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Brenda wakes up to Dmitry – Thurs 29.08.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 29th August 2013
  • Brenda’s new job is … brining coffee!
  • Now Tatyana has the contract
  • Brenda eavesdrops
  • Matt’s off to shoot something
  • Leonid knows Robin
  • Lilian thinks Matt’s getting intimate with Tatyana
  • Lilian to use her womanly wiles?

Brenda’s new job is … brining coffee!

Ha! You can’t take the girl out of Amside …

Now Tatyana has the contract

Oh for goodness sake! Why isn’t Matt using his own lawyer?

He’s finally realised that Robin was probably lying to him. So, he gives the copy of the contract to yet another dodgy person he’s only just met.

The son of our Lord wept …

Anyhoo, Tatyana reckons the contract is confusing, and needs more time to understand it.

She’s also getting the forensic report of Nicolai Barbarin to see if there’s a connection with Matt’s contract.

Hmmm … she probably already knows.

Brenda eavesdrops

The phone rings. Brenda goes to answer it, but seems Dmitry got there first. She doesn’t put the phone down, and hears mention of Nicolai Barbarin and Matt Crawford. And:

[Dmitry] “Tatiana, what’s a takeover like this called in English?

[Tatyana] “ … Creeping tender, we can get this Dima, I’m sure can.”

Later on, Brenda tells Dmitry she knows it all.

[Brenda] “I know what you’re doing about the development, creeping tender, I know about you and Tatyana are using Matt … Dima, I have to ask you, is it you pushing those poor people off their land? Is it you threatening Matt?”

Dmitry does admit that he’s mixed up in whatever deal Matt was buying into.

[Dmitry] “Don’t you see that if I win it, those people will be treated properly.”

He reckons he’ll give them a good price for their land.

Aye .. I’m sure being nice is how he’s made his millions.

Anyhoo – Dmitry reckons he only made his mind up to get involved when he want with Brenda and Matt to see the land.

[Brenda] “And how much will you make … that’s why you wanted to be with me, from the start, You wanted to win Matt’s confidence … have you been using me to get to it?”

(Well, ya think???)

[Dmitry] “Don’t you see, that’s what I love about you. You’re not polluted by all this. Don’t let the money get in the way, please. This is me. Us.”

Brenda calls Lilian and asks if she can stay with her at her hotel.

[Lilian] “You’re telling me that super wealthy, loved up Dima wanted you in order to get Matt’s investment … that’s ridiculous. Absurd .”


I think Brenda’s actually right, for once.

Matt’s off to shoot something

Robin calls, and invites Matt to Inverness to go shooting. Matt says yes.

But, he also tells Robin that he’s had the contract looked at by someone else, who says it’s good.

Why did he do that?

Surely that’s just asking for trouble.

Leonid knows Robin

And they’re arguing.

[Robin] “I don’t think any of this is my responsibility … if you had kept your boy Vitaly under control, none of this would have happened.”

[Leonid] “I had Vitaly arrested”


But Robin reckons that wasn’t enough.

[Robin] “Time enough for Crawford to get his foot in the door.”

Seems Leonid “dealt” with the secretary who’d given the phone to Matt. And Robin now reckons it’s time Leonid dealt with Matt.

Leonid doesn’t agree. He wants Robin to arrange a shooting accident.


Yet another gunshot wound for an Ambridge resident?

Lilian thinks Mat’st getting intimate with Tatyana

(really? She sounds way out of Matt’s league. No offence, Lilian …)

Lilian happens by when Matt’s having lunch with Tatyana.

[Lilian] “You alright Matt, just you’re looking a little flushed …”

When she later gets Matt alone:

[Lilian] “The teddy bear, the messed up bed, and now the trip to Scotland, god, I’ve been stupid. Why can’t you just admit it?”

[Matt] “That’s rich coming from you!”

[Lilian] “That tells me everything I need to know … it’s revenge, over Paul.”

[Matt] “Even now, you really don’t get it, do you?”

It’s not about woman (though I’m sure Matt would like it to be). It’s all about the money.

Seems Matt’s agreed to go shooting with Robin in the hope that he’ll buy the contract from him

[Lilian] “It would make sense Matt if I really believe it was Robin who will be waiting for you there.”

[Matt] “You know what, I don’t care anymore. Do what you like, think what you like, believe what you like. I’d like you to leave.”


Tiger should realise he actually needs his Pusscat right now.

Lilian to use her womanly wiles?

[Lilian] “I've lost him Brenda. He’s going away with Tatyana.”

Brenda can help but laugh out loud.

[Brenda] “With all respect to Matt, she’s way out of his league!”

(I said that!)

Lilian tells Brenda about the messy bed and the teddy.

[Brenda] “The same thing happened to us in St Petersburg … it’s horrible it’s a warning.”

She tells Lilian about the other scares, and the murder of Nicolai Barbarin.

[Lilian] “He’s been protecting me. I didn’t realise … He’s been in terrible danger all this time. I didn’t know … I’ve got to do something to help him. I’ve made it so ,much worse for him … I’ll get the phone back for him!”

Brenda says it’s too dangerous..

[Lilian] “I lost it Brenda, I can get it back.”


Sleep with Leonid?

Surely not … ???

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