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There are too many Archers – Mon 12.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 12th August 2013
  • “The trouble is Kenton’s family”
  • Kenton wants to be married as Dracula
  • Morality lessons from Kirsty
  • Brenda not coming home?
  • And another Archers invites themselves
  • Shelly Brazil is on Twitter
  • Tom and Kirsty going out, again

“The trouble is Kenton’s family”

So says Jolene.

[Fallon] “There’s so many of them.”

So, Archer Add-ons like Spencer will only be invited to the reception.

[Fallon] “What would you say if we didn't invite Peggy’s side of the family to the ceremony?”

But Kenton insists on Peggy herself. And Aunty Chris. Lilian, Brian and Jennifer. Pat and Tony.

[Fallon] “This is a nightmare. We’re not all going to fit in the wedding room.”

What. In Lower Loxley? That place taller than Big Ben???

Kenton wants to be married as Dracula

He reckons they should have the wedding in fancy dress.

[Kenton] “I could dress up and Dracula and you could obviously be my bride.”

[Fallon, perplexed] “It’s an idea …”

[Jolene] “One I’m not very keen on … black tie. Look, it’s the only time I’ll ever have a party somewhere as posh as Lower Loxley.”

[Kenton] “I’ll wear a DJ as Dracula.”

[Jolene] “With blood all down your chin!”

And that’s as much as Kenton got to say. Jolene and Fallon just talked over him.

Well, it is his own fault for suggesting utter nonsense.

Morality lessons from Kirsty

[Kirsty] “So, how was your weekend Helen? Get up to anything interesting?”

[Helen] “Me? Yeah, it was alright.”

[Kirsty] “You’re bright and bubbly …”

Then the penny drops:

[Kirsty] “Just stop smirking like that and tell me…it’s not Rob, is it? Helen! What are you doing, he’s married!”

[Helen] “You don’t understand.”

[Kirsty] “Either it’s over or it’s not. You need to make him be clear with you.”

[Helen] “I don’t want to rush him. I did that with Jonno.”

Ah … but that was different, says Kirsty. Helen wasn’t Jonno’s bit on the side.

[Helen] “It’s not like. Rob’s not like that.”

[Kirsty] “You can’t honestly tell me this is what you want!”

Later on, Kirsty apologies for “being hard” on Helen,

[Helen] “I know I'm taking a risk, but when Rob and I are together, it just feels so right.”

Helen’s trying to excuse the fact Rob is married through saying he needs time to get over her … that he needs time and space.

(eh? How is going over to his to have sex giving him time? And anyhoo, he can’t get over a marriage that he hasn’t actually ended as yet!)

[Kirsty] “When people have been together for that long, old feelings, they don’t always go away … Honestly, I’m starting to feel like a relationship counsellor.”

She’ll need you again, Kirsty.

Tears before bedtime are guaranteed.

Brenda not coming home?

Seems Brenda called Kirsty. But, she was being a bit vague.

[Kirsty] “It all seems a bit strange to me. I can’t help wondering if she’s not coming back to Ambridge because of Tom …”


If she doesn’t come back, it’ll be because of Dmitry.

Kirsty also wonders whether she should tell Tom that Brenda has a boyfriend.

Well, yes.

Yes she should.

(Doesn’t Kirsty eavesdrop in on Ambridge Extra?)

And another Archers invites themself

Kenton calls Mel to actually check if it’s okay for Meriel to come to his wedding. Mel’s more than delighted, even though it’s during school term.

[Mel] “I should be able to take the time of work as well …”

Kenton splutters.

He hadn’t thought of inviting Mel. But he also hadn’t thought that Meriel isn’t old enough to make the trip herself.

[Me] “I can’t wait to see Meriel all dressed up and walking down the aisle with Jolene… that is okay with you, isn’t it Kenton? It won’t be awkward for you?”

Kenton says no, it won’t be awkward. Even though it will be. And now he’ll have to tell Jolene.

When Kenton does tell Jolene, she’s not amused. Kenton doesn’t know what else he could do:

[Kenton] “What was I supposed to say, thanks for flying half way around the world but ion the big day you’ll have to sit by yourself in Jaxx or something?”

[Jolene, sarcastically] “You’re obviously being very thoughtful …”

[Kenton] “You’re not really angry, are you?”

[Jolene] “Oh, you ask a lot!”

But, Jolene agrees that Meriel will need her mum with her. So, reluctantly, agrees.

[Jolene] “Well, is there anything else? You don’t want your ex-wife to also be a bridesmaid.”

Kenton then promises he won’t interfere with anything else.


That’ll ne near impossible. And he is allowed to interfere, isn’t he? It’s his wedding as well.

So much for avoiding memories …

Shelly Brazil is on Twitter

Seems Tom’s twitter campaign for the ready meals id going great guns. Even Shelly Brazil is retweeting him.

Tom and Kirsty going out, again

Tom invites Kirsty out for a curry on Friday, to say thank you for her coming up with the Twitter campaign.

[Tom] “Chicken Tikka’s the least I can do.”

Her Damon is out with his mates (actually, do Kirsty and Damon ever have time together?), so:

[Kirsty] “Alright then. There’s no point in turning down a free curry.”

Interesting … are they heading for romance (round two)?

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