Friday, 2 August 2013

Freddie doesn’t want to be a pageboy – Fri 02.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 2nd August
  • Jolene’s marrying into the horsey set
  • Grey Gables coped with Caroline
  • Freddie and Lily approve
  • Lily accepts Freddie’s better at something
  • Awkward Rob and Helen moment
  • Why doesn’t Freddie want to be a pageboy?
  • Caroline was Oliver’s investment

Jolene’s marrying into the horsey set

(I think, ‘eh?’ at first … but I suppose you can’t get more horsey than Shula and Elizabeth)

And she’s never towed a horse box before.

Though Kenton reckons the last horse he rode was a bucking bronco …

Anyhoo – they’re off  to some sort of horsey thing with the Pargetters. So, she wants to understand horsey parlance.

[Jolene] “I’ve got to hold my own with Mandy Beesborough … and I wouldn’t mind looking not looking a fool in front of Freddie and Lily … all I know about is snuffles and bridles.”

(that’s more than I know! Seems the snuffles is the metal bit that goes in the mouth)

Grey Gables coped with Caroline

Oliver even managed to avoid:

[Oliver] “A black market in shower caps.”

[Caroline] “As hard as it might be for me to say this Oliver, but everything seems to be in order.”

[Oliver] “I want to hear you say that you accept that Grey Gables can function without you.”

Oliver’s actually deadly serious.

He reckons Caroline was ill because she was pushing herself too hard. But, she still won’t hear of hiring a manager.

Freddie and Lily approve

Freddie is most impressed that Jolene had her own band, and used to go on tour.

They both love that she’s taken time to watch them in the horsey competition.

Thumbs up for the new Archer!

Lily accepts Freddie’s better at something

They’re both growing up so fast.

[Lily] “Freddie’s the star.”

After Freddie did indeed win (over everyone, including Lily):

[Freddie] “Everyone has their talents, ,mine was winning a cup this afternoon!”

And they have a wee play fight.

How nice to hear Freddie with confidence, and Lily being far less odious.

Awkward Rob and Helen moment

Rob literally bumps into Helen outside the bank.

He can’t think of anything decent to say, so asks if she’s there to bank the shop takings.

[Rob] “Course you are, silly question. It’s not as if you’ve come to raid the place.”

He then tries to make his escape. But Helen seems to want to chat.

[Helen] “So, the weekend, are you going to Hampshire?”

He’s not sure as yet.

[Rob] “Well anyway, good to see you Helen. See you around.”

[Helen] “And have a good one. Weekend. Whatever you decide to do.”

Oh dear.

As I said previously, there’s not a chance they can avoid each other in a wee place like Ambridge.

Why doesn’t Freddie want to be a pageboy?

Jolene asks Lily if she’ll be a bridesmaid.

Lily’s over the moon!

[Lily] “I didn’t want to say, but I’ve never been a bridesmaid, and I was desperate. Thank you so much for asking.”

But Freddie has no delight in being asked to be a pageboy.

[Freddie] “It’s terribly kind of you, and I see where you’re coming from, but if it’s all the same to you, I’d rather not.”

Jolene’s absolutely fine about that.

When Jolene had left:

[Lily] “That was a narrow escape …”

Am I missing something?

Why doesn’t Freddie want to be a pageboy?

Too cool?

(Freddie? Surely not)

Caroline was Oliver’s investment

(How romantic (!))

Oliver brings Caroline a picture of skies and beaches.

[Caroline] “Is someone going away?”

[Oliver] “Do you know Caroline, you must be the most annoying woman in the whole of Ambridge.”

[Caroline] “Oh, surely not.”

Oliver has something to say, but he’s already decided that Caroline won’t listen to him.

[Caroline] “Try me.”

[Oliver] “Really? I thought I was going to have to get all pompous. I’d prepared my speech.”

Oliver’s deeply worried. About Caroline, Grey Gables. And “us”.

[Oliver] “I’ve invested heavily in all of those things, and I want to protect my investment.”

He demands a holiday. A proper one. For a month.

[Caroline] “Four weeks! Four!! Both of Us!!!!”

[Oliver] “Alright, three, but somewhere far away, in the sun.”

Caroline says she’ll think about it.

I think Oliver’s wearing her down …


caroline_venezia said...

I was surprised they thought of asking Freddie - I thought only very wee (i.e. still cute!) boys did it, and he's about 13 isn't he?

Actually I don't want to seem mean, but I'm surprised all the Archers seem so delighted about this wedding. Evidently Jolene isn't still seen as a husband-stealing scarlet woman?

And Kathy seems to have been surprisingly quiet about it, unless I missed something?

Inga McVicar said...

Ah, true about Freddie being maybe too old.

I think the Archers are just glad Kenton seems to be settled. Jolene is liked by most, though only those she didn't steal a husband from ...

Kathy does indeed seem to be quiet. She was a bit perturbed by Jamie being bestman, but I suppose matryn is generally distracting her.