Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Magic Grain Sucker to the rescue! – 07.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Wednesday 7th August 2013
  • Kathy’s on yet another personal call
  • David tipped the trailer
  • The silent film night

Kathy’s on yet another personal call

I reckon Martin has a point …

And at least he did knock this time.

He wants to talk menus. Again.

And about the staff. Again. This time, he wants to measure their performance. He reckons Steve, one of the bar staff who have been there for years, is stealing from the bar.

He’s already questioned some of the staff, which outrages Kathy. That’s surely her job.

[Martin] “Nothing that could be construed as any form of criticism.”

For such a busy man, Martin’s certainly got time on his hands. He’s been watching the CCTV for clues, and spotted Steve leaning over the till in a way that obscures the camera’s sight.

Kathy poo poos that Steve could be stealing. But, when she has to admit that takings are down, and that Steve does the stock take, she’s left with no choice but to do the stock take again herself.

Really. Martin does actually have a point. Kathy does seem  inept.

David tipped the trailer

Into a ditch. And it was full.

Silly David.

With Adam at A&E with a fruit picker, Brian had to help out. He brought a tractor to pull the trailer out, and a very special machine to collect the load.

[Brian] “With the magic grain sucker.”

[David] “Is that what it’s called?”

(sounds quite marvellous, actually)

[Brian] “Sucks up grain in one place, and blows it out somewhere else.”

David’s embarrassed at the chaos he’s created.

[Josh] “Nice on dad, how did you manage to do that?”

[David] “Took a bit of doing, I can tell you.”

[Josh] “Harvest brought to a halt by former NFU Chairman!”

David reckons he’s just tired. He’s been at the harvest non-stop since Monday. Now he’ll be at the harvest until the wee hours.

The silent film night

Kathy’s late for the silent film night, thanks to Martin. (well, and her own shoddy work)

But, Neil and Sabrina are on the case. Sabrina’s even washing the dishes.

[Neil] “Wielding a dish mop like a good ‘un. It was quite a sight, Greta Garbo in rubber gloves!”

Patrick’s managing just fine as well, and is looking splendid in his costume.

[Neil] “ I love his Harold Lloyd look!”

Poor David misses half of the showing, but everyone else seemed to be guffawing in the right place. Patrick’s playing sounded grand as well.

Even young ‘un Josh was impressed:

[Neil] “No 3D, no CGI!”

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