded a tad perverted when he said that …)

He plays a clever game in telling Lynda that she’ll be his number 2, BUT then insists that have a drink and lunch in the restaurant. Though Lynda is uncomfortable with sitting down to lunch without Caroline’s say so, Ray reckons it’s important to experience lunch from the customer’s perspective.

(hmmm … sounds like he’s just after a free lunch)

[Ray] “It’s a step up from melon balls and breaded plaice.”

(oops … again, not very Grey Gables. I thought he was in a posh Baronial place in his last job?)

[Ray] “It’s not very busy, it’s …”

[Lynda] “Restful.”

[Ray] “Reverential.”

He reckons they should have music in the restaurant. Lynda reckons not.

Doesn’t sound like Ray’s got much class. Oh dear …

Definite non no from Ly from C to music there

Competition for the Rose Bowl steps back up again

Though Jennifer is out of the running, more Ambridge ladies seem to be entering the Rose category at the Flower and produce show.

This time, it’s Usha.

[Usha] “Ambitious I know, but Bert’s really encouraged me.”

Seems Bert has been helping Usha to spray , and has been doing some sort of mulching system.

Ruth’s a tad miffed. She hasn’t had any help.

(well, she doesn’t even know what flavour of rose she’s showing!)

Ruth buys biscuits

Lots of them. For Pip to take with her.

[Ruth] “I know she gets leave, but there’s no guarantee.”

(eh? I don’t think buying biscuits will be high on Pip’s priority)

Ray’s a Conway Twitty Man

[Ray] “It’s my big regret. I never made it to Twitty City”

Good lord!

I really don’t know what to say to that.

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