Friday, 23 August 2013

The Golf Club is not a Kibbutz (allegedly) – Fri 23.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 23rd August 2013
  • Kenton and Jolene playing wet t-shirt competition
  • Lynda still believes
  • Kathy corrects grammar while others lose their livelihood
  • Kenton’s simple to Matt’s complicated
  • Kenton’s welcomed back to Wedding HQ

Kenton and Jolene playing wet t-shirt competition

The mind boggles …

… especially considering Kenton nearly got Lynda as well.


Lynda still believes

It’s Ray’s first day today in charge of Grey Gables.

[Lynda] “Caroline asked me to look after him. I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of hand holding. He’s been retired for  quite a while now.”

[Kenton] “Ah, so you’ll be the power behind the throne.”

[Lynda] “Yes, I am rather looking forward to it.”

(I still can’t believe Lynda fell for Caroline’s blatant attempt to shove her to one side, while flattering)

Lynda needs to get a move on, or she’ll be late.

[Kenton] “If you are, you’ll have to take yourself to the office and give yourself a good ticking off!”

Lynda lapped that up!

She can be such a silly woman sometimes.

Kathy corrects grammar while others lose their livelihood

Martin’s come up with a plan.

[Martin] “Two less staff on a Monday and Tuesday.”

[Kathy] “Too fewer …”

(really, there is a time and a place, Kathy)

So, Martin wants to be more efficient at the Golf Club by cutting down the staff hours. If the problem doesn’t lie with stock waste, it must be too many staff. Kathy tries to argue.

[Martin] “Are you having problems with your hearing!?!”

There must be. Kathy then suggests they should shorten the staff shifts, not cut them out of the shift altogether. She reckons that would mean they’d be fully staffed at the busy times, and it’d be fairer on the staff.

(eh? The staff will still lose hours, so how is that fairer?)

[Martin] “Don’t be so Fluffy. We’re running a business here, not a kibbutz.”

(well, that’s surely obvious to everyone?)

[Kathy] “I was thinking of morale. If everyone’s happy, then they’ll do a better job.”

Martin reckons they get paid, so should do a good job anyhoo. And they need to take decisive action.

[Martin] “Nibbling round the edges won’t do.”

Kathy really isn’t pleased. She thinks standards will suffer, and that she wants it on record that she does not concur.

[Martin] “Don’t worry your little head about it.”

Goodness me! Kathy’s actually doing well just to correct his grammar … most of us would have thumped him by now.

When Kathy later goes for a swim at Grey Gables, at least Lynda cares to listen and advise.

Seems one of Kathy’s staff was in tears when she was told her hours were being cut. On top of that, Kathy knows she’ll have to deal with the customers also being difficult when it comes to poor standards.

[Jolene] “This could be the darkness before the dawn, things might start to improve.”

[Kathy] “It’s as though he’s deliberately trying to grind me down …”

(yup, I think Kathy’s right. It would seem it’s Kathy Martin’s gunning for …)

Kenton’s simple to Matt’s complicated

Lilian calls Jolene to tell her of Matt making a few “bad decisions”.

[Jolene] “How bad?”

[Lilian] “Nothing he can’t walk away from.”

But he won’t.

(and I don’t blame him. Someone else has his money!)

[Lilian] “I don’t know if he’s telling the truth, or just won't come back with me.”

Jolene advises that Lilian is best staying in London. She reckons while she’s there, she’s proving that she loves him. Though Lilian is far from convinced that will be enough for Matt to forgive her.

(course not. She slept with his (half) brother!)

Later on, Jolene mentions to Kenton that she’s glad their relationships isn’t as complicated at Lilian’s.

[Kenton] “I’m a pretty simple creature, some might say that’s a bad thing.”

[Jolene] “That’s why I love ya.”

[Kenton] “You don’t have to agree!”

It was a compliment, Kenton. In a backhanded type of way.

Kenton’s welcomed back to Wedding HQ

[Jolene] “You can still have your say though, but not some of your wilder ideas.”

[Kenton] “Maybe I’m not used to not being centre of attention …but this is going to be brilliant for me. It’s going to be wonderful. Almost as wonderful as you.”

(pass the sick bag when you’re done with it)

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