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Vitaly’s dad is a bad ‘un – Tues 27.08.13 #ambridgeextra

(or not … this is getting a tad ridiculous!)

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 27th August 2013
  • Brenda’s still swallowing Dmitry’s rubbish
  • One should not talk dodgy deals in a food hall
  • Leonid was next to the pate
  • Dmitry picnics in style
  • Leonid times his visit with a shower
  • Dmitry thinks Brenda’s “smart” at PR
  • Leonid stole the phone

Brenda's still swallowing Dmitry’s rubbish

[Dmitry] “Tatiana is what we call, the head of the family.”

[Brenda] “What does head of the family mean?”

[Dmitry] “It means she manages everyone else so I don’t have to …”

Would seem that Dmitry’s sheer wealth has brought Brenda round to accept his blatant lying as something that’s normal. Though she’s still in awe:

[Brenda] “My little £500 quid investment looks even more tiddly now.”

(I think someone’s been drugging Matt and Brenda. They seem to be happy to hand money over to anyone and everyone)

[Dmitry] “I’m still me … none of this matters between us.”

Course it doesn’t …

One should not talk dodgy deals in a food hall

Matt’s driving Lilian mad with talk about contracts and that phone.

[Lilian] “A food hall isn’t the time nor place.”


I never knew that.

Is there a longer list of what should and shouldn’t be said in a food hall?

Leonid was next to the pate

Which Jennifer was considering buying for Jennifer, even though Jennifer’s own pate is absolutely marvellous (allegedly).

What was Leonid doing in the same food hall? He didn’t say. Though he was buying up a stack of gentleman’s Relish.


Leonid’s a very well behaved man. He even automatically calls Lilian ‘Ms’, which is always a pleasant thing for a gent to do to a lady.

Actually, Lilian seems quite taken with Leonid. And, she’s ever so grateful to him:

[Lilian] “Mr Kedrov. Thank you so much for looking after Matt in St Petersburg.”

(lust and gratitude … heady mixture)

Matt doesn’t seem as grateful. He wants to send Lilian back to Ambridge as soon as possible.

But not before Leonid tells them he commutes from his Surrey Estate rather than stay in a London hotel. Very impressive, assuming he means he owns the estate, and doesn’t live on a scheme.

Dmitry picnics in style

[Brenda] “A tiny vase of flowers and a table cloth!”

They’re at Hampstead Heath ponds, having a swim and having a picnic.

(I’d still prefer the village pond …)

Dmitry seems to think it’s funny to pretend to be drowned.


Leonid times his visit with a shower

Leonid then turns up at Lilian’s hotel, just as she’s got out of the shower.

He claims he’s there as he’s worried about Matt. He looks too thin. He was wondering if there’s anything he can do to help.

He then suggests cocktails. Which Lilian leaps at.

While she changes out of her towel (!), he sounded like he was up to something.

Even more dodgy …

When she sits down to cocktails with Leonid, Matt comes along. Marches her off, and wrestles her into a lift.

Lilian’s understandably furious.

[Lilian] “You repay his kindness with such rudeness … anyway, what’s the harm in a cocktail … he was asking us both Matt, not just me. So embarrassing. You’re just unbearable when you’re like this.”

[Matt] “Shut up. Please just shut up!”

Oh my!

Dmitry thinks Brenda’s “smart” at PR

(the fool!)

Dmitry offers Brenda a job. With him. As a freelance PR. Based in London and St Petersburg.

[Dmitry] “We always need someone smart.”

[Brenda] “What an opportunity … would it change things between us?”

[Dmitry] “I think we have to admit that my circumstances are, unusual … I think it would be unwise if we ignored the fact that I am …”

[Brenda, with glee] “Stinking rich!”

Dmitry seems to think that Brenda working for him would mean she has more money. Which would make it matter less that he has so much money.

(but, it’d still be his money, in a way. Surely?)

Leonid stole the phone

When Matt and Lilian get back to her room, he demands she give him the phone.

Of course, it’s not there.

[Matt] “Did you let him in here? Did you leave him alone in here … how did he know?”

Lilian reckons she might have mentioned it …

Matt grabs her again and starts shouting. Lilian’s crying, and scared.

[Matt] “We can’t trust any of them. For god sake Lilian!”

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