Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dmitry is super rich – Tues 13.08.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 13th August 2013
  • Matt’s off to London
  • Brenda doesn’t want sausages
  • Dmitry’s the big boss man
  • Lilian’s tracked down Matt

Matt’s off to London

Dmitry tells Matt that Nicolai Barbarin is now in London.

Matt’s a tad suspicious.

[Matt] “You’ve been trying to get shot of me for weeks!”

So, Matt decides to make sure Dmitry’s telling the truth. He calls the one UK number that is on Nicolai’s phone.

Some posh English chap answers. Matt tells him all (which might have been a mistake … does Matt never think to be subtle sometimes?).

Seems the chap is Robin Carol, and he runs some sort of investment company. Robin invites Matt to his club tomorrow.

So, off Matt pops to London. With Dmitry in tow.

Brenda doesn’t want sausages

Brenda’s staying with Dmitry’s ‘friend’, Zach, in London.

Zach’s very keen that Brenda has breakfast.

[Brenda] “No sausages though …”


Wonder if Brenda will avoid sausages for the rest of her life.

Dmitry’s the big boss man

[Zach] “His house in St Pete’s it does blow your mind!”

[Brenda] “What do you mean, his house?”


Zach is Dmitry’s employee. He runs the online part of Dmitry’s “empire”.

So what is this empire?

Architecture. Developer. Property magnate.

Actually, Tatyana works for him.

Brenda feels a bit thick for not realising before.

(as she should!)

[Brenda] “Why would he lie to me though, that’s what I don’t understand?”

When Dmitry appears in London (his and Matt’s flight took seconds!)

[Dmitry] “I haven’t lied, about the important things.”

[Brenda] “You’ve lied about everything!”

Ah … but Dmitry didn’t ask Zach lie.

(call my cynical, but surely Dmitry knew he would have to tell Brenda eventually anyway? Methinks Zach was just a ploy)

[Dmitry] “I just wanted you to get to know me for who I really am.”

[Brenda] “Are you just like Vitaly, he took Matt in  …”

[Dmitry] “Whenever I met anyone new, they don’t see me, they see wealth and measure me by that … I just wanted you to be certain that you knew me, the real me, that you loved me the same way.”

[Brenda] “You love me?”

[Dmitry] “You know I do … For all my wealth, you’re the only thing I want.”

So …. Brenda accepts him,. And his lies.

All sounds like utter bullsh*t to me!

Lilian’s tracked down Matt

Brenda told her that he’s in London. She even told her what hotel he’s staying in,

[Brenda] “In fact, she wanted me to tell you, she’s coming down to see you tomorrow.”

Matt will have nae chance of talking his way out of this one … surely?

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