Monday, 5 August 2013

Pig related hashtags – Mon 05.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 5th August 2013
  • Anthea thinks pickles are evil
  • #Swinetime
  • Helen really is avoiding Rob?

Anthea thinks pickles are evil

Lilian’s been out somewhere again (other than work). So, Anthea’s been running the company. Again.

Is Lilian grateful?


She wants to do it all herself, despite never being there. She even suggests Anthea go for her lunch 5 minutes early. As we all know, not being spot on time is an insult for Anthea …

[Lilian] “I won’t tell, if you don’t.”


Anthea has lunch at The Bull (we’ll never know if she went 5 minutes early or not). Seems she’s quite a picky eater.

She didn’t want the cheese and onion flan if it had red onions. She then settled on a cheese sandwich, but no pickle (she made pickle sound like Devil’s spawn), butter (not spread) and a side salad without cucumber, celery or dressing.

All of which is fair enough. She knows what she wants. But it’s not the done thing to play around with Freda’s cooking.

Anyhoo – after all that fuss – Jolene spots that Anthea must be Lilian’s new assistant.

Seems Anthea is delighted to be working closer to home (she lives in Felpersham), though she’s finding it tough being the only assistant (as did Brenda). As for her boss:

[Anthea] “I’ve worked with worse. Is she a friend of yours?”

(lucky Anthea spotted that before she said anything negative about Lilian)

[Anthea] “The important thing, as I’ve told Mrs Bellamy, is to keep a cool head.”

Jolene tries to explain that Lilian is having a tough time right now, so to make allowances, but Anthea cuts her off and goes to sit down.


Doesn’t look like Anthea’s going to be much of an asset to village life.

When Lilian later comes in for her obligatory GandT:

[Jolene] “She’s a funny old stick, isn’t she?”

[Lilian] “I never thought I’d say this, but right now I’d give my eye teeth to have Brenda back.”

Next to no chance of that ever happening, Lilian. Best stick with the stick …


Tom’s in a flap about what sales of his ready meals will be like when they come off of special offer.

So, he asks Kirsty for ideas.

(of course! Kirsty is a very experienced, and successful, marketing person … in-between working at Ambridge Organics and Jaxx …)

So Kirsty suggests The Bull.

The shocker of the day was Tom admitting he’s getting a bit bored of Tom Archer’s sausage casserole … even though he said the exact opposite to Rob the other day. (just like a wee laddie showing off to a big laddie). He’s not had his tea, but settles for a packet of crisps.

(£4.10 for a pint and two packets of crisps in The Bull, by the way. I’m sure they’ve put their prices down …)

[Kirsty] “I have had a couple of vague thoughts. Completely unformed and potentially useless, but I’ll tell you them anyway.”

She reckons Twitter.


Her idea is to get folks to write captions for pictures of Tom’s pigs.

[Kirsty] “Pulling faces or sticking a leg in the air or doing something odd.”

She is right that the pigs playing footy seemed to work. So maybe this will.

(by the way Kirsty … what you’re talking about is called a ‘meme’. Facebook is also full of them).

One of Kirsty’s ideas:

[Kirsty] “When I grow up, I want to be Tom Archer meatballs!”

Then they start thinking of hashtags:


(is it just me, or do they all sound pornographic?)

Helen really is avoiding Rob?

After Kathy mentioned Rob would be at the silent film night, I thought Helen was interested so that she could ‘accidentally’ bump into him.

Seems it’s the exact opposite.

Seems she’s now not sure she’ll be going, even though Tony and Pat have offered to babysit.

Maybe Helen has finally remembered Rob’s married …


caroline_venezia said...

"£4.10 for a pint and two packets of crisps in The Bull, by the way. I’m sure they’ve put their prices down …"

Sounds quite good. But - I was struck by Anthea being charged £5 or £6 (?) for a cheese sarni & a mineral water. That seemed a lot but maybe I'm out of touch?

Inga McVicar said...

Was she??? I must have missed that. Steep!

Though I am well out of touch an' a. You can still get a pint and a packet of crisps for under £2.50 round my way.